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Arghhhh, somewhat frazzled and my jaw is killing me. I think I clench it when I'm concentrating--you know, which one normally does when working--but it's really aching at a new level of annoyance right now, which makes me wonder if it's related to the medication adjustments. Like maybe I clench with greater anxiety on lower levels of Zoloft or something. I don't know; I just hate it. Also, that twitch in my eyelid has come back, and this fridgeless existence is also getting really, really old--Mom had to call up Sayid again and complain that the compressor part had arrived but Sears was reneging on its promise to come install it the same day. Which makes it sound like my entire weekend must have been crappy, but it wasn't--I got a lot of work done, and Pete the puppy came over and played some. It's just that my jaw is killing me now, and we're all tired of living off whatever we can scrounge from the cabinets and the cooler.

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