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Sister Girl in New York, Day Two

"Hey, you know that part at the end of Cloverfield, where they're under the bridge?"


"What's it called? I think I'm there."

"Oh, shit, I know this..."

"Can you look it up?"

"Yeah, yeah, lemme get to the computer... LOAD! LOAD! Shit, I know this, I had to find it out for the--wait, wait, I bet it's in the thing--"
Under Some Bridge, 6:42 AM

CAMERA-ROB: My name is Robert Hawkins, and if you’re watching this, well—then you know more about what happened than I do.

THE AUDIENCE: *laughs and laughs and laughs*

"DAMMIT!! Do you see any signs?"

"Yeah... no."

"You are in Central Park, right? Because if you're not there, that's not where you are."

"No, yeah, we're in Central Park."

"That's a statement for the ages, huh? If you're not there, that's not where you are."

"No, yeah, we're in Central Park. Southeast part."

"Yeah, I just saw an interactive map yesterday..."

"Yeah, okay."

"LOAD! No! I don't care about Sheep Meadow in 1853!"

"Look, it's okay if you can't..."

"No, I can find this, I bet it says on... LOAD! Shit, IMDB doesn't say... "

"I'm taking a picture of Jessica and she doesn't li-i-ike it, I'm taking a picture and she doesn't li-i-ike it..."


"Look, it's okay, I'll probably call back and want to know somewhere else I am--"


"What? I can't hear you, there's a helicopter--"


"I don't know... there aren't any signs."

"Well... if you're there, it's Greyshot Arch."


(I'm pretty sure she wasn't at Greyshot Arch.)

5.2 earthquake rocks large region of Midwest.

Polygamist sect hearing in Texas descends into farce, "with hundreds of lawyers in two packed buildings shouting objections and the judge struggling to maintain order."

BPAL's new steampunk line of perfume blends. Also, new Good Omens and Neil Gaiman blends (Pepper sounds particularly nice).

I'm hoping our observance of earth day will make the polar bears less angry at us.

Yale: Abortion Art Piece Was "Creative Fiction" [Updates].

Scott Adams Gives Dilbert Pen to Fans.

Meat Loaf and Tiffany belt it out for AT&T.

Secret History of Infocom's Never-Released "Restaurant at the End of the Universe" Game.

Marilyn Monroe Sex Film Hoax.

Just Because You Can Buy Your Child A $21K Jungle Gym Doesn't Mean You Should; $10,000 for child's birthday party? NO.

Why's Barry Sonnenfeld so scared of Facebook?

Batman: Not R.I.P., But Something Worse?

Lost Spoilers Revealed, none of which I looked at LA LA LA.

Emma Watson Meets Napoleon?

Behind the Scenes: The World of Narnia.

Cloverfield DVD Reveals Details; Spike TV's Exclusive Cloverfield Alternate Ending Clip.

From sunni_sideup: More set pics of Robert Pattinson (and a few of Kristen Stewart) from 'Twilight.'

Scoop: Cynthia Nixon lets slip 'Sex and the City' [spoiler].

The Latest Poster for Hugh Jackman's 'Deception.'

Bilson Also Snapped on 'New York' Set.

Harrison Ford Wanted to Kill Han Solo! "But I couldn't get George to go along with that. He didn't want to stop making the toys.'' New photos at the link as well (Cate Blanchett brings out the crazy eyes!). Also: EW Summer Preview scans.

Drew Struzan's 'Hellboy II: The Golden Army' Poster.

Sigourney Weaver On ‘Alien’ Sequel: ‘Let Ripley Rest.’

Val Kilmer, Sharon Stone and 50 Cent Walk Into a Bar ...

Hilary Swank as a Browless Earhart in 'Amelia.' I still say they should have cast Cate Blanchett in this one. And I actually have grounds for saying that this time.

Remaining 'G.I. Joe' Character Shots Revealed.

X-Files Movie Novelization Reveals Plot; New 'X-Files' Photos, Movie Plot Finally Revealed?; X-Files's Duchovny Gets Back. You know, I'm having a really hard time coping with the concept of Scully having long hair. It's just not... Scully.

'Australia' Photos Teach Proper Lady-Care.

Empire Features 3-D Hulk Cover.

Brett Ratner Continues Life Support on Eddie Murphy's Career; Scott Weinberg Weeps Openly as Brett Ratner Snags 'Shrinking Man' Gig. NUKE IT FROM ORBIIIIIIIIIT.

Rudy Huxtable Becomes a Hooker.

The Astoundingly Good Case For Making A Ziggy Movie.

Brilliant Gag of the Week: Trailer for 'Tetris: The Movie.'

Uwe Boll Won’t Ever Be Entering The World Of Warcraft. "That’s the Uwe Boll I know and love – the Uwe Boll who’ll criticize even his most ardent followers. God bless you, sir." More to the point:

“I got in contact with Paul Sams of Blizzard, and he said, ‘We will not sell the movie rights, not to you…especially not to you,’” Boll revealed. “Because it’s such a big online game success, maybe a bad movie would destroy that ongoing income, what the company has with it.”

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