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Not a creature was stirring, not even OH WAIT

So: Still anxious, jittery, and unhungry, but either it's easing up a tad or I'm getting used to it. I've been burning a lot of scented candles (usually something fruity or tropical) in a fragrant attempt at stress management, spending more time in the sun, that kind of thing. Oh, and the mouse disappeared for a night, then reappeared yesterday evening and kept me up all night rummaging under my bed. Also, I'm not turning on American Idol tonight until the last ten minutes, so if anything wacky happens, YouTube will just have to cover me.

From loafing_oaf: "A friend of mine and his pals have set up a site: Carbon Geeks. Their aim is to raise money, through ad-revenue, for carbon-offset projects and other environmental organisations. It's similar to the freerice model, but with general knowledge quiz type questions instead of vocabulary testing. It's not long gone live, and they don't have much traffic yet, so I said I'd ask if you could post a link here. So, if you'd be willing to pass the link on, that would be fantastic. They are also looking for feedback on ways to improve the site, or things that people like/dislike about it. There is a 'contact us' link at the site, or if people prefer they can drop a comment to this post at my journal."

From foresthouse: "FYI: the Orphan Works thing is being mentioned again."

Natascha McElhone's husband found dead.

Smiley face killers may be stalking college men.

Police: Kenya mob burns 11 'witches.'

Uh... I swear that the rest of the linkspam is not as depressing as those first three links.

Boy band creator sentenced to 25 years in prison. I literally yelled out "OH SNAP!," mostly in surprise, when I saw this on Yahoo's top headlines. You know, just in case you weren't certain of how lame I was before.

Brace yourself for barbecue shock.

Lost parrot tells veterinarian his address.

Winning ‘Idol’ is going to Disney World. Also? I've said it before and I'll say it again: David Archuleta looks exactly like Mickey Mouse. COINCIDENCE?

Fandom kerfluffles... from the 1940s. An unofficial sequel to Fandom kerfluffles at the 1939 Worldcon.

Unboring Lit Links: Frey Fans Booze Up And Riot.

"Its the Frickin Harpsichord! HELL YES!" I will forgive the its/it's mistake because the post title made me laugh.

From the Depths… arose BASEMENT CAT; C’mon hon, juzt 1 mor round! I can get the litter box back! I swearz!

Review: ‘Crystal Skull’ delivers, just barely; ‘Indiana Jones’: The Verdict Is In From MTV News And It’s Not All Good; Why ‘Raiders’ succeeds where ‘Temple’ doesn't; Harrison Ford And The Kingdom Of The Crystallized Chest Wax.

Bonnie Wright Done filming for 'Half-Blood Prince.' I'm sure I'll take flack for saying this, but I love Ginny, and I love how Bonnie Wright plays Ginny, so I'm particularly excited for HBP.

Bale Signed for All Three Terminator Films. He's either 1) out of his mind (three of them? When he's already got another franchise?), 2) a huge Terminator fan, or 3) rolling around in gigantic piles of cash right now.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton Cast in 'Prince of Persia'! Because when I think "Arabic," I think "Gyllenhaal."

Tilda Swinton Appears as Centaur in Prince Caspian.

Pet Shop Boys want to help Amy Winehouse with Bond theme.

Viggo Mortensen, Andy Serkis, and Ian McKellan All In 'Hobbit' Talks.

First Photo from 'The Road'; Chuck Palahniuk's 'Choke' Poster (related: Chuck Palahniuk Going Overboard With 3 Porn-Spoof Book Trailers); Twisted New Poster for Shyamalan's 'The Happening'; 'Boy A' Poster Premiere; Yet Another 'The Strangers' Poster.

Speaking of terrifying break-ins, I think I forgot to tell y'all this story: I came downstairs last week to let the dogs out of their crate, and the front door was standing wide open. Like, perpendicular-to-the-frame open. We have a glass door in front of that, but: still. I'm hugely paranoid about these things anyway, but we've had a rash of break-ins in the neighborhood as well. My mother usually leaves a little after seven, and it was about nine-thirty am at that point, and I had no idea when the door had been opened, who had opened, and if they were still in the house or not. Sam (our pomeranian, if you will recall) was barking cheerfully at a cat through the glass, but other than that, neither he nor the Big Dogs (our forty-five pound terrier mixes) had made a peep from their crate, which didn't solve the mystery of the door, but it at least suggested I shouldn't run screaming for a neighbor's house. Yet.

So I did then what any terrified young suburbanite would do: I grabbed an aluminum baseball bat and proceeded to Secure the House. (In a stunning display of logic, I didn't bother checking the third floor, which is where my bedroom is, because I figured if someone had come upstairs and seen me, I'd already be dead.) This involved tiptoeing around the house, flinging open doors and whirling around corners, constantly poised to bash someone's skull in before they had a chance to, I don't know, shoot me in the face. And I had this in my head the whole time. The worst part was having to go to the basement floor and check the shower in the little bathroom down there in a dark, blind corner. (It was almost as bad as the time I was convinced someone had broken into our dorm suite in college, which I also had to investigate alone, but all I could find to defend myself was a hairbrush. And it wasn't even my hairbrush.) Actually, the worst-worst part was realizing I hadn't checked my mother's bedroom and that I'd have to check another shower and then also under her bed, which I did by swinging a large kitchen knife wildly under the dust ruffle, hoping that the potential burglar would die laughing before he could kill me. And then finally my mother called me back and admitted that she must have left the door open that morning after she'd taken the dogs outside for a last-minute bathroom break. I insisted that I still had to check the house anyway, because anyone could have waltzed in regardless. And they might have hidden somewhere in the house! They might still be there! You don't know! PEOPLE ARE CRAZY!

And then, as I was lying in bed that night, I realized I'd checked every corner of the house... except the cedar closet in the basement.

'Eagle Eye' Teaser Trailer Has Landed; The International 'Prince Caspian' Super Trailer; More 'Fringe' Mysteries Solved in New Preview; Trailer Blazer: Welcome to the 'Dollhouse'; 2nd Red Band Trailer for 'The Happening' (by the way? I've read spoilers, and you pretty much see the entire last, oh, five minutes or so represented in the trailer); Watch 'Quid Pro Quo' Trailer in Exchange for Something.

Cloverfield's Got A Brand New Bag. (Semi-related: Enjoy "Unnatural Hugeness" with the 20 Craziest Kaiju [Giant Monsters].)

'Wild Things' Tamed? Alvin Chipmunks Writer Hired To Make Tweaks? Producers & Warner Finally Comment.

Spike Lee Preps Doc About Michael Jordan; Spike Lee rips Coens and Eastwood at Cannes.

‘Twilight’ Star Lautner Determined To Hit The Gym For Shirtless Sequels. Ah, let me get a good look at the face of the character I'm going to want to smack upside the head two movies from now. A lot.

'Twilight Watch' Now 'Dusk Watch,' and Getting Underway. And putting these two headlines next to each other should give you a good idea of why it's been renamed.

James Cameron's 'Avatar' May Be Beautiful, But With A Boring Story; James Cameron's 'Avatar' Brilliance Shines Again at Microsoft Advance '08.

Tom Waits to play The Devil in Heath Ledger's last film.

John Cusack To Save the World From Aztec Doom in '2012.'

A 'Highlander' Remake from the 'Iron Man' Writers.

'Tropic Thunder' to Feature Fake Movie Trailers.

Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson Might Co-Direct Third 'Tintin' Film.

Dr. Stattler Goes Back To Jurassic Park, World Wonders Why. "The original rough draft for Jurassic park IV was scrapped due to the fact that that plot line involved dinosaurs made into government warriors armed with guns. These GI Dinos were met with overall disdain by pretty much everyone on the internet and rumor is, it's been heavily reworked." Nooooo! Not me!

Katharine McPhee Wants To Star In Janis Joplin Biopic. Um, whatever.

Arcade Fire will NOT Score Richard Kelly's 'The Box.'

Will Fembots Make A Return In Austin Powers 4?

It's Official: Mike Myers and Rest of 'Love Guru' Principals Doomed to 1,000 Years in Hell.

Eliza Dushku Plus Macaulay Culkin Equals Group Orgy? MY EYES!

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  • Two entries in a row omg

    So this happened: \o/ Meanwhile, here are the songs that get stuck in your head when you are sick in bed and helpless to do anything about…

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