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But that's okay, because YOU CAN'T SHUT THIS PARTY DOWN!

More things officially broken at the house: our freezer and my mother's cellphone (she opened it and it fell into two pieces). I am so incredibly over 2008 right now, and it's still only June.

Illustrator Tasha Tudor dead at 92.

Ohio science teacher burned cross on kids' arms. The best part is that people are dithering over whether THE BURNS WTF were cross-shaped or X-shaped. Did I mention that this guy BURNED KIDS? Because HE TOTALLY DID. ETA: Ohio board votes to ax teacher accused of branding.

Leaked Comcast PowerPoint paints a picture of a bumbling, evil, stupid monopolist.

Most complex crop circle ever discovered in British fields.

Woman lives like hamster.

What If Your Son Was A Were-Piranha?

'My Little Pony' gets star treatment for charity.

Invisible snow shovel; No, the purple heart is for being wounded. This one is for getting turned into a squirrel.

"Can God create a sentence with grammar so bad that even HE can't correct it?"

Girls Everywhere Clamor For Uplifting 'Pecked to Within an Inch of Her Life' Barbie.

Reality shows get new life in rerun marathons. Because let me tell you, internets, there is no undertow out there as strong as the siren song of an America's Top Model marathon. I have lost entire afternoons to that show, trufax.

'True Blood' Uncovers Anti-Vampire Prejudice In Louisiana. Hey, I think my second cousin is doing the set decoration for this. That's what my mother said she'd heard? I don't see her listed on the IMDB page, though.

Academy Sets New Rules For Foreign Pics.

Images: New Joker Poster; Michelle Williams & Leonardo DiCaprio filming 'Shutter Island'; Paul Dano on the set of 'A Good Heart'; More On-Set Photos from 'Max Payne'; First Poster for Sam Rockwell's 'Moon'; 'Diminished Capacity' Poster Premiere; Exclusive: 'The Perfect Game' Poster; 'Bolt' Advance Poster Reminds Us, Oh Crap, I Forgot They're in This; Thomas Jane as Hex Photo is Sort of Real, Sort of Not Real, Completely Unreal ("Yes, that's me dressed as a comic book character, but not in any official capacity. I just thought maybe if I dressed up like Hex, they might cast me as him, and it's only kind of pathetic").

Trailers and clips: New 'Dark Knight,' 'Hancock' and 'WALL•E' Videos; Montage-ier, Brad Pitt Crying-ier New 'Burn After Reading' Trailer; Liam Neeson Displays Skillz in Brand New 'Taken' Trailer; Full Mummy Trailer Hits! I love how trailers always "hit," like they're meteors or hurricanes or something.

Will Christian Bale Take On Robin Hood? I may have shrieked aloud when I read this. You know, one of those "audible intake of breath" shrieks? It might have been a little like that.

Eustace Clarence Scrubb cast in 'Voyage of the Dawn Treader.' EXCITING! "Will [Poulter] played Lee Carter, the scamp schoolboy in the film Son Of Rambow." Also: Leaked 'Voyage of the Dawn Treader' script pages. They... they do not look so good. Hey guys? It's okay to have a movie without a climactic battle. Seriously, we'll go see it anyway, I promise.

New Joker Game: yet more online viral marketing.

'Quantum of Solace' Teaser Due Online 30 June.

Wanted's McAvoy Faced Danger.

Angelina Jolie No Closer to 'Atlas Shrugged' Marathon as Director Officially Drops Out.

'Conan' Script is Getting a Rewrite.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Flips Out Over ‘G.I. Joe.’

Quentin Tarantino's 'Inglorious Bastards' To Be Two Films.

'Silver Surfer' Not Getting the Greenlight?

Update on Jason Segel Muppet Movie.

Aiden’s Wil Francis Talks Giving ‘Lost Boys’ Theme A Punk Twist, Plus We Visit The Music Video’s Set. Is he talking actual punk or Good Charlotte punk? Because to me, if it's not trying to burn the world down with safety pins through its nose, it's just not the real thing.

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