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My life, on the other hand, is not interesting

No more stories from Sister Girl as of yet; her flight home isn't until something like ten o'clock tomorrow night, so there's still time for her to report a few more shenanigans.


Bush appears on 'Deal' to thank a contestant (and war vet).

Signet and Cassie Edwards have gone their separate ways.

NYCC 08: Gordon Lee case dismissed. "Gaiman told the story of the case, and how the copy of the Alternate Comics #2, a Free Comic Book Day comic that was accidentally given to a child during a Halloween celebration in 2004 in Rome, Georgia. Gaiman’s brief summary of the case included what he characterized as mistakes by the prosecution, adding that, to date, the case had cost the CBLDF over $100,000. Gaiman said that, in his view, the Rome, GA prosecutor was specifically determined to send Lee to prison." More at Neil Gaiman's journal.

Roger Ebert Recovering from Hip Surgery in Chicago.

Nothing stops Cate Blanchett, not even childbirth.

There's Almost No Internet Left! Speaking of the internet, particle_person says, "The Net Neutrality hearings at Stanford were [yesterday]. The ever popular Lawrence Lessig was present, and there was a fascinating case of politics making strange bedfellows: the Christian Coalition did an awesome job arguing in favor of net neutrality." Net neutrality, by the way, is the idea that we all deserve access to the same internet, rather than various ISPs deciding what we can and cannot access, or charging us extra for particular areas (as I understand it).

The Victorian-Era Supercomputer And The Genius Who Created It.

A dark day for the Danemma tinhats: Watson: 'Radcliffe and I will never be a couple.'

Confirmed: No Plans for Chronicles of Narnia After Voyage of the Dawn Treader. "At the moment."

New ‘Dark Knight’ viral email.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Rumors.

‘X-Files’ Creator Chris Carter Discusses Film Title, Responds To Plot Rumors.

'Wanted' Comic Con Poster.

Eva Mendes' 'The Spirit' NYC Poster; 'The Spirit' teaser poster debuts online.

Justice League Movie Dead; Wonder Woman Still Alive.

Discuss: 'Speed Racer' -- Hot or Not? "Cinematical's James Rocchi caught Speed Racer last night at a sneak screening. I caught him on his cell at the Speed Racer junket this morning to ask his initial impressions of the film; here's what he had to say about it: 'It's pure, pop family fun, a bold, bright kids' movie that's visually exciting and keeps the tone right.' "

Seth Green Gets Dream Job, Finally Joins The ‘Star Wars’ Universe.

Wolfgang Peterson Off 'Ender's Game.'

Gene Hackman says he's “done with acting.”

James Caan walked off the set of David O. Russell’s ‘Nailed.’ "Before we start accusing James Caan of throwing a hissy fit, please keep in mind that David O. Russell is a raging psycopath, notorious for being completely out of his fucking mind. It's like somebody replaced his brain with the brain of a rabid fire-breathing werewolf then decided to send him to film school. I don't know the medical terminology for that, so if somebody could look it up that would be great. "

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