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Random, fragrant thoughts: I've been strategically stashing scented candles in drawers. Can one's underwear smell too much like jasmine, you might ask? And the answer is yes. Yes, it can. On the other hand, I've dug out my BPAL and put a few drops of Tamora in an oil diffuser, and it smells fantastic. You know, even though the oil is three or four years old at this point--apparently the stuff does keep pretty well. I wonder if I have any Snake Oil around here--I hear that one ages fantastically.

Not much else to report, except that I'm tired and behind on work.

Film Prints Revealed to be Destroyed as Universal Continues Taking Stock; Officials: Blowtorch accident started fire; Universal Studios fire may cost tens of millions.

Actor Mel Ferrer dies at 90.

Time Warner Launches Bandwidth-Capped Internet Plan.

Key to All Optical Illusions Discovered.

Trailers: The Full New Wanted Trailer!; New 'X-Files 2' Trailer a Harsh Reminder of Cold War; 'Hancock' is Poignant, Particularly on 'Ellen'; Trailer for Mischa Barton's 'Walled In'; New Movie Clips Galore ("The Trailers & Clips section has been updated with links to the new trailer for Steve Carell's 'Get Smart,' a fifth TV spot for 'The Incredible Hulk,' a second TV spot for 'Tropic Thunder,' a slightly different international 'Australia' trailer, the teaser for Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston's 'Marley & Me,' a new 'WALL•E' trailer, two clips from Adam Sandler's 'You Don't Mess with the Zohan,' a TV spot for Eddie Murphy's 'Meet Dave,' and the trailer for the thriller 'Transsiberian'").

Also: 'The Women' trailer. You know what? The Women is one of my most favoritest movies, and... I think I won't be seeing any remake on principle. Because, while the story comes off as fairly empowering (for 1939), if predictably sentimental at the end, I'm not sure the same story can hold up in 2008. It's just a different world now, you know?

Helen McCrory: Narcissa Malfoy is a "Baddie with a Heart."

'Terminator: Salvation' Ending Revealed to be Stupid. ETA: Leaked Terminator 4 Ending Is False, Says Director.

M. Night Shyamalan's Trouble in Hollywood - Will 'The Happening' Hit Big?

Plot Details Revealed on Alex Proyas' 'Knowing.'

Cam Gigandet Joins The ‘Twilight Tuesday’ Festivities.

Find Out Which Aliens Turn Up In J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Movie [Morning Spoilers].

Leelee Sobieski joins 'Public Enemies' as Dillinger's last girlfriend.

Doug Liman Wants Russell Crowe For Valerie Plame Scandal Pic.

Eric Bana in Judd Apatow's Next Dramedy?

Alfred Molina and Ben Kingsley Join 'Prince of Persia.'

Wes Bentley Becomes 'The Storyteller.'

Matthew Marsden Joins ‘Transformers 2’ Cast.

Frank Miller: 'The Spirit' Will Not Be Sin City 2.

Brittany Murphy Ousted as Tinker Bell.

Who's Directing 'Jonny Quest'?

'He-Man' Script Gets an A+.

Deepak Chopra Praises 'The Love Guru.'

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