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Thursday night, feh

Not much to say, except that I'm tired.

U.S., British diplomats attacked in Zimbabwe; Envoy: Zimbabwe forces threatened U.S. staff.

Egypt uncovers 'missing' pyramid of a pharaoh.

Former screen siren Bardot convicted in race case; Brigitte Bardot gets fifth racism conviction.

'French Spider-man' Scales New York Times.

Japanese patient's 'tumour' turns out to be 25-year-old towel.

New report identifies dangerous Web domains.

U2 to reissue three albums with rarities.

Newsweek: Jakob Dylan is going solo. I would just like to pipe up here that "Sleepwalker" is still one of my favorite songs.

Lesbian kisses at ballgame ignite furor.

George Takei and partner plan to wed in September.

Old Romance Novels Go to Etsy. "There are pages crafted into naughty pendant jewelry, the more salacious the better." Oh, man--I would love one of the more subtle ones. Because I'm chicken subtle like that.

Purple Drank, the anti-energy drink.

Burger King Tray liners feature vegetable porn?; Burger King's European cartoons continue to violate.

Exceptionally good lolcats today: “toastr is gud nap spot” you sed the living dead need to piddle; When seafood goes bad.

Black presidents nothing new to Hollywood. I laughed when I saw this, because I'm pretty sure that Morgan Freeman could throw his hat into the ring tomorrow and win in November.

Universal Studios Hollywood Not Rebuilding King Kong Ride.

Entertainment industry accuses campus laser-printers of downloading 'Indiana Jones.'

"Nuke the fridge," the new "Jump the shark." (Warning: Indiana Jones/Crystal Skull spoilers.)

Images: The Dark Knight pics; Tons More 'Wanted' Photos and Official Site Updates (New 'Wanted' Shots and the Art of Weaving: "Wait till you see the mad shit this guy does with a loom!"); Anne Hathaway Dons Jersey Tan for 'Bride Wars'; 'Transformers 2' Set Shots (i.e. Photos of Helicopters, Explosions); A Teaser Poster for 'W'; Sci-Fi Viking Flick 'Outlander' Gets a Slick Poster; Jason Statham And Tyrese Gibson In ‘Death Race.’

Trailers: 'X-Files' Trailer, Still Snow-Search-Based but Now in English; Meet WALL-E's Entire Robot Servant Class; 'On the Doll' Clip Will Make Men Cringe; New Japanese Trailer For 'Machine Girl' Is Full Of Bloody Goodness.

trailer_spot: The Women, Transsiberian, Get Smart, Wanted, Encounters at the End of the World.


Ridley Scott Returns to Sci-Fi and Talks 'Blood Meridian'; Ridley Scott To Make 'Brave New World'?

Christopher Lee Would Return as Saruman for 'The Hobbit.' But if you cut his scenes again, he will gut you like a fish.

Weta Workshop on Designing Narnia; 'Prince Caspian' Toys Featured in Toy Collector Magazine.

Philip Pullman Leads Campaign Against Book Age Guidelines.

Interview: Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard on 'The Dark Knight's' Score.

'Quantum of Solace' - Official Blog Report #11; 'Quantum of Solace' To Wrap Principal Photography This Month.

Fanboy Bites: 'Iron Man 2', 'Transformers 2' and 'Star Trek 2.'

What's Scarier: The Newest Transformers, Or Ali Larter's Outfit In Heroes? [Morning Spoilers].

Green Lantern Movie Will Be Respectful, Secretive.

It's Official - Seth Rogen's Green Hornet Has Been Greenlit.

Brian De Palma Helming 'Boston Stranglers.'

Bryan Singer's 'Valkyrie' Reshooting Three More Scenes; Entire Internet Calls Bullshit as Peter Bart Goes to War For 'Valkyrie.'

Newbie Writer Will Adapt Warren Ellis' 'Ocean.'

Brian K. Vaughan Sells 'Roundtable' to DreamWorks: "It revolves around Merlin trying to assemble a group of modern day knights to battle an ancient evil, only to discover that they are sorely lacking in the 21st century. The only heroes he can find are washed up athletes, cowardly scientists, or Academy Award winning actors."

Kaufman to Trim 'Synecdoche' for US Distributors.

Much Of ‘High School Musical’ Cast Not Returning For Fourth Film, Says Efron.

How Very! 'Heathers' Gets New Anniversary DVD.

Meet the Vampires of 'Lost Boys 2' ("Trey [pictured] - A sensitive artist with long, flowing hair, puppy dog eyes, and a nose with a urethra...").

Emma Stone Haunts Matthew McConaughey, And His Virginity, In ‘Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past.’

Herzog Responds to 'Bad Lieutenant' Backlash: "To hear Herzog tell it, his version of Bad Lieutenant isn't a remake, although he wouldn't know, since it sounds like hasn't actually seen the original. However, he says that Cage's character's name and the plot are entirely new." So we're using the title because...?

Just What the World Needs: An 'I Spit on Your Grave' Remake.

Bad '80s movies ahoy! Can The Children Of Men Escape From New York?

Elmo plays Joe Pesci with De Niro in 'Casino' reenactment.

Help A 'Revenge Of The Nerds' Fan Achieve Darth Climax. Oh... oh dear.

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