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Not much going on today, except HOLY CRAP AN AVALANCHE OF HARRY POTTER STILLS. Also, Sister Girl has gotten a Brittany spaniel puppy (she's living in an apartment on her own now, not here with us, so it's very much her first pet as an independent adult), and he is tiny and and skinny and recovering from some stomach parasite and darling. I held Pete in the car when she took him to the vet this morning, and despite how sick and sad he was when she first got him earlier this week, he kept looking up at me and breaking out into this huge grin, like, "This is the sweet life!" AWWWW.

The Quick 10: 10 Fireworks Effects to Watch For.

We're not real sure what's going on at Boing Boing, except that it's a gigantic clusterfuck on all sides (bonus "MY WRITER/GEEK COMMUNITY-BLOG IS TOO BETTER THAN YOURS!" tl;dr from at least three different sites sprinkled throughout).

ALERT: Major Plagiarism of Reviews Occurring on eBay Seller Site.

Neil Gaiman talks to Terry Pratchett (via Bookslut).

'Lost' Book Club redefines beach reading.

Images: Exclusive Photos: The World Of ‘Hellboy II: The Golden Army’; Finally! A Look at John C. Reilly's Freaky Vampire in Cirque du Freak (Circuses? Vampires? And instantly... I was won over); New Photo From 'The Wolfman' ("It also provides the first look at Emily Blunt and Anthony Hopkins, both of whom are nearly unrecognizable"); First Look: Matt Damon as CIA Agent Roy Miller in 'Green Zone'; 'Disaster Movie' Poster Accurately Portrays Terribleness of 'Disaster Movie.' Okay. Point out to me which of the characters on the poster have anything at all to do with disaster movies. As far as I can tell, it's Movies of the Last Eighteen Months Movie. With the Twister cow thrown in for luck. Y'all, I could write a better treatment than this.

Trailers and clips: Must Watch: First 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' Trailer!; New 'Blindness' Trailer Online; The Underwhelming 'Mutant Chronicles' Teaser.

Empire "Half-Blood Prince" Preview includes Talk on Inferi, Greyback (my ineffectively suppressed inner H/Gshipper looks forward to the new shoelace scene); New Official High Res Photos from "Half-Blood Prince"; First Look: Jim Broadbent as Professor Slughorn (apparently this is the scene where Hermione describes her version of the love potion); Luna Lovegood Makes a Spectacle of Herself in HPB (heeeee, her Spectrespecs!); Quidditch Ron and another Slughorn shot; Harry holding Dumbledore's wand (SNIFFFFFF); pics from MSN with updates coming; Rowling Says No to Age Banding.

Hancock Has Super Debut; Original Script for 'Hancock' Leaks Online; Action Movie Sequels Nobody Asked For.

'The Dark Knight': Tragedy and Triumph (Entertainment Weekly); Christian Bale on Heath Ledger's punk Joker, Batman's new duds and his 'Terminator' role; How Far Is Gotham City From Metropolis?

Third Narnia Shoots In Mexico.

It's already July, so where are the Oscar contenders?

David Fincher Teams Up with 'The Goon.'

Kilmer, Xzibit and More Join 'Bad Lieutenant.'

Update: All's Well For Rose McGowan, Robert Rodriguez and Their Movies?

Dr. Horrible's First Story Is Now Online ['Dr Horrible's Sing-along Blog'].

Madden to Direct Nazi-Hunter Thriller 'The Debt.'

Check This Out: Huey Lewis' 'Pineapple Express' Theme Song.

Did Paramount Do Enough To Protect Kids In 'Kite Runner'?

The Fly: The Opera. By Howard Shore, no less.

Nicole Kidman Memo Found In Mogul's Trash.

Discuss: Are Studios Ruining Older Films on Blu-ray?

ONTD talks about the '300' sequel, blah blah blah. All I know is, the animation at the top of the entry is one of the most magnificent things I have ever seen.

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