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2008: Still sucking

I'm going ahead and posting early this morning, because... well.

George Carlin, Irreverent Comedian, Dies at 71.

Everything seemingly is spinning out of control. Thanks for confirming my general fear that the world is ending! (Yes, I am developing a phobia about 2012.) Man, I thought you only got this kind of scaremongering on TV news.

Russert Death Wikipedia Leaker Fired.

Heartbroken Briton sells his 'entire life.'

Go furthz muh minion, return wif cheezburger. I just like the expression on the cat's face.

Alfre Woodard Joins NBC's 'Enemy.'

'I Love the New Millennium' premiering on VH1. Or, as the Onion's AV Club put it, I Love Ten Seconds Ago.

McConaughey photog claims surfers attacked him. I haven't watched the video, but the freeze-frame still is hilarious.

Images: New 'RocknRolla' Photos (the Guy Ritchie/Gerard Butler project); Photos from Martin Scorsese's 'Ashecliffe.' Why? Why are we changing the name from Shutter Island ? Is it so people won't know it's a book and go read the ending? I haven't read it yet myself, but apparently it's super-twisty--my point is, for whatever reason, I love the name "Shutter Island." It just sounds spookier than "Ashecliffe," which sounds like something from a Merchant Ivory film, quite honestly.

Trailers and clips: Exclusive: New 'Wanted' Featurette; Worth Watching - 'Diminished Capacity' Trailer With Matthew Broderick.

'Get Smart' whips Mike Myers' 'Love Guru'; Indiana Jones Up to $683 million Worldwide. I am deeply relieved by that first headline, by the way. I don't want to deploy a heavy phrase like "moral imperative not to see this," exactly, but I was getting nervous that the same nation that went to see Epic Movie might suffer another relapse. If you make a movie this bad, there should be consequences, IMO. Crawling in at #4 works for me.

X-Files 2 Previewed In L.A.

Rip-roarin’ ammo fest ‘Wanted’ is a Can’t Miss; Suggested Reading: Mark Millar's 'Wanted - Curve the Bullet.'

'WALL*E' Downplays Message.

Teen arrested in drive-by shooting near Johnny Depp movie set. The accompanying picture is enjoyably surreal.

Ed Zwick's WW2 flick 'Defiance' starring Daniel Craig, Jamie Bell and Liev Schreiber screens.

Seth Rogen's Green Hornet Hype Begins With a Logo.

'Carter Of Mars' Not Live Action?

Rainn Wilson as...Xena!? I have the magazine, y'all. It's terrifying.

This Just In: Scarlett Johansson is a Teutonic Clone!

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