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Sunday afternoon, quiet on the eastern front

Still soldiering on with the annotations. I've noticed that fear doesn't work very well as a motivator for me; if I get stressed or tense, I just freeze up and can't work at all. So I'm trying to think of some small reward to look forward to, because that'll put me in a positive mood ("YAY!") as opposed to a rocking-back-and-forth mood ("They're coming to repossess the oven, nooooooo...").

Re: Cassie Edwards: Once again, Nora Roberts is full of win and joy. The relevant section of comment thread starts here; Roberts starts pwning here.

From foresthouse: Creative Commons sued for deception. foresthouse has also pulled the highlights of her Orphan Works Act paper for those of you who want the short version.

SANS solves mystery of mass Web site infections.

Teen accused of planting nuts in lunch of allergic classmate.

Oregon cop battles 12-foot python to save pet store owner.

Snickers the Sea Dog rescued.

trailer_spot: The Spirit, Hamlet 2, Savage Grace, Wackness, Journey to the Center of the Earth.

New ‘Dark Knight’ Trailer Screened To Jubilant Fans At NY Comic Con; New Dark Knight Trailer Shows Perils Of Bat-Romance. As you may recall, Rachel Dawes walked away from Bruce Wayne at the end of the last movie all the better to facilitate a change of actress.

Dawn Treader Begins Filming in October in Mexico.

NYCC: 'The Incredible Hulk'; NYCC: Tony Stark's Cameo in 'The Incredible Hulk' Revealed; New Hulk Photos, Tie-in Marketing.

Trailer Premiere: Frank Miller’s ‘The Spirit.’

Humans for the Ethical Treatment of Fairies, Elves and Trolls - ('Hellboy II: The Golden Army').

Del Toro on The Hobbit, Hellboy II & New Project; Seth MacFarlane Voicing Hellboy II's Johann Kraus.

New York Comic-Con Gallery Up at Coming Soon.

'Bond' car plunges into lake.

Soderbergh Keeps Tweaking Guevara Films. Yes, in the plural.

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