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Sunny Saturday

I finally realized why I may be--have been--so tense:

I haven't actually written anything in about six weeks.

There's been annotations, there's been journal entries and linkspams, but there hasn't really been any narrative fictional writing over here, not even in the idea-planning stage. I've had everything on hold because of the financial problems and whatnot, afraid to get carried away from the annotations by something else--even Black Ribbon, which desperately needs to get done. That's why I'm so tense; that's why I feel like I'm "supposed to be doing something else." And when this occurred to me, I felt a great sweeping relief--that feeling you get when an answer clicks into place.

* * * *

My mom and my aunt (her sister) were running around doing errands together today. While they were standing in line at Home Depot, some guy struck up a conversation with them (I think it started out with sports, as my mother was wearing a Saban Nation t-shirt). My aunt mentioned that she teaches kindergarten at an inner-city school in the projects--the kind of school where, several years ago, a guy ran up while she was watching her class on the playground, pushed her off her bench, and stole her purse--which surprised the guy they were talking to. "Do you even know how to get to the projects?" he asked (my mother was like, "Well, duh, she knows how to get there, she works there"), and then he asked where the Kingston school itself was. "Oh, you go to hell and turn left," my aunt replied.

* * * *

They also visited my grandmother (their mother) while they were out; Grandma's in physical rehab for her torn ligament at Lakeshore now. She's sharing a room with someone I have started calling the Parrot Lady, an elderly woman who likes to pinch her son, daughter, and sitter whenever they're in reach (I mean, like, really reach out and twist off a chunk) and tends to make her demands known loudly and often. ("When I talk about her on my journal, I'm going to write her in all caps," I informed my mother. "Well, good, because she TALKS in all caps," my mother retorted.) My aunt reported that the Parrot Lady spent an entire half hour announcing that she needed to GO TO THE POTTY over and over again; around the 356th iteration my aunt was like, "IF YOU DON'T TAKE HER, I WILL." "But she just went--" "TAKE HERRRRRRR." The rest of Parrot Lady's repertoire includes "WHERE IS DANIEL? WHERE IS DANIEL? I WANT DANIEL," "I DON'T LIKE THIS MEATLOAF. THIS IS NOT MY MEATLOAF," and "I WANT SOME CRACKERRRRRS! PEANUT BUTTER CRACKERRRRRRS! PEANUT BUTTER CRACKERRRRRRS." (Hence the name "Parrot Lady.") My grandmother's insurance has cleared her to stay two weeks in rehab to work on her knee, which is great because that's two weeks that we (my grandmother included) don't have to worry about her falling down at home again, but now she just wants to go home because Parrot Lady is about to drive her out of her mind. (And I haven't even told you about how Parrot Lady got up in the middle of the night and started wandering around the facilities with a flashlight for an hour to do her own little laser-light show.) "It's a little like being trapped in a room with Rain Man," my aunt observed, "only with the volume turned way up. I'M AN EXCELLENT DRIVER. OF COURSE I DON'T HAVE MY UNDERWEAR. I'M DEFINITELY NOT WEARING MY UNDERWEAR. DEFINITELY NOT. 'COURSE IT'S 10 MINUTES TO WAPNER. PEANUT BUTTER CRACKERRRRRRS."

From missnanna: "An editor at Jezebel is pooling together funds to get 6 women who started an NGO to promote women's rights (and their husbands) out of Iraq as soon as possible, because one of the women they were protecting was murdered recently. They have no money themselves and are in real danger. She's asking people to contribute something, anything, to her Paypal account, which will then be transferred to a helpful journalist in Iraq. The full story is here and here. Back story here." And sure enough, today I saw this: Thanks To Your Guys, A Few Brave Women May Get Out Of Basra [Exile In Jordan Fund].

From robyn_ma, because it made me laugh: Dr. Clive Owen will see you now.

Wonder Woman actress finds body on river in DC.

French diver recounts survival on deserted Indonesian island, where the castaways fought off boars polar bears smoke monsters komodo dragons. And then a park ranger found them. (This is totally how Lost should end: "Well, no wonder--we were stranded in Smoke Monster National Park!")

Caribbean monk seal becomes extinct. D:

Ancient grave found during subway work.

Brilliant young chef battles tongue cancer.

Cuba to offer residents free sex changes.

2 'thong bandits,' suspected of robbery, in custody.

Patching ancient walls with legos.

Neil Gaiman weighs in on age ratings for books ("I think it's deeply stupid").

The Grimly Grim Hallmark Of Awfully Bad Writing. *hangs head*


Prince, Madonna and Michael Jackson all turning 50.

Quiz: Star Wars Reference or WWII Reference?; What If Star Wars Had Starred Michael Jackson?

Images: Twilight; Igor; Eva Mendes' Double Down Sexy Posters for 'The Spirit'; New Transformers 2 Robots Revealed: The Twins, Arcee, Jetfire, and More; Check Out Sandra Bullock Proposing to Ryan Reynolds; James McAvoy and Common: Complex Magazine Photoshoot for 'Wanted.'

New trailer for 'The Duchess'; New Hancock Featurette Online; Trailer for Bill Maher's 'Religulous' Now Online.

Leonardo DiCaprio to Play Video Game Inventor in 'Atari.'

Spike Lee Responds to the Whole Eastwood Kerfuffle. The more I read about this, the more it seems to me like both men have good points (and bad ones), but Eastwood went over the top with the rudeness. And then there's... this.

Warner Bros Announces Product Lines for 'Half-Blood Prince.' They don't specify which new dolls Tonner plans to add, but if there's a Bellatrix with a halfway decent face, I am screwed.

ETA: Could someone with a account and better Spanish than I speak deal with this for me?

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