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Monday night, urg

Kind of blech with the allergies today--mostly did fact-checking with the Cloverfield DVD (see linkspam below for more), and man, do I wish my sister could remember her Netflix password so I could get the '79 Dracula DVD for a day or two, and that's assuming it exists--so I'm just gonna move right on through:

Prince's desert reign at Coachella; Prince plays Coachella, covers Radiohead.

Pointless scandal du jour: A Topless Photo Threatens a Major Disney Franchise (Full picture); Growing pains for the Miley Cyrus phenom; More Miley from Vanity Fair; Miley Cyrus sorry about Vanity Fair pics; Miley Cyrus Is Not The Innocent Victim That Disney Makes Her Out To Be. Not that it matters, but it seems to me like she was probably fine with the pictures until suddenly everyone and Disney's grandmother flipped out; once Cyrus realized she wasn't going to be lauded for being brave and artistic, she turned on Leibowitz. It may actually have been the bedsheet that pushed the pictures over the edge, or rather, the implied context of a bedsheet--if it had been a beach towel, same pose, there might have actually been less fuss.

From punzerel: "Would you mind posting a link to They're trying to spread the word about bone marrow donations and how difficult it can be for people to find a match - especially people in some minority groups. "You can help by registering for your country's bone marrow registry and spreading the word about the need to diversify its database. Registering can help save not only Emru's life, but that of one of the many other patients waiting for a bone marrow transplant." If people have questions they can email info at healemru dot com (which goes to Emru and his sister - she can also be reached throuugh her LJ, kino_kid)."

From entropy_and_me: "Apparently a group of bloggers and artists have had their artwork and interviews stolen by a Hong Kong publisher, and illegally bound into a book. The creators of the material are having a hard time getting ahold of any responsible parties, and are asking for the article to be spread, to prevent people from buying the book."

Michael Chabon and Nancy Kress Top the List of Nebula Winners.

Microsoft-Yahoo deadline passes quietly.

Mars Reportedly Near Deal to Acquire Wrigley, a potential monopoly that would be 100% more delicious than MicroHoo!.

This is for foresthouse: Chinchilla party!

MySpace unveils new karaoke feature.

Rufus Wainwright to compose opera.

Tom Cruise's Fling With Cher WHAT?

Angela Bassett to join final season of 'ER.'

Dark Knight Viral Updates: New Posters and Joker Instructions; It's All Part of the Plan - Joker's Nationwide Trailer Hunt! Never have so many people worked so hard to get two minutes of footage, y'all.

Guillermo Del Toro Wants Original LOTR Cast Back for ‘The Hobbit’: “I want to be very clear about this. I am not going to recast any actor that is willing and able to work with us. It would be my hope to bring back the same actors to play the parts. The casting on the trilogy was perfect.” However: Del Toro Not Right for 'Hobbit'?

Carrow Sister Cast for "Half-Blood Prince."

New Mistily Lit 'X-Files: I Want To Believe' Photo; another photo and interview/article.

Clive Owen Talks 'Duplicity,' 'International,' and Career Options.

Favreau: Iron Man's Downey Is Perfect. I have to say, the moment I got interested in seeing the movie was that part early in the trailer when Downey's taking a picture with whichever soldier and says, "Please, no gang signs... I'm kidding, throw 'em up." That is someone I want to see a movie about.

"Roar!" available on iTunes (thanks, sigma7!); Behind the scenes with TJ Miller in Cloverfield; Cloverfield Ringtone and Monster Sounds. We rented the DVD over the weekend, by the way--just the plain Jane version, not any of the crazy retailer-"exclusive" versions. I was a little frustrated with the director's commentary because Matt Reeves tended to speak in generalities, rather than, like, you know, "Look at this part right here, you'll see that...," etc. I wanted some answers, dammit (What is the first explosion that you see from the rooftop? I mean, it's not like Clovie slam-dunked a building with dynamite. And did Lily's helicopter also crash or not? If Clovie was based off various real-world things--the eyes of a shark, like they mention--then where the hell did the long strider legs come from? Who in the ocean needs those? And what is he made of that bullets, bombs and missiles don't make a dent? Adamantium?), and I didn't get any.

Emile Hirsch Talks ‘Speed Racer’ Sequel Prospects.

Johnny and Marion - On the set of "Public Enemies."

First Look: Denzel Washington in 'The Taking of Pelham One, Two, Three.'

Scarlett Heads to Ireland to Play the Famous 'Mary, Queen of Scots.'

Worth Watching - April 27: Alan Ball's 'Towelhead' Trailer.

First Look: 'When in Rome' & 'Amelia' Set Photos.

First Look at the Teaser Poster for 'Dragonball.'

7 Hurt in G.I. Joe Crash in Prague.

'Speed 3': The Non-Existent Sequel Nobody Wants.

Bruce Campbell is a Snuggly, White Angel.

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