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Another sunny day

Did not go swimming again, as I felt a little sun-sensitive from spending so much time outside yesterday. Have a few mosquito bites on my arm that I keep scratching in my sleep, leading to prolonged swelling and itchitude despite cortisone cream. Also discovered that the ice cream in the freezer downstairs was almost completely melted but still delicious, which suggests that the freezer may be borked. Which will probably cost us more money. Still feeling pretty good anyway.

Jean Delannoy, French Director, Dies.

Hundreds swept up in mortgage fraud arrests.

Dems, GOP agree to surveillance bill. It's so hard to pick a party to vote for when they both suck.

Former 'spam King' Must Pay MySpace $6 Million.

The Story of Robert Cox, World's Most Important Blogger [Media Bloggers Association].

UK Writers and Publishers Consider Strike Against Amazon.

Happy Birthday To You's complex, sordid copyright history.

"Why r der wurds up der, moma?" "Iz caled a capshun. U get used to dem"; Catapult: $50. He suspects nothing: priceless; souls. i eets them. AHHHHHH.

Top 30 WTF Moments From 'Lost.' Past-episode spoilers, obviously.

AMPAS Sets New Rules for Oscar's Original Song: "First, while there continues to be no limit on the number of songs from a given film that can be submitted for consideration, no more than two songs from any one film may be nominated for an Academy Award." Which means that we will no longer have to endure chokeholds on the category from musicals or Disney movies.

'Iron Man' Gets to $300 Million First.

Robert Downey Jr. & More Get Walk of Fame Stars: "Joining Downey Jr. on the cinematic side of things is Tinkerbell (presumably due to the new movies coming out), Tim Burton, Leslie Caron, Cameron Diaz, Charles Durning, Ralph Fiennes, Hugh Jackman, Sir Ben Kingsley, and William H. Macy. You know that it's a tough accolade to capture when you can become knighted before receiving a star."

Will Smith set to be the undisputed #1 movie star in the world ever.

'X Files,' Reitmans and Other Convenient Tips For L.A. Film Festival Hell.

YouTube Spotlights Indie Films.

Images: New Mummy poster, trailer will run in front of 'Wanted'; Exclusive Look at the 'Mirrors' Poster; 'Blood Car' Poster! And How About Those Gas Prices, Eh? Blood Car may be one of the best movie titles I have ever heard. It is up there with Snakes on a Plane in terms of pure, shameless truth-in-advertising.

Trailers and clips: New Extended and Restricted 'Wanted' Clips (I wonder if it's possible to watch the entire movie if you put all the clips posted over the last month into the right order); Preview of 'Presto', the Short Airing Before 'WALL-E'; Must Watch: 'The Wackness' Red Band Trailer. I feel bad about this, because I keep hearing that The Wackness is supposed to be good, but the dumb title plus CONSTANTLY HEARING ABOUT HOW AWESOME IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE has already got me never, ever wanting to see it. Ever.

Wanted's McAvoy Bulked Up; Universal Has 'Wanted' Sequel Already in Development; The Explosive "Wanted" Shootout You Will Never Get To See [Morning Spoilers]. Warning: I'm not terribly familiar with the plot (I tend not to read spoilers or watch clips if it's a movie I actually want to see), beyond "dweeb becomes awesome, and also, Angelina Jolie is hot" and it sounds like I kind of just got spoiled as to who the villain is. Oops.

Prince Caspian - The Biggest UK Film Premiere Ever; Ben Barnes Answers Your Questions.

Why Baz Luhrman's 'Australia' Needs to Be Oscar-Worthy.

Megan Fox reveals ‘Transformers 2′ script re-writes, make-out scenes; Bay to Fox: "Just Look Hot."

George Lucas NOT Directing 'Red Tails.'

The Hulk That Almost Was -- Aaron Sims' Concept Art.

Steve Coogan is One Sexy Jesus!

'Bruno': Sacha Baron Cohen Pic to Bow Next May.

The Love Guru Is Going to Be the Worst Movie of the Summer (Exhibit A: Its Rotten Tomatoes rating has actually gone down over the course of the day from 15% to 11%; by comparison, The Happening is holding strong at 19%); Roger Ebert dings it with one star (and he liked The Happening); Review: ‘The Love Guru’ a cinematic bed of nails. I am begging you, people: I will not be taking one for the team on this one. Save yourselves.

Clive Barker Says: Save My 'Midnight Meat Train'! Only if you'll run it in a double feature with Blood Car.

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