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Thursday evening, breezy

Much quieter today. Tried to get some rest today so that I can annotate tonight--fewer distractions at night, plus I'm not away from the internet (which I need for many of the notes and citations themselves). Last I heard from Sister Girl, she was at the Vosges store in NYC, but it was too loud to hear her over the phone. Not much else going on, really.


‘Raven’ scream queen Hazel Court dies at 82.

Legendary Disney Animator Ollie Johnston is Gone.

Feds to collect DNA from every person they arrest. I think a younger me would have just retorted, "Fine--don't do anything wrong and you don't have anything to worry about." But given the way things have been going since the Patriot Act... this really disturbs me, even as I can see how it could, let's say, save the lives of innocent people mistakenly put on death row.

Edward Lorenz, father of chaos theory, dies.

French aghast at new English incursion to their language; Sacrebleu, a Eurovision scandal!

Earth's Hum Sounds More Mysterious Than Ever.

Feds warn of candy-flavored cocaine.

Flocke-splosion! Welcome to my new desktop wallpaper.

Canadian Author Mad at Publishing, Eh. To be fair, I don't think I would have published something called "So Dark the Night," either.

What Do Authors Think Of No-Advance Publishing?

Pat Strachan On Publishing's Last Days Of Disco.

Those of you with tickets to the VIP Neil Gaiman experience (Experience?) will get a gift bag including "a beautiful [Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab] pouch that includes Orange, a new fragrance made for the occasion of the reading, as well as a scent locket, and imps of three Gaiman perfumes."

Tucker Max Hopes They Serve Beer in Hell.

Jennifer Weiner's TV deal.

Why Koreans, Diggers And Stephen Colbert Are TIME's Most Influential People, or, Stephen Colbert finally defeats his K-pop rival. For now.

The Spirit of '50s Sci Fi Returns to Comics [Will Eisner].

Ethan Coen’s playwrighting debut is ‘loopy.' No!

New Tonner dolls: Yule Ball Cho Chang; "reimagined" Snow Whyte (at FAO Schwarz).

Scientology Prince May Lose His Princess.

MTV Movie Awards Announces Movie Spoof Contest.

Helen McCrory on Narcissa's Wardrobe in "Half-Blood Prince"; Actor Jim Broadbent Talks Role as Professor Slughorn.

Reelz Channel Inteviews Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian); 'This is Home' by Switchfoot to be on the soundtrack.

The Real Reason Iron Man Will Crush The Hulk At The Box Office [Cold War Superheroes]; Cribs-Style Look at 'Iron Man', Future of Personal Transportation; Wildly Popular 'Iron Man' Trailer To Be Adapted Into Full-Length Film.

See Tony Stark's House, Wolverine's New Claws, And Adrien Brody's Mutant Girl [Morning Spoilers].

Winehouse Spokesperson Denies Rumours that she'll do the Quantum of Solace song. Haven't we already been through this cycle at least twice before?

Ford, Spielberg and Lucas Talk 'Indiana Jones'; includes new still.

X-Files Secrets Hinted On Set.

Nimoy Couldn't Resist Latest Star Trek; Abrams Gets Roddenberry Stamp Of Approval.

New Set Photos From 'Australia' -- and Podcasts!

Behind-the-scenes footage and an interview from 'Twilight'; MTV Article Concerning 'Twilight.' Good Lord, Pattinson's hair is huge!

Cloverfield DVD Variants Set to Spread Like a Virus; IGN Cloverfield Monster Exclusive Video; Best Buy's Exclusive Cloverfield Bonus Preview.

Ridley Scott to Helm 'The Kind One.'

Emilie De Ravin joins 'Public Enemies.' Yeah, I'd be smiling too. Also: Depp Gracious After 12 hours of Filming, which also has a De Ravin picture.

Ewan McGregor may or may not have paid attention to the last role he played.

Thurman, Driver and Edwards in 'Motherhood.'

Johnnie To Wants Orlando Bloom. I had a really hard time parsing this sentence at first.

Meagan Good Joins 'Saw V.'

Warner Buys 'The Rapture.'

Ashley Tisdale, 'Teen Witch'?

Exclusive Theatrical Trailer for 'Rogue.' Sadly, not a companion piece to Wolverine.

McWeeny, Swan Pen 'Bat Out of Hell.'

Film Clips: On Why the 'Atlas Shrugged' Film Should Be Canned.

Discuss: When Does Fandom Go Too Far?

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