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Wednesday already?

I found an old post-it note on my floor this morning. I have no idea where it came from, and I'm not sure I've ever seen it before. There was only one word on it, in my own handwriting, and that word was... weavers.

Oh, and remember the Anne Taintor Calendar of Destiny? June's wedding-themed text turned out to be weirdly appropriate, because--I can't go into details because they're not really my details to share, but all kinds of divorce and engagement and relationship things happened to my real-world friends and family. So this month's text is, "The excitement never ends." I am terrified, y'all. It's like that Irish curse--"May your life be interesting."

Meanwhile, the medication adjustment (less Zoloft, more Lamictal, same Wellbutrin) is actually going okay. Interestingly enough, my first two days on the new mix have also been my first two days in a week or two without any headaches at all, and I feel a lot more cheerful. At the same time, I'm also really sleepy and snacky. So it's kind of weird. And possibly unrelated anyway.

Philip Pullman To Host Next Waterstone's Writer's Table.

Accused "Scam" Literary Agent Sues Entire Internet.

Images: Johnny Depp Last Day Filming for 'Public Enemies'; First Awful Glimpse Of Keanu Reeves As Klaatu [Morning Spoilers]; 'RockNRolla' stills.

Trailers and clips: Insanely Freaky Red Band Trailer for Alexandre Aja's 'Mirrors'; 'The Wackness' Gets New Trailer and Dope Soundtrack. "Dope"? Really?

trailer_spot: RocknRolla, Tale of Despereaux, Dark Knight, Waltz With Bashir, Helen, Hancock.

Hancock Will Rule The Weekend, Critics Be Damned [Critical Mass]; Review: 'Hancock' turns into a train wreck; So much for "Bad" reviews: "Hancock" Soars...; Hancock Is A Filthy Dirty Cheater. Now that I've read the spoilers and the bad reviews, I can summarize the problem for you as this: it's like four or five wildly different movies crammed into one, and it doesn't know what it wants to be about; it starts out being a comedy and ends up being a melodrama, basically. Also, any "edgy" scenes that were originally in the movie have been gutted, or so I've heard. It sounds pretty bad, but I don't know that it's actually bad enough to slow down and stare at the trainwreck, that one headline notwithstanding.

INTIMIDATING PRAISE UPDATE: 'WALL-E' Now Greater Than 'Schindler’s List.'

No joke: Ledger's Batman villain has Oscar shot; Ledger Not Troubled Before Death, Say Co-stars ("I thought he was just a beautiful kid. I thought he was just wonderful. I had a real affection for him." *sniffle*); Check Out the Sneak Peek for LEGO Batman!; Catwoman Star Meriwether Plans 'Tell-all' Book.

"Half-Blood Prince" Reportedly to Open with "Big Attack"; New HBP promo image; Julie Walters Confirms Return as Molly Weasley for Both "Deathly Hallows" Films; Rupert Grint Set for New Role in Upcoming Film "Cherrybomb"; 'Harry Potter 6' Has "Sexual Energy and Drug Parallels." I guess Felix Felicis for the latter? And yeah, the former was in the book anyway (I always felt like Harry's "chest monster" was somewhat inaccurately located).

Lost 'Metropolis' footage found: "The science fiction movie Holy Grail has appeared: the missing sections of Fritz Lang's Metropolis turned up in Buenos Aires. We can finally see what the classic gynoid-led worker uprising movie is really about. Up to a quarter of the movie has been missing since it was butchered for its early screenings in 1927, leaving huge gaps in the movie's storyline and logical jumps that make no sense."

'Quantum of Solace' - Official Blog Report #15; Official 'Quantum of Solace' Website Relaunched.

Director Guillermo Del Toro Answers Your ‘Hobbit’ Questions.

Sacha Baron Cohen and Will Ferrell Taking on Comedic Sherlock Holmes. I wish you could have seen my face when I read this. (It was a little like >:O.) And I like Sacha Baron Cohen. I just--I can't take this in addition to the Guy Ritchie "swashbuckling" Holmes project.

Bale To Take Over The White House From Cruise?

Josh Holloway to 'Stay Cool.'

Mark Millar and a 'Big Name Action Director' Revamping Superman?

Warner Bros is 'Hiding in Time'; You Can't Hide From The Mafia In The Past ['Hiding In Time'].

Jonah Hill Puts On Viking Horns For ‘How To Train Your Dragon.’

McGowan and Rodriguez Break Up! Hollywood Cheers!

Fan Rant: Do We Really Need 'Friends: The Movie'? Hell no. Although I'm pretty sure Jennifer Aniston does.

'Beverly Hills Cop IV' Will Be Hard R, Obviously Much Better Than 'Beverly Hills Cop III.' Well, I'll be over here waiting in anticipazzzzzzzzz...

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