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If you have not seen the lolarity that is next week's Entertainment Weekly Twilight cover (plus a sparkleized version by orangeokapi13. Plus another version over at FW. Plus Maybelline icons, and I'm kind of tempted to snag one) from yesterday, I suggest you hie yourself there with a quickness. Truly, it is magnificent, and the best laugh you will have all week. (And just think: I'm getting this in the mail.)


Apparently I am a Waffler. Sadly, I suspect this is fairly accurate.

Crystal skulls turn out to be fakes.

"Iranian missile photoshop" photoshoppery.

Robbery try ends when victim offers iced tea.

Then we'll grab a bite at 404 Not Found.

The Five Totally Not Dirty Words You Can't Say in the New York 'Times,' or, why Go Fug Yourself and Harry Potter were too dirty to quote.

Tor Free eBooks Giveaway Has Positive Effect on Sales. I suspected it would! I have, uh, my own experience as a book buyer to back this up.

Bitchiness breaks out in the world of biography.

Now X-Women Can Be Bimbos Too [Rant].

'Prisoner' Details Hinted; AMC Wants To Adapt Classic SF.

Elizabeth Spriggs, Mrs Jennings in 'Sense & Sensibility,' has died. Oh no! I loved her in that movie. She was also the original Fat Lady Portrait in Harry Potter, because, by law, everyone in Sense and Sensibility is required to end up in Harry Potter somehow.

SD Comic Con: Thursday Schedule Online Now. WHY IS IT SO AWESOME? *sob*

Images: New UK 'Quantum' Quad Emerges; Awesome New Russian Poster for 'Babylon A.D.'; Neil Gaiman on the set of 'Hellboy 2' ("Selma Blair asleep by a rock... Selma awake and pretending to be a book cover..."); Renee Zellweger on the set of 'My One and Only'; New, Nonsensical Quote-Free Shots from 'Ghost Town.'

Trailers and clips: New Hellboy II Clip Revealed; Trailer Blazer: 'Tropic Thunder' mockumentary 'Rain of Madness'; Must Watch: Badass Red Band Trailer for 'Hell Ride'; Must Watch: Freaky New 'Quarantine' Trailer; 'Max Payne' Trailer Might Be Best Action Movie Trailer Based on a Video Game Inspired by Action Movies Yet; Oh sweet God.

trailer_spot: Tropic Thunder, 12, Traitor, Taken, Psycho.

Knight's Bale Talks Wayne's Arc; Bale's Struggle With Batman's Voice; Knight's Bale Did Own Fights; The Dark Knight to Pack Theaters Just Before the Dawn (they've added 3 am AND 6 am shows, which are still selling out); Discuss: Will 'The Dark Knight' Suffer from Too Much Hype?; ‘The Dark Knight’ Took Over New York City, And Our Intern Steve Was There! MTV's intern, that is. Although I think I could probably use an intern around here.

Christian Bale Keeping It Real For ‘Public Enemies’ Role Opposite Johnny Depp.

Super Short Harry Potter 6 Teaser Coming to IMAX?; Heyman on Tom Felton as Draco in "Half-Blood Prince: "Nuances are Terrific" Plus Info on a New Plot Twist (WHAT? WHAAAAAAAT?).

Interview: 'Hellboy II: The Golden Army' Director Guillermo Del Toro; Interview: Hellboy II's Creature Mastermind - Doug Jones; From the 'Beast' to 'Hellboy.' Aww, I wondered if anyone else remembered Beauty and the Beast from the '80s. I wasn't old enough to be allowed to watch the show, but even then I was reading the TV Guide articles about how crazy the fandom was, even if that wasn't what they called it then. Good times.

New X-Files pics; New X-Files Comic Wants To Be Television Show So Badly.

'Quantum of Solace' - Official Blog Report #16.

Darren Aronofsky Helming 'Robocop' Remake? I... he... what?

‘Twilight’ Star Mike Welch Reveals Plans To Go From Bloodsuckers To Samurai Swords.

Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes is Robert Downey Jr.; Robert Downey Jr. Vs. Sacha Baron Cohen: A Tale Of Two Holmes. I... I just wash my hands of all of this madness. It's going to hurt my heart so bad if/when one or both of these suck that I'm just going to step back and pretend that neither is happening. Call me if one of them turns out to be decent, I'll be over here with my head in the sand.

Brad Pitt's Name Heard in Vague Relation to 'Inglorious Bastards'; Script for Quentin Tarantino's 'Inglorious Bastards' Surfaces. I'm having a real hard time getting enthused for another WWII movie, though. Sometimes I wonder if there aren't more hours of WWII film than there were in the war itself.

Is Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Che’ Headlining the New York Film Festival?

Warner Rides On 'Elfquest.'

'Cloverfield' + '28 Days Later' = 'Quarantine'; Eco-Horror Goes Extra Vague With 'The Colony.'

Fincher's 'Heavy Metal' a No-Go at Paramount.
Val Kilmer on 'Bad Lieutenant' and Voicing KITT.

Do Not Want: Talking Animal Comedy from 'Made of Honor' Screenwriter.

Remember 'Kinky Boots'? No? Well, It's Going to Be a Broadway Musical.

How Joss Whedon’s ‘Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog’ Was Born: The Making Of A Cult Musical.

5 Reasons 1980 Wasn’t the Best Year for Movie Musicals.

Headless Zombie, Meet Helpless Scientist. Naked. (NSFW)

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