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I'm even having a good hair day, kind of

Okay, feeling a little better. This may be because I've added another 25 mg of Lamictal to my daily cocktail. Also, I've been getting a lot of work done, which is good--probably because everyone's been off for a super-long weekend (my parents also took yesterday off because my stepfather was playing with Celebration Winds in Huntsville last night) and I haven't been required for dogwatching.

And then, when my eyelid starts twitching or my jaw starts aching again, I go and do some heavy wish-fulfillment internet window-shopping. I am determined to find myself the perfect moonstone cluster ring (like the ones I linked to that time). That, and I am ridiculously attracted to Alchemy Gothic jewelry. I mean, number one, my soul craves an astrolabe pendant like whoa. And there are all kinds of items that have personal Black Ribbon significance to me (It looks kind of steampunk! It looks like a test tube! It's the title of one of the books!). Also, this may be one of the best goth jewelry concepts I have ever seen--it kind of makes me laugh, it's so fantastic.

And then I go, "You know what I'd really like? A pair of Chuck Taylors." Clearly I am not very good at this whole goth-girl thing.

SF Writer Thomas M. Disch, 1940-2008; The Last Interview of Thomas M. Disch.

Linux programmer and convicted murderer Hans Reiser leads police to wife's remains.

Katrina aid anger: 'I just want to slap them.' Wait, let me give you the full lead: "Mississippi agencies had a field day with free goods meant for Katrina victims. Prisons, fire departments, colleges and park agencies snatched up coffee makers, cleaning goods and other supplies, a CNN investigation has found. What about the victims? They've been left high and dry. 'I just want to slap them upside the head,' says one aid group official."

World will cook before leaders act, critics say. Well... that's a... piquant turn of phrase.

Some coffee fans get grim delight in Starbucks woes. "In Birmingham, Alabama, retiree Peggy Bonfield, drinking coffee at the Crestwood Coffee Shop, said: 'When a Starbucks closes, it makes room for a local business to start. I consider that good news,' she said."

Are Mercury's Days as a Planet Numbered?

Most Obnoxious Tourists? The French.

Top Ten Things Authors Should Not Do at Amazon.

Speaking of things you shouldn't do: Feminism: You're Doing It Wrong. Or, the more plot-oriented version: Two Jezebel writers showed up drunk on Lizz Winstead's show and made asses of themselves (much of the asshaberdashery has to do with discussions of rape, so, you know, be warned if that's a trigger for you, but... it's really superlative, the asshaberdashery).

Name the last song you deleted out of shame.

TV's 'The Bachelor' weds... someone he didn't meet on TV.

Merriam-Webster adds "Fanboy" to the dictionary... but not "fangirl." Fandom Lounge: "I believe this is a signal for anyone working in 'well-read print sources' to get to work."

The Best and Worst Movies of 2008 (Well, The First Half Anyway).

24 classic pop-culture lists. Y'all, Entertainment Weekly is reduced to listing lists.

Five Superhero Movies We're Glad Didn't Get Made; Sunday Discussion: An Overflow of Comic Book Movies?!

Images: Wolverine Still Vogueing; New Image: Gerard Butler is Packing Heat in 'Game'; First Images: Matt Damon's 'The Green Zone'; Creepy Set Photo From 'The Surrogates'; Poster Premiere: Michael Cera’s ‘Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist’; More Dragonball Photos Scanned; Kevin Smith Releases a Shot of Zack & Miri's Supporting Cast; More Concept Art From Rob Zombie's 'Tyrannosaurus Rex' ("51% Motherfucker. 49% Son of a Bitch").

Trailers and clips: Two More X-Files TV Spots; Watchmen Video Journal 4 Hits; Cute and Cuddly 'Hellboy II' Trailer; 'Hellboy II' Goes Unscripted; Another New Trailer for Don Cheadle's 'Traitor'; New 'Tropic Thunder' Trailer Puts Up a Good Fight; 'Day the Earth Stood Still' Trailer Now Official, Plus: Gort News (related: Director Scott Derrickson Explains 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' Trailer).

trailer_spot: Day the Earth Stood Still, Blindness, Knowing, Mutant Chronicles, Death Defying Acts, Hellboy.

No HBP trailer in front of Batman nooooooo. But--but--I don't want to see the Clone Wars thing! I want it in front of a movie I would actually go see! Which I'm sure is the point--if everyone's going to see Batman anyway, they've wasted the sales potential of an event-worthy trailer. "Instead, what you can expect are the first trailers for Warner Bros.' Terminator Salvation (May 22, 2009), which of course also stars Christian Bale, Zack Snyder's graphic novel adaptation Watchmen (Mar. 6, 2009), and the Ridley Scott-directed thriller Body of Lies (Oct. 10), with Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe." I suppose I can dry my tears on Patrick Wilson, then. BUT I WILL NOT FORGET THIS, WB.

WB at Comic-Con: 'Watchmen' Plus Robots and Clones and Ninjas (Oh My!). *sob*

Entertainment Weekly cover story: Exclusive! Inside 'The Dark Knight'; 'Dark Knight' Watch: Raves from the Trades (which means that we can pretty much start counting down towards the inevitable crabby backlash right about... ...; Dark Knight Director Shuns Digital Effects For the Real Thing; Another Dark Knight Viral Update - The Clock is Ticking!; Knight's Eckhart Unravels Dent; Stop Watching Dark Knight Footage - It's All Part of the Experience! Hell, I stopped watching clips, like, a month ago. I'm just hoping that'll give me enough time to forget the bits I already have seen.

Rumor: "Deathly Hallows" Movies to Split at Return of Ron Weasley? (well, that would make sense); Empire Magazine hi-res shots; Enjoy a Feast Hogwarts Style at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

'Dawn Treader' to Begin Filming January 2009.

Aaaaaand it's Twilight Tuesday: The Bella Cullen Project Unveils New ‘Twilight’ Song; video interviews with director and stars; DVD Sneak Peek of Twilight; Rumor: Stephenie Meyer's 'New Moon' Already In Development (actually, this is something of a no-brainer--didn't they also say they wanted to film 'New Moon' and 'Eclipse' simultaneously?); Let's have a 'Twilight' debate: Team Edward or Team Jacob? I would like to state for the record here that I fully believe that Jacob will show up at the wedding (unable to stay away as his true love marries a "bloodsucker" omg. Bonus points if he tries to talk her out of it first), meet Angela, and imprint on her. Why? Well, because 1) Angela's already dating someone (Ben?), which means we get bonus angst; 2) now that he's over Bella, Jacob can be friends with her again (although Bella will obviously mope for a while that he was able to get over her); and 3) Angela will thereby find out about the werewolves and vampires, which means that she can stay friends with Bella even after Bella becomes a vampire and has to walk away from the rest of her normal life. Voilà, problem(s) solved.

Guillermo Del Toro Plans On Giving Fans Chance to Star In ‘The Hobbit.’

Incredible French True Crime Story Coming to America in Two Parts.

De Niro Talks Strike, Scorsese, 'Shepherd' Sequels.

Joss Whedon’s Hollywood Status Update: Horror Fantasy ‘Goners,’ ‘Cabin In The Woods’ And More.

Threesome to 'Serve Beer in Hell.'

Casting Rumors for Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland.'

'Inconvenient Truth' Director Helming Secret Obama Doc? He can't tell you, because it's a secret.

'Bruno' Pranks It Up: "Lured by $1 beer and the prospect of 'hot chicks' and 'hardcore fights,' thousands of Arkansans were duped last month into appearing as extras in comedian Sacha Baron Cohen's latest staged mayhem." Or, the headline I saw on ONTD: Gay Kiss Causes Crowd Riot At Suspected Baron Cohen ‘Bruno’ Prank.

Nike Actually Made Marty McFly's 'BTTF II' Sneakers! Well... kind of.

Molly Ringwald Trapped In A Robolympics Of Death [Found Footage].

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