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Argh. Determined to finish another annotation tonight, for a grand total of two done. I had no idea it was going to be this much work, y’all. I don’t know how many I can crank out by the end of the week (because you want a certain amount of quality control), but my poor mother is freaking out because the termite people have increased our rates, we've had to pay for new car tags, and our accountant decided to charge us $800 for doing our taxes this year, rather than $200-something, because previously he was the CPA where my stepfather worked (coworker discount, I guess?), and now he's not. I am seriously afraid one of us is going to fall and break a leg, or someone's going to have a fender bender, or maybe someone's teeth will explode--anything to cost us even more money. Because it's getting ridiculous, the way everything is costing more and everything is costing it now. And like I said yesterday, I can't work when I'm tense. Stress or panic makes me freeze up, but I can't even afford to indulge my nerves now. So every time my mother starts pacing and muttering, I let my inner seven-year-old start shouting, "WHEN I AM DONE I WILL BUY MYSELF A WEBKINZ BLACK CAT YAY! AND IT WILL BE FUN! AND I WILL PLAY ON THE COMPUTER ALL AFTERNOON! MONEY IS WHAT GROWNUPS BUY CANDY WITH! WHEEEEEE!" It's like, I have to pretend I don't have grownup worries in order to deal with the grownup worries. It's a childish zen thing, I guess.

Update on Creative Commons: Apparently CC has been dropped from the lawsuit, and not everything was as it seemed in the original article.

Biofuels under attack as world food prices soar.

Silent, secretive sect unleashes public relations campaign.

Subway Poster Vandals Getting Really Good.

Which imaginary animals are kosher?

Hitman monkey finds no joy in his job.

WGA Wants to Shun Strike-Ditching Writers.

Matthew Fox: Lost Is Back With A Bang; Lost's End Is In Sight.

New Documentary on JK Rowling Due on ABC this November; New Half-Blood Prince "Quidditch Ron" Statue from Gentle Giant; Mystery girl casts spell on ‘Harry Potter’ star. "The Daily Telegraph has started its own search for the mystery beauty, asking the young woman to contact the newspaper." This is going to end badly, isn't it? With, like, 10,000 emails from girls who weren't even at the party.

Paramount Pictures 2008 Summer Preview.

New 'Indiana Jones' Images and the First Review Arrives Online?

How 'Godzilla' led to 'Cloverfield.'

Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Garner Spending '3 Days in Europe.'

Isaiah Washington Joins ‘Patriots.’

Frank Miller Wants to Direct ‘Hard Boiled’ Himself.

'Terminator 4' Has a Title, a Female Lead, and a Start Date; Moon Bloodgood in Terminator 4. I just like the name "Moon Bloodgood."

Five Join Indie ‘Wild Cherry.’

Bold Films Heads 'Into Hell' and Looks for Jason Statham.

23 new HQ "Iron Man" Stills; Exclusive: ‘The Strangers’ One-Sheet; 'Baghead' Poster Premiere.

New ‘Twilight’ Footage Goes Behind The Scenes, Fulfills Dreams.

The Crazy Scene You Won't See In "Wanted."

‘Star Wars’ Live-Action Show To Reveal Galaxy’s ‘Greasy, Seamy Underbelly’; New ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Photos.

Silver on ‘Speed Racer’ Sequel, ‘Ninja Assassin.’

SNL Star Bill Hader Discusses The Big-Screen Chances Of ‘Laser Cats.’

Jessica Rabbit "untooned." It's like... if Angelina Jolie was redheaded and creepy, kinda.

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