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I use this icon when I feel frazzled

So I get up this morning to discover that Scout has thrown up all over the kitchen--and I do mean all over--because he managed to eat a napkin or something last night. How's your Friday the 13th?

Friday 13th not more unlucky, study shows.

NBC's Tim Russert dies of apparent heart attack. And yet somehow, Bill O'Reilly is allowed to continue walking the earth. Which is a terrible thing to say, and I stand by it completely.

Tainted tomatoes sicken 228 in 23 states.

John Scalzi unpacks the offensive subtext of Fox News referring to Obama's "baby mama."

Yahoo, Google sign deal; Microsoft talks halt.

Hey, kids, your pals are dead — not!

A brief history of the unicorn. On Yahoo News, no less.

2,000-year-old seed revives species.

Ma baloney haz a furst name… is nom nom nom nom nom.

Study: Pot potency at 30-year high. ... so to speak.

A Little Family Spat Plays Itself Out in the Amazon Reviews.

Bezos: Competition Right and Good, When Amazon's Not #1?

Tom Cruise Proves Sanity By Calling Shrink Nazi; Dr. Drew: I Meant No Harm to Tom Cruise.

Entertainment Weekly talks to Coldplay:
EW: Speaking of getting flack for being in Coldplay, how did you guys feel being on the receiving end of jokes, like the classic ''know how I know you're gay?'' line from The 40 Year-Old Virgin ?

CHRIS MARTIN, vocalist/keyboards/guitar: I think that's kind of something to be proud of. I've never been anything but delighted by that.

GUY BERRYMAN, bassist: You've got to laugh. I don't particularly see it as derogatory, I thought it was funny.
And then Chris Martin professes his love for Limp Bizkit (EW: "I don't even know how to respond to that...").

Potential Strike Already Affecting Movies and TV.

Images: Star Wars - The Clone Wars; Watchmen; 'Sixty Six' Poster Premiere; WALL-E Has the Cutest Fetishes; The Time Traveler's Wife; Public Enemies; 'Defiance' Poster Shows Daniel Craig's Promising Future. I know I linked a different story on the poster yesterday, but I just liked this writeup: "This image of Daniel Craig convinces me that he will either be the next Steve McQueen or the leader of an army of the undead. It could really go either way."

Trailers and clips: Must Watch: Spike Lee's 'Miracle at St. Anna' Trailer; 'Punisher: War Zone Teaser' Trailer Hits; 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' Trailer (didn't this already appear online?); Teasers for Alexandre Aja's 'Mirrors.'

Why Is Optimus Prime Getting Religion? [Morning Spoilers] Other spoilers: Clips from 'The Dark Knight,' 'Hancock,' and the next Doctor Who; a shot of Shirley Manson (!) on the set of 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles'; and Jorge Garcia speculates on what happens to Hurley next on Lost.

'Dawn Treader' to Film in Argentina?

Everything you need to know about "The Happening" so you don't have to see it; Shyamalan: "'The Happening' is Totally Meant to be Kind of Bad. Did I Not Mention That?'

Publicity-Averse Ed Norton Reveals Previously Unknown Sense Of Humor In 'Hulk' Short; Interview: Tim Roth; Liv Tyler: 'Hulk' a big surprise; 10 Must-Read Stories For 'The Incredible Hulk'; ‘Hulk’ Director Wonders: Is ‘1602′ Or ‘World War Hulk’ The Future Of Superhero Movies?

Look, Just Make Up Your Minds Already: Is Cap In Hulk Or Not?

Robert Downey, Jr. to be Sherlock Holmes? I love RDJ, but... I am not entirely sure I can endorse this concept.

An Update From the 'Iron Man 2' Battlefield.

Rumor: Marvel Wants Leonardo DiCaprio as Captain America?

The Fourth 'Dark Knight' TV Spot; Alternate Dark Knight Trailer, Gotham Tonight Clip; Christian Bale in Arena magazine; Giorgio Armani wants you to know that they dress Bruce Wayne.

"Wanted": Casting the Right Ensemble (with pics); Check out an exclusive action sequence from 'Wanted.'

James McAvoy denies hobbiting. : (

Quantum of Solace Featurette: Executive Producer Callum McDougall; Leona Lewis For Bond theme?


Weinsteins Set a Release Pattern for 'The Road.'

Christopher Eccleston Joins 'Amelia.'

Cinematical exclusive: 'Twilight' E-Card Widget.

'Get Smart' Beats 'Watchmen' to DVD Stunt Marketing.

First Look at Jason's 'Friday the 13th' Mask (Hint: It's a Hockey Mask!).

Remake of 1983's 'My Tutor' Coming.

'I Dream of Jeannie' Finally Has a Suitable Screenplay.

Jack Black Leaves 'Man-Witch.' There's a joke about Manwiches in there that I can't quite get to work out right.

Warner Bros. Sets Fantasy in 'Central Park.'

Universal Takes Up 'Dragonology.'

Train Will Promote 'City of Ember.'

Exclusive: Perlman, Jones and Goss on 'Hellboy II.'

Report: Studio Unaware Of Production Shingle's Completely Stupid Tiger Movie.

Press Release of the Week: Starz invites you to experience 'I Know Who Killed Me,' complete with a list of negative blurbs and Razzies won. Well... you gotta go with your strengths, I guess.

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