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Jaw stiff--hard to open. The Pudding Festival continues. The IV bruises look atrocious, and my teeth were gross from drinking so much grape juice. Think I'll switch to ginger ale tomorrow.

Want to go see Eternal Sunshine with Aunt Awesome, but don't think I can make it. Not through a movie in a theater, t'any rate. Today I managed to get through both Whale Rider and Lost in Translation, but with many, many breaks, and that was an accomplishment in itself. I'll try to write up actual reviews tomorrow--I'm a little ambivalent about LIT, because it took me so long to see it that I was sort of expecting the Second Coming by the time I actually did. As for WR, well... Pai is definitely my girl.

Thinking about running a post in writer_ads_news, which would necessitate actually writing up some community rules/guidelines for writer_girls. Basically, we need more warm bodies, both to critique and to submit work for critique. katiefoolery is going to help me mod, which is good--my problem is that I'm great with ideas, but I don't always have the resources to do everything I come up with. (Daily Digest readers: "No! REALLY?") If anyone out there--new and old friends alike--is interested in joining the comm, it's basically focused on 1) constructive criticism and 2) writing exercises. We have a few of the latter, and I'm looking up more. Basically, I don't care how well you write when you walk in the door--I care how much you want to improve and help others.

... I had something else to say, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was. Damn painkillers. I think I'll watch Pirates of the Caribbean tomorrow. That's about the level I'm at right now: squee is the best medicine.

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