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Minor addendum to Monday's entry: I did go and see Prince Caspian again, and while I still think it's a bit top-heavy with Telmarine political drama and a little too much wandering around looking for each other, I liked it a lot better this time. You know, particularly since I could actually see it this time. Of course, I also liked it the first time around.

Minor addendum to yesterday's entry: My mother would like it to be known that she really only lay in wait for the kids "about five or ten minutes," not forty-five, which was a number I made up out of whole cloth because I didn't actually know how long she stood out there. She's okay with being That Crazy Lady Up the Hill, but she doesn't want to be that crazy.

Via escap1974: allthatjazmyne (real name Julia; Jazmyne on SF; I'm not sure what her username was on TWOP, but from what I've heard, she was a beloved poster over there) passed away the other day. It was lung cancer; she was only 35, and she will be greatly missed. The reason I really wanted to mention it, though, was because--and this will tell you so much about what kind of person she was--her husband sent escape a copy of the obituary, and the penultimate sentence is, "Julia has requested everyone wear their favorite shoes to the funeral." Which will be Saturday, if you'd like to put on your favorites wherever you are to celebrate her life, or just to celebrate life in general. I have a pair of straw platform sandals with giant sunflowers on the toe that may get dusted off for the occasion.

From emmileexo: A petition to fire the teacher who had her students vote a child out of her class. More at unfunnybusiness on JF.

From beckyh2112: "An artist friend of mine is selling a pair of her original watercolor pieces to raise money for a new computer, since her current one is giving her messages like 'cannot read hard drive.' " Ouch, I've been there.

Lawmakers in Nepal abolish the monarchy.

Sharon Stone suggests China quake was ‘karma’; China Tells Sharon Stone To Shut Up.

Childhood 'toy' revealed as ancient Persian relic.

Rachael Ray ad pulled as pundit sees terror link.

First FAO Schwarz, now Mice at Met Opera.

Shakespeare's 'cursed' gravesite is getting a makeover.

David Cook Sizzles with Record Chart Debuts; David Cook signs with RCA and wants to thank fans.

Raven Symone's Largest Fan Site Shut Down, Fan Angry.

Clive Owen, the new spokesman for Photoshop Lancôme.

"They're going to tell us Saruman is a Decepticon or some shit." Christopher Tolkien? Is that you?

Get Your 'Lost' Flash Forwards Straight; For Durand, playing the 'Lost' psychopath can be a blast; Dr. Jack Knows The End of Lost, But Won't Tell; Secrets Of Baby Locke's Lost Comic Book Revealed.

Neil Gaiman To Write Doctor Who?

Big News! JKR Writes New 800-Word Harry Potter Prequel for Charity Auction. Oh my Lord, the fannish pissing and moaning that's going to result from this.

Extremely cool Anna Popplewell interview in the Daily Mail; Disney Reveals Prince Caspian Attraction; Disney's Iger on 'Prince Caspian' ("Iger said the second installment in the Narnia series is not doing as well as the first, nor as well as Disney officials had hoped" due to "too many movies in the marketplace").

Paramount silencing portions of Indiana Jones in theaters?; Cinematical Seven: Things That, Thankfully, Didn't Happen in 'Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.' (Semi-related: 'Back To The Future' Saved From Indiana Jones' Mistake.)

New 'Dark Knight' Banners; The Stately Heath Ledger Figure You Can't Get At Toys 'R' Us; The Dark Knight 's Got Milk.

Spock Has A Sweet New Ride In Star Trek Movie; Quinto: Trek Honors Original; Shatner ‘Solidly Behind’ Disappointment Over ‘Star Trek’ Exclusion.

Movie Awards Short: Don’t Feed Wheat To Russell Crowe.

New Bond book gets big fanfare; 'Quantum of Solace' - Official Blog Report #10.

Bollywood Diva May Steal Superman's Heart.

The 'Edge of Love' poster; images from the EOL site.

trailer_spot: Choke, He's Just Not That Into You, Step Brothers, Surveillance, Tôkyô!, Hobbit.

More video: Diane Lane and Richard Gere in 'Nights in Rodanthe'; R-Rated 'Step Brothers' Trailer Includes Effin', Jeffin'; Rainn Wilson, Emma Stone And Teddy Geiger’s ‘The Rocker’ Goes On-Stage For MTV’s Sneak Peek Week; Exclusive Clip: Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman In ‘The Strangers’; 'He's Just Not That Into You' Trailer Informs Unlovable Women of Their Status.

Disaster At The 'Sex And The City' Premiere?; The Tragic 'Sex And The City' Premiere: Tears, Double D Cups, Wedgies, And Only One Pretty Dress; Review: 'Sex and the City' feels as familiar as a favorite shoe.

Rose McGowan is a 'Woman in Chains' for Robert Rodriguez.

Another 'Valkyrie' Film to Challenge Cruise Film Prospects.

'Death Race' Cars Have Flamethrowers and Guns and Whatnot.

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