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Tuesday! Just... Tuesday!

I am horribly behind on things I have promised to post for people, so if I haven't done yours yet, it's... because I suck, basically.

From Fandom Lounge: "rachelmanija and lady_ganesh have created a fandom auction in support of marriage equality" over at livelongnmarry.

From amberkb: "As I'm sure you've seen on the TV, there's been massive flooding in the midwest. I live in Cedar Rapids... and I'm sure you've seen on the news that our town was really hard hit. I have up pictures from before and after up on my LJ. If you could post a little blurb asking people to donate to the Red Cross, that would be great. So many people's homes were destroyed, and businesses too." Another problem, I should add, is that so many crops were destroyed--which not only raises food prices in general, but kills this year's income for the farmers.

From missmp: "Something for your next linkspam, possibly: Search Me. It's a visual search engine--you can 'flip' through the pages that come up in your search."

As a follow-up (FROM THE PAAAAAST!) to the diamond engagement rings article yesterday, a Wired article on lab-grown gems from kosher_jenny.

NASA warming scientist: 'This is the last chance.'

Carlin to be first posthumous Twain honoree; George Carlin: 20 career milestones; HBO plans encore programs of Carlin specials; George Carlin's Last Interview.

Anne Hathaway's Sorry Ex-Boyfriend Arrested For Fraud; Raffaello Follieri Arrested For Swindling God Out Of His Savings.

Florida Man Shoots Low Rider. As in, "kid with saggy pants." May or may not have screamed at him to get off his lawn first.

What to Do (and Not Do) In A Fistfight. Well, I am definitely carrying a roll of quarters in my purse from now on.

Wondermark #419: In which an Enterprise fails spectacularly.

Lizzie Skurnick's "Fine Lines" column on Jezebel to become a book. You know, the one where she revisits our favorite childhood reads? Good times.

Teen Sex Ad Not Actually From JC Penney; JCPenney horrified/thrilled over fake spot.

SCREAM QUEEN PENS SEXY VAMPIRE NOVEL. PLEASE DON'T SHOUT, ONTD, I CAN HEAR YOU JUST FINE. Also: scream queen in question? Adrienne Barbeau. Which increases its cool quotient by at least a factor of five.

AMPAS Invites Diablo Cody, Jet Li, 103 Others to Join: "Among those whom you'll be able to blame the next time something dumb like Crash wins Best Picture are Gore Verbinski, Doug Liman, Allison Janney, Judd Apatow and Sacha Baron Cohen -- assuming they all accept the invitation, of course."

Images: Full 'Hancock' Gallery; new pics from 'The Duchess'; First 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' Remake Banner Discovered (crap, that is going to be a busy weekend for me...); Hi-Res Versions of the 'Spirit' Posters; 'Dragonball' Banner is Dull, Full of Red Light Swirls (also, it apparently stars Not!Elijah Wood on the worst hair day EVER); 'RockNRolla' Poster; 'Mandy Lane' Gets a US One-Sheet; First Official Photos from 'Fast and Furious 4' (how are we up to four?); 'Prince Caspian' Concept Art.

Trailers and clips: The New 'Eagle Eye' Trailer; 'Disaster Movie' Trailer Hits.

The 6th 'Dark Knight' TV Spot!; 'The Dark Knight' TV Spots 7, 8 and 9!; Five Minutes Of ‘Batman: Gotham Knight’; Bruce Wayne's Backstory, Dateline-Style.

X-Files Site Update, Widget, Ringtone.

'Wanted' Alters Comics' Storyline; Mark Millar Liked 'Wanted' -- and Plans for Sequel; Exclusive: Wanted's Mark Millar Settles the Score for Fans. Also! I keep meaning to link to cleojones' (no relation) review (and it's good!) and forgetting (because I suck!), so here it is. Also-also! James McAvoy was on The Daily Show last night, and right before he came out, they ran the traditional introductory movie clip--in which McAvoy assassinates some guy while flipping his car off Angelina Jolie's and over the other guy's car --and afterwards Jon Stewart just turned to the camera and yelped, "HOLY SHIT!"

Elfman Returns to Comics with 'Wanted' and 'Hellboy II.' Well, now I'm really excited about Wanted.

It's Twilight Tuesday on MTV! Last week, a Twilight fan asked me never to mention the series again (or read the new book, or see the movie, or post news items, or...) if all I was going to do was be "snarky" about it. Am I allowed to snark on MTV itself, though? Because... they ran out of new Twilight Tuesday content way sooner than even I thought they would (actual quote: "This week, I’m remembering how up-close-and-personal I got to Bella Swan’s iconic truck"). And you know, I really like MTV's movie blog, so it's kind of distressing to see them having to reach so hard every week.

(There's a link here, and I can't figure out why it's not showing up.) Now you can watch [fan-created] 'Watchmen' advertisements. Also, from foresthouse: Watchmen Action Figures!

Nicolas Cage And Pierce Brosnan Cast In Roman Polanski’s ‘The Ghost.’

Tom Ford Dresses James Bond In 'Quantum of Solace.' Between this and the big Armani Dark Knight ad, I like that we're now being just as shallow about male stars' fashions as we are about women's.

Why WALL*E Channels Dolly!; Andrew Stanton Out To ‘Break The Curse’ With Adaptation Of ‘John Carter Of Mars.’

Did Jon Favreau Just Reveal 'The Avengers' Line-Up?

Jason Bateman confirms 'Arrested Development' movie for next year.

Revisiting 'Brideshead Revisited,' what with the remake and all.

Israelis flattered by 'Zohan.'

Is the sky falling on the indie film business?

Random gossip: Spice up your life with Neil Patrick Harris; Depp Ships Wine To Film Set ("It's fair to say that he's made filming a far more enjoyable experience"); Miller Wears Fake Boobs For GI Joe because director Stephen "Van Helsing" Sommers directly came out and told her, "I like girls with big boobs." Somehow I had missed his involvement in the movie until this news item--I don't even care about GI Joe, but I immediately facepalmed.

Action figure: Regan from 'The Exorcist.' Uh.

Is Mike Myers the antifunny? I'm not saying that the last link on every single spam is meant to occupy the Uwe Boll Slot. I'm just saying... it is today.

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