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Belated reader links:

From my college friend Marcus (we stayed with him on the New Orleans trip, remember?): "Here's one for your linkspam I would appreciate being included. Because I'm awesome and because I think your readers would dig Hemon and his writing. Anyway, here's the link: it's an interview I did with Chicago-based writer Aleksandar Hemon. An amazing writer with an equally amazing backstory."

quasar360: "I don't know if you've already seen this, but I think it would be exciting news to any Star Wars fans in your readership (I know I found it squee-inducing): Del Rey Offers Free Download of First Book in Legacy of the Force Series. Just to clarify: it's a promotion for the upcoming release of the last book in the series (the first book has been out for some time), but it's a cool opportunity if you still haven't read the first book or don't own a copy."

amberdulen: "I'm sure you're getting all kinds of links for this "Scarlet" fake-tv-show viral-marketing scheme. The idea of fleshing out an imaginary series makes me giggle like a schoolgirl, so here's a wiki I set up for exactly that purpose. I suspect I'm not the only one who'd love to take the concept and run with it."

Man arrested in Texas for trying to cash $360 billion check. ...Scammer McJackass? Is that you?

Treasure trove found in 500-year-old shipwreck off Africa.

Report: Microsoft raises offer for Yahoo.

'Time' Mag Names 100 Most Influential, Awards High Honors To Lorne Michaels And...Peter Gabriel?; Tyler Perry among most influential; Bloomberg, Winfrey on Time magazine's Top 100.

'Liaisons' revival is dangerously good, seductive.

Actually, breaking up isn't all that hard.

Disney has more than Miley to worry about. Oh, awkward.

Brits Win Scandal Title With 'Mr. Gay UK' As Flesh-Eating Psycho Killer. (Not safe for work.)

Women report incubus attacks.

Yes, I speak a little Siamese. We never see the woman speaking, but based on her voice ("Are you being a little bit cheeky?" "Nehhhhhr!"), I keep imagining her as Penelope Widmore on Lost.

(Speaking of Siamese cats, Webkinz will now be offering one in June. STOP PUTTING SO MANY NEW ONES OUT, SOME OF US ARE STILL TRYING TO GET THE RETIRED ONES. omg why is the pegasus so expensive)

i haz a mad. you iz it; Holy crap orange is contajus; Crush ur house. CRUSH CRUSH CRUSH; handy pocket creature iz happy to anticipate ur needs; All in favor of getting rid of the dog?

"Where'd you get all the parachute gear?"

Are Tron Guy and Xkcd the Future of Celebrity? [ROFLCON]

Ask your doctor today about ass effects.

French Government 'Knights' Kylie Minogue.

The Cure to release new single each month.

Alan Cumming: Media 'keeping actors in closet.' "I don't think the people that go see films care that much - the media make it more of a deal and it's made into controversy."

Tom Cruise Doesn't Have to Explain Himself, But He Will Anyway; Tom Cruise: 'Things have been misunderstood.'

Thurman 'freaked out' by accused stalker; Uma Thurman's Stalker Wooed Her With Doodled Harbingers Of Stick-Figure Doom; City Room: Uma Thurman Fan Says He Meant No Harm. Pro tip: If you are so obsessive that the object of your celebrity affection gets the wig? You've gone too far. No arguing: you have, period.

Another 'Lost' Mystery: How Does The Island Affect Body Hair?; 'Lost'': Indiana Jones connection?

Get your own Indiana Jones bullwhip.

Cinematical exclusive: First Official Pic of 'Twilight' Cast; Twilight's First Official Photo and Why I'm Passing. "I'm" refers to the writer of the article, not me, by the way. I'll probably go, if only to do a writeup on it.

[Spoiler]'s Iron Man Cameo Is Already Online [Morning Spoilers] (so if you didn't stay after the credits... there it is); May movie swag review: 'Iron Man'; 'Iron Man' is a slick and shiny delight; Review: 'Iron Man' flies high thanks to snarky Robert Downey Jr.; Review: 'Iron Man' packs a terrific punch. For what it's worth, several people on my f-list came back from early previews last night raving about the movie; I'm going to try to get out and see it. (No, I will not be writing a Fifteen Minutes for it, as I'm up to my ears in work at the moment.)

Iron Man torches Batman's viral marketing (“What [Batman fans] really want is to go on a three-hour scavenger hunt for a secret code that lets them wait six hours online to see the left shoe of an actor in a photo op taken by an on-set grip”).

You want dedication to viral marketing? Cloverfield's out on DVD, and their ARG is still going: USGX8810B467233PX Now Open! "The pictures show the discovery of the Cloverfield monster (and parasites) by Tagruato subs, deep on the ocean floor, near Tagruato's Chuai Oil Drilling Station." Clovie, y u look like Death, bb?

'Action Speaks Louder' in Prince Caspian Adaptation; New Pevensie Clip On; ‘Narnia’ Star William Moseley Reflects On Nearly Becoming Harry Potter.

Photographs: 'Quantum of Solace' Shooting At Floating Stage And Opera House.

More images: Stills and poster for 'The Promotion'; Hellboy II 18" figure; on-set photos from 'Crank 2: High Voltage'; 'The Wackness' poster.

Remarkable New 'Hancock' Trailer is Online.

Chilling New Trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's 'The Happening'; M. Night Shyamalan to Play Himself in Eagerly-Awaited '90-Minute Paranoia Movie.' You know, I wish I hadn't heard the ending months ago. Well, maybe I can hope it was a fake.

Matthew Fox is Racer X!; 'Speed Racer' leads Hollywood's latest charge: Anime adaptations.

Kidman Vs. Chenoweth: Battle Of The Dustys.

Gyllenhaal Replaces Collette in Mendes Comedy.

Peter Jackson's 'The Lovely Bones' Delayed; Production Hurting?

Re: Expelled: Ben Stein: "Science leads you to killing people." Specifically, in the Holocaust.

LA to Become Blade Runner-esque Dystopia. "Sonny Astani is a big-time real estate developer in Southern California. He's also obsessed with Blade Runner. He recently unveiled plans to hang a 14-story LED billboard on the facades of two 33-story condos a la Blade Runner. Astani was newly arrived to the US from Iran when he first saw the movie in 1985. He immediately fell in love with the idea of giant billboards, flying cars, and skyscrapers. He got into real estate, and now owns a huge chunk of downtown LA." Did he miss the part where "dystopia" is a bad thing?

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