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Tuesday night, (something clever)

Arrrrrrrr, tired. (Pirate-tired, apparently.) Did as much on “Cloverfield” and “The Golden Compass” as I could physically do without an internet connection (I felt like searching for links was slowing me down, particularly last night), which is a huge chunk of work. “Van Helsing” is also almost finished. I fear going back to “Hannibal in Fifteen Minutes” the way most people dread the eighth-grade yearbook up in their attic, but it’ll have to be done.

Probably not going to do any linkspam tonight, although I had such a nice roll going--tonight’s Andrew Lloyd Webber night on American Idol, and I refuse to believe it could not be a trainwreck. I mean, as sure as I say that, everyone'll be great (or boring, at least), but I really-truly think it has the potential to get awful. So I will be taking the night off to boggle at that.

(I can, however, leave you with the transcripts to the Lexicon trial. Now, all I have to do is stretch my back out and grab some dinner.)

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