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A sleepy day, not much to say

But much linkspam:

From shadefell: "meopta has breast cancer, the kind that usually kills you fast. She made it to remission, although she's still getting treatment. She's got two little girls who are pretty freaked out by OMG THE CANCER. She's one of those people the world needs more of: strong, out spoken, fair, awesome, passionate. She's currently doing a cancer walk in support of another patient seen by her oncology center, and I was wondering if you could help in asking people to donate to it."

From lady_moriel: "counteragent's little sister-in-law, Jenny, is very sick. It would be so wonderful if you could take a quick moment (just like 3 minutes) to check out her family's blog and see if you think you might know anyone like Jenny. They are looking for 'comparables' (people who have similar symptoms) that may have had success with treatments Jenny's docs haven't yet tried."

3 Internet providers agree to block child porn.

What the hell is going on at EMI? "This means that as Coldplay releases 'Viva La Vida,' the biggest album of its career, its American record label will have no one running it. This also means that the Beatles will have no one directly representing them. Neither will Katy Perry, who has the No. 1 single in the country with 'I Kissed a Girl,' or any other Capitol acts. And the funny part is that none of them knows it."

"The Three Best Bits of Relationship Advice I've Ever Been Given."

No can talk. In time-out. Stoopid hoomans. Couch looks better on fire; Ma, da ceiling cat witnesses r here; minions of basement cat is BSOD ur dissertashun; An Ceiling Cat Banisht Basement Cat To Teh Bowels of Hell; Hey, u hav perty eyez; Her eyes not down here.

Francis Capra joining 'Heroes'?

Does Science Fiction Speak to Our Condition More Than Fancy Literary Writing? I don't know, although I'm inclined to agree generally that books that are about people doing tangible things speak more to our condition than vague existential meebling about how hollow life in this modern, over-commercialized world is. I mean, ideally you have the tangible storylines, which may or may not include people having awesome adventures, and the existential depth.

Jane Austen's Mr. Darcy, Unveiled!

Friends throw Diddley a rocking 4-hour funeral.

Grim Reports Have Paul Newman Diagnosed with Terminal Lung Cancer. ETA: His rep denies reports.

Stuntman killed while shooting John Woo film.

Charity run by Anne Hathaway's boyfriend investigated.

Images: Images from Alex Proyas' Sci- Fi Thriller 'Knowing' Hit the Net (I can't remember if I posted these before or not); 'What Just Happened?' Poster Premiere; Exclusive Poster: ‘Righteous Kill’; 'Miracle at St. Anna' Poster Premiere; First '[REC] 2' Teaser Poster Revealed.

Clips and trailers: The new 'Hulk' TV ad reveals a very special, not-so-secret guest star; 'The Incredible Hulk' Goes Unscripted; New Red Band 'Wanted' Trailer Hits; Quantum of Solace Bond Girl Featurette: Olga Kurylenko; Extended Clip From 'WALL•E'; 'The Duchess' second trailer; Six new 'Edge of Love' clips; 7-Minute 'Get Smart' Sneak Preview on iTunes; Must Watch: Badass 'Transporter 3' Teaser Trailer; Must Watch: Official Trailer for Vin Diesel's 'Babylon A.D.'; Two New Awesome 'Hellboy II: The Golden Army' TV Spots; "The Wackness" Theatrical Trailer + Free Screenings; Teaser for Steve Martin's 'Pink Panther 2.'

trailer_spot: Transporter 3, Valkyrie, Madagascar 2, Elegy, Express, Wanted.

'Twilight' Tuesday Exclusive: Stephenie Meyer Announces 'Breaking Dawn' Tour Dates With Blue October's Justin Furstenfeld; Stephenie Meyer and cast of Twilight to be at San Diego Comic-Con. I'm tempted to ask Sister Girl's boyfriend--you know, the Barnes-a-Million buyer--to take my copy and ask Robert Pattinson to sparkle on it a little ("Look, man, she said sparkle. I don't know what that means. I just know I'm sleeping on the couch if you don't"), except that it may be too soon to clue him in that his potential future sister-in-law is a total weirdogeek.

(Oh, I almost forgot--laurelin_kit pointed out a post on Stephanie Meyer's blog [scroll down] where she reveals that the unnamed CD in the first book--you know, the one that Bella's stepfather gave her, and that she and 110-year-old sparklepire Edward bond over--was supposed to be Linkin Park. LINKIN PARK. Really? REALLY?)

Ledger’s family to attend new Batman premiere; Go Vote for Harvey Dent! 'The Dark Knight' Viral Returns!

New Harry Potter Prequel Sells for 25,000 Pounds ($48,855) at Charity Auction; Warwick Davis Excited About Extended Role In ‘Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows’ (Davis plays both Hitlerwick Flitwick and Griphook); J.K. Rowling on the power of failure, which is kind of what I needed to read right now.

Favreau Not Keen on 'Iron Man 2' Release Date; Jon Favreau Might Not Direct Iron Man 2 - It Can't Be?!; Will 'Hancock' and Marvel Ruin 'Iron Man 2'? Yeah, the first one was just the breakout hit of the summer; let's make sure we fuck the sequel up.

TV News: Fifteen-part 'Little Dorrit' adaptation on the way.

Grant/Zhang are 'Lost for Words.'

Harrison Ford to Star in 'Crowley.'

Sir Ian McKellen To Play The New Number Two In 'The Prisoner' Remake Miniseries?

Stiller and Witherspoon in New Crowe Pic.

Atom Egoyan Studies 'Seven Wonders.'

Neil Jordan Goes Back to Fantasy with 'Ondine.'

F. Gary Gray Helming Other Marvin Gaye Biopic.

'Wall-E's' Andrew Stanton Writing 'John Carter of Mars' Movie.

Christensen Up for 'Jumper' Sequel, although I think he may be the only one.

Tim Roth Talks 'Inglorious Bastards' and 'Pulp Fiction' Spin-Off.

The Smurfs Are Headed for the Big Screen; Casting the new 'Smurfs' movie.

'The Happening' Finally Screens For Critics And The Results Are Not Pretty; Fan Rant: Why M. Night Shyamalan Has Nothing to Apologize For; The Science Behind 'The Happening' Is Jesus? (Note: This is not actually the plot of the movie or a spoiler. However, from what I know of the movie, there are spoilers in the article itself.)

Fan Rant: In Defense of Ang Lee's 'Hulk.'

'Brokeback Mountain' to premiere as opera in 2013.

Crappy Movies Are Destroying Your Brain, Say Scientists.

Let's observe a moment of silence for Mike Myers' sense of humor.

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