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An entry I actually wrote last night

I know a lot of y'all think that American Idol is a crock, but I feel like rambling on about it anyway. I'm not saying it isn't, actually--to me, once you get past the embarrassment-squick cattle call auditions, it's a group of reasonably talented people doing orchestra-backed karaoke for an audience of 15 million people, which is totes okay by me. Carly Smithson, in fact, won me over early on by doing "I Drove All Night," which, as y'all may remember, is probably my most favoritest song OF ALL TIME. And then I went through her previous performances and found out she'd done "Crazy on You," which sealed the deal for me. I think David Cook had me at "Billie Jean," Chris Cornell arrangement and all. I know he Creeds it up a good bit--"stalker rock" is how I tend to think of it, although he actually seems like a really nice, laid-back guy. (Here's how pathetically supportive I am of David Cook: I even liked "Hungry Like the Wolf" this week--although, admittedly, the studio recording is a lot better than the live performance.)

Anyway, Kristy Lee Cook (no relation) and Brooke White seemed like nice people with a good sense of humor, except that Kristy Lee was stuck on the country track and Brooke had a meltdown so spectacular that my mother actually muted the TV for what turned out to be her last performance, "I Am, I Said." "I can't watch," she kept saying. "I'm just so scared she's going to mess up again!" The meltdown was when she stopped a full orchestra to restart "You Must Love Me" over again about three lines into the song, because she "lost the lyric." And then... there's Jason Castro, the pretty dreadlocked stoner boy who--and I don't care how many people thought it was brilliant--played "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" on a ukulele. Yeah, he did a great version of "Hallelujah" (and I actually really liked his version of "Fragile"), and he, too, seems like a really nice kid. All of the contestants this year seemed like generally nice people, really. But he was also responsible for the one-two punch of "I Shot the Sheriff" and "Mr. Tambourine Man" Tuesday night, both of which he performed as if he'd just learned the lyrics that morning, and the latter of which he actually forgot the words and mumbled through. I am completely convinced that he chose those last two songs as self-sabotage so he could just get off the damn show. He'd even told Entertainment Weekly the week before that he was "kind of ready to go home." Although, to be fair, anyone who thinks that "Sheriff" was THE worst performance in the history of the show has mercifully forgotten Sanjaya Malakar's "You Really Got Me," IMO.

(How it actually went down at Casa de Cleo: I was in the kitchen putting our dinner plates into the dishwasher--shut up! American Idol is how my mother and I bond!--and I can hear them going through the introductory clip for Jason Castro, and my mother calls out, "He's gonna do 'I Shot the Sheriff'?" This may say more about our relationship than anything else, but a shriek of "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE SHITTING ME" burst from my general direction. "No, that's what he said," my mother called back in a daze. It was so bad that when we got to round two, my mother took the dogs out front for a quick bathroom break rather than see what fresh hell Castro was about to lay down. She left me inside to take the bullet for the two of us.)

Anyway--it's obvious who I'm rooting for now that Carly is gone, but now that everyone left seems to actually give a damn, and none of them are going to break down on stage mid-song, I pretty much don't care, because they'll all get contracts of some kind. Just give me a couple of more shows with reasonably good karaoke and no freakouts, and I'll be content.

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