Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Heyyyyy kids!

Oh, I forgot to mention--theferrett has a fun celebrity tea party meme today, but I'll deal with that one later. The one I thought was really fun came from shadesong originally: If you had an action-figure line, you know, like, Cleolinda: Action Livejournaller!, what figures and accessories would you have? (My favorite example was "Magical Secretary Princess shadesong Figure - Watch as she drinks. The coffee and chai actually disappear. Figure comes with one (1) Krispy Kreme donut.")

I'm still thinking about mine, but I'm pretty sure that Talking Cleolinda would say "Dude," "Awesome!," "Fnarr," or "I'm just saying" when you pull the string.

Hmm. Dog-Walking Cleolinda? (Plush yippy dogs sold separately.) Treadmill Fun Workout Cleolinda? Magical Frizz Hair Fun Cleolinda? Grad School Fashion Cleolinda, by the way, was discontinued due to lack of interest, as it wore the same thing all the other dolls wore.

Oo! I would totally have a Pirate Captain Cleo. Says "ARRR!," "Yar!," "Avast, ye scurvy dogs!," or "Scupper the varlets!" Comes with cutlass, eyepatch, pirate pimp hat, single gold hoop earring, thigh-high corsair boots, and cask of rum. The Good Ship HMS Split Infinitive sold separately.

Hmmm. We have drawings on the board for a Limited Edition Middle-earth Cleolindwen, but we're not sure how it would sell.

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