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Tuesday night, meh

Until I get these annotations finished (please God SOON), I'm going to post only what I consider to be the ESSENTIAL linkspam--things that I personally geeked out over and/or felt were semi-important. I tend to geek out over pictures or trailers, so... that's largely what's going to make it through. Maybe some videos of polar bears. Who knows.

Even when Uma Thurman's stalker tries to explain his actions to his best advantage, he still comes off as completely crazycakes. I found this fascinating because Jordan's articulate enough to try to explain what he was thinking, and yet even his "innocent" explanations are still creepy.

A word that exists solely to be a word that doesn't exist. Heh.

MTV Movie Awards Nominees Announced, Extremely Relevant.

New Prince Caspian Photos.

The Twilight poster; 'Twilight' Trailer Shot By Shot. Could MTV be any more obsessed with this movie? No. No, it could not.

Harvey Dent with What One Might Almost Call a 'Second Face.' Something I discovered to my cost: do not read any interview with Aaron Eckhart, because he just blithely dropped a gigantic spoiler in the one I read. Granted, it's one you can see in the trailer, if you look really closely, but...

International X-Files Poster Online; hi-res stills, some old.

trailer_spot: Twilight, Love Guru, Fall, Strangers, Indiana Jones.

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