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So, for those of you keeping up with the Saga of the Wisdom Teeth...

Monday: "Woooo! I jus ha ma teef ou! Zzzzzzzzzz."

Tuesday: "Julio! Bring me my painkillers! Oh, and another mimosa."

Wednesday: "Oh, don't worry about me. I'll just be over here dicking around on the internet until the meds kick in. Make icons, or something. Ow."

Thursday: "Plz brng d'pddin ovr hr. I cnna opn m'jw. Ow."


Seriously, I thought I was supposed to get better after Wednesday and Thursday, and I ended up going back to bed at about ten this morning and lying... very... still... just hoping... the pain... would stop. I have also been informed that I have a very stylish yellow-gray bruise running along the left side of my face now. The big color this season, you know. Très chic. I haven't gotten any reading done, I've watched a grand total of three movies in five days, and my hair is a rat's nest (but that's because Sister Girl took my hairdryer to Ft. Benning when she left last weekend). Also: Ow.

Have made tons of new LJ friends, though. Probably need to lay off that for a while, before I get branded as one of those friend-happy trolls.

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