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Sunday evening, tense

Not sure why I'm tense, either. I think it's a hormonal thing, because I've felt like I wanted to cry all day long, even though I was relatively cheerful otherwise. Mother's Day was fine--y'all know how close I am with my mom, so that's never stressful. After we had lunch at Panera (so that Sister Girl, who had to work this afternoon, could join us), we had dessert at my grandmother's, and everything was fine. I just want to scream, is all.

Student leader is potent Chavez foe.

Myanmar junta hands out aid boxes with generals' names as an apparent "propaganda exercise."
One box bore the name of Lt. Gen. Myint Swe, a rising star in the government hierarchy, in bold letters that overshadowed a smaller label reading: "Aid from the Kingdom of Thailand."

"We have already seen regional commanders putting their names on the side of aid shipments from Asia, saying this was a gift from them and then distributing it in their region," said Mark Farmaner, director of Burma Campaign UK, which campaigns for human rights and democracy in the country.

"It is not going to areas where it is most in need," he said in London.
So... I don't really have a good segue from that to entertainment news.

'Iron Man' zooms past ‘Racer’ to win box office; Does 'Speed Racer' Miss the Mark With Kids?

David Archuleta's dad banned from 'Idol' rehearsal.

'SpongeBob fanatics' hunted over vandalism.

Dennis Farina arrested at L.A. airport.

Child 'Forrest Gump' actor leaving Army.

Busted! Airleaf/Bookman Marketing and the Indiana AG.

The lost NY Times steampunk feature.

Roger Ebert on the secret ancestry of Internet culture.

'Heroes' welcomes sexy new 'Speedster.'

Narnia Attraction Coming to Disneyland; 'Prince Caspian' visits Paris; Reviews Coming In; 18 Short Interview Clips; New Writer for Dawn Treader.

New Dark Knight HQ stills; 007 pics; New Photos From Charlie Kaufman's 'Synecdoche, New York'; First Peek at Dragonball 's Goku; Kevin Smith's New 'Porno' Photo; If you've ever wondered how they get Ralphdemort to have no nose, well... now you know.

New X-Files Viral Videos; Yet Another Full 'Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' Trailer.

Rumor: Brad Pitt in the Running for Thor?

Vendetta Director To Work On Alien Conspiracies.

Stunning-looking ‘The Fall’ is totally illogical.

Gore Verbinski to Direct 'BioShock.'

A 'Donnie Darko' sequel not by Richard Kelly? WTF?

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