Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Happy Barbecue Day!

Also the anniversary of America's hard-won independence, etc. It's Barbecue Day in my family. Somewhat sadly, I am not a big barbecue fan. It's also Fireworks 24/7 Day, much to the distress of our dogs, although the street's been pretty quiet so far. I predict that things should pick up this evening, however. Also, Sister Girl and Pete are coming to visit sometime later, which should be fun. Mom was thinking about trying to go see Iron Man, but apparently it's only playing at one theater in town at 9:50 pm, which is a no-go for her. This is what happens when you wait too long to see movies, people.

Not much linkspam today, but worth posting to keep the backlog under control.

Researchers open secret cave under Mexican pyramid.

YouTube user data must be turned over to Viacom, judge rules. They can do this?

Croc Dundee to tax authorities: 'Come and get me.' This is going to end well.

Celebrity passport files peeked at repeatedly.

Tattooed living zombie. AHHHHHHHHH.

LEGO creations worth a fortune.

Wondermark #422: In which a Queue is about to get quieter.

I don’t even know his last name.

Images: The X-Files 2; Hellboy 2; NY Times' First Set Photo From 'Terminator Salvation.'

Trailers and clips: First Teaser Trailer for Alex Proyas' 'Knowing,' which I think I would love if it didn't involve Nicolas Cage; New Dark Knight, Knowing and Mummy Videos; Exclusive: First 5 Minutes From 'Sixty Six'.

EW's Exclusive Dark Knight Cover; The Joker Sans Makeup (that is to say, what the "smile" prosthetic looks like without the clown paint; also mentions that Heath Ledger apparently came up with the clown paint design itself); Four new The Dark Knight tv spots, + new trailer (I've stopped trying to keep track of whether we've seen these before or not); Epic Dark Knight Giveaway: Jackets, Hats, Posters and More! (EPIC, I TELL YOU); Fantastic Christian Bale interview. Like, I think I want to be him now.

Duran Duran And Annie Lennox Join The 'Quantum' Title Track Ring. Ring of rumors, I might add. Also: Hasn't Duran Duran been through this before?

Gary Oldman Crushes Daniel Radcliffe's Innocence.

R2-D2 voice finds new sound for 'Wall-E.'

Kristen Bell is the 'Queen of Babble.'

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