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Zoos ask, what to do with an aged lemur? Ohhhhhhhhh, what do you do with an aged lemur, what do you do with an aged lemur, what do you do with an aged lemur early in the morning?

What do you do with an aged lemur?

Put him in the longboat till he's sober
Put him in the crow's nest and watch him fall down
Give him the hair of the giraffe that bit him
Give him a taste of the baboon's rope end
Slap him around and call him Suzie
Put him in bed with the capybara's daughter
You haven't seen the capybara's daughter

... so early in the morrrrrrrrning!

Plutonium spill in Boulder, Colorado has spread.

An Eccentric Life: Tasha Tudor 1915-2008.

Money missing from Serenity charity screenings.

Martha Stewart banned from Britain.

Michael Ian Black Takes on David Sedaris [Literary Feuds].

MPAA sez, "We shouldn't have to prove infringement took place before collecting $150k per file in damages."

Create word clouds with I trust you can all think of appropriate mischief to get up to with this. (General hints: Sweet Valley High books? Romance novels? Badfic? Crackfic?)

How to make a Sesame Street Yip Yip costume for Halloween ("There's no denying it's fun to go around freely and anonymously shouting 'yipyipyipyip' to those around you").

Haunting Snow Globes.

30 ridiculous celebrity demands. Someday I want to be obscenely rich and famous so that I, too, can demand toilets full of lilies, a harem of groovy young dudes to peel my grapes, and exactly twelve (12) shrubberies of heights not to exceed three feet but not limited to eighteen inches in width. COUNTERCLOCKWISE! I SAID COUNTERCLOCKWISE, MONKEY!

Images: Wall-E, Hancock, Brideshead Revisited, Mamma Mia!, Bangkok Dangerous; Talking 'Spirit' Posters; New 'Eagle Eye' Movie Stills (okay, I know my second cousin is working on this one); Kevin Spacey on the set of 'Shrink.'

trailer_spot: Mummy 3, Burn After Reading, Expired, Fireflies in the Garden, WALL•E, Punisher: War Zone.

Potter kids get their drink on to celebrate end of HBP filming. Which kids their age can do in Britain. My inner teenager is retroactively jealous.

Nestor Carbonell talks 'Lost' and 'The Dark Knight' (remember, he's Richard Alpert, the Guy Who Never Ages. Also, he mentions that one of the best moments in the trailer--the Joker clapping in his jail cell--was improvised by Heath Ledger). on His 'Wolverine' Role.

Spider-Man Will Return in 2011! But Do We Want Him To? Which sums it up, I think.

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