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Rainy Wednesday

Not the best day I've ever had; not the worst, either. I seem to be cycling through moodswings at an astonishing rate--well, "cycling" implies a set pattern, and I don't know that there is one. And they're not terribly strong swings, either. All I know is, I spent a lot of the day feeling very sad, and then all of a sudden I'd be smiling to myself about something. Other than the sadness, which is really frickin' annoying in terms of trying to get anything done, the moods themselves are fairly mild; I don't feel manic or anything. I have a med check next week, though, and I'll be mentioning them then.

Also, it thundered all day long, despite the sun, and now it's finally pouring down.

Also-also, our dryer has died. Because we just hadn't added to our debt in a while.

Oh, and something that actually kind of made me laugh: the seriousness of the tomato-salmonella epidemic finally hit home when Qdoba refused to give me any pico de gallo.

'Unicorn' deer with rare single horn spotted in Italy.

Aussie dinosaur bone takes bite out of theory of continental drift.

A Parasite that Induces Love in its Host.

AP Exclusive: Newman friend says actor has cancer.

Six Astounding Young Adult Novels of the Pre-Potter Era.

Neil Gaiman reveals why you may not be able to read Margaret Atwood's Waterstones card.

Jeff Bezos' Hand Fatigue. He also thinks that the turning of pages is "too loud." I'd still rather have a real book than a Kindle, Sparky.

Images: Angelina Jolie & James McAvoy: Sofa King Hot In 'Wanted' (related: McAvoy and Kretschmann photocall in Berlin); Check This Out: Daniel Craig's 'Defiance' Poster; New 'Wolverine' Set Photos Online; 'Traitor' Poster Premiere!; early poster for 'The Duchess'; New ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ Image Revealed, Plus Poster For ‘Angels & Demons’; RoboCop Remake Confirmed - First Marketing Banner; ‘Terminator’ Sequel: The First Poster Revealed? And When Will We See A Teaser?

Clips and trailers: The New Star Wars: The Clone Wars Trailer; Watch Edward Norton Channel His Inner ‘Incredible Hulk’; 'The Incredible Hulk' Goes Unscripted; 'The Express' trailer; British 'Duchess' Trailer Makes Diana Connection.

trailer_spot: Babylon A.D., Duchess, Wackness, Kabluey, Boy A, Other Boleyn Girl.

Buyer of Harry Potter Prequel Seeks to Use Item for More Charity Fundraising; HBP promos and banner from Expo; New Image of Harry & Ginny Hugging from HBP; Photos of "Half-Blood Prince" Items at Licensing Expo.

Daniel Craig Cuts Finger During 'Quantum of Solace' Filming; 'Quantum of Solace' Curse Continues (frrrrowr); Quantum of Solace Featurette: Director of Photography Roberto Schaefer.

Scholarship created in honor of Heath Ledger; Ledger tribute for 'Batman' premiere; Knight's Eckhart Of Two Minds (spoilers).

Did Darabont's 'Indiana Jones' Script Leak Online?

Johnny Depp spends 45th birthday at work (again: frrrowr); Johnny Depp Dies, and Other Eyewitness Revelations From VF Writer's 'Public Enemies' Love-In.

70 minutes, Captain America cut from 'Incredible Hulk'; Review: 'The Incredible Hulk.'

First Look At ‘Iron Man II,’ ‘Thor,’ ‘Captain America,’ And ‘Avengers.’ Well, Sort Of.

Hef Discusses Robert Downey Jr. and Biopic.

Katherine Heigl Wants to 'Escape' Polygamy; Katherine Heigl pulls out of Emmy race.

'The Three Musketeers' To Swashbuckle Again.

'Friday the 13th' Set Visit Preview.

Nick Movies and Paramount Preview 'The Last Airbender.'

Cillian Murphy Blasts Paparazzi for stalking Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller on the set of 'The Edge of Love': "I totally admire them for putting up with it - if I walked out of my house every morning and there were 15 men waiting to photograph me, I couldn't do it."

Disgraced 'Transformers 2' Extra Will Stop at Nothing For 15 Minutes of Justice.

Director Joe Wright calls off wedding to Rosamund Pike; strippers and hot tubs involved.

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