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My day has been made. (I may or may not have helped talk Jessica into posting this--she was afraid of the Twihards. In fact, I may or may not have suggested that GFY send any angry fans to me. BRING IT IF YOU THINK YOU'VE GOT IT. BECAUSE IF YOU BRING IT, I WILL POLITELY TELL YOU THAT SNARK IS KIND OF WHAT I DO AND IF IT DOESN'T SUIT YOU THEN YOU MAY BE HAPPIER READING ANOTHER JOURNAL, AND IT WILL BE BROUGHTEN.)

(On the EW site itself: 'Twilight' hits Hollywood; Stephenie Meyer's vampire empire. Meanwhile, the LA Times reports fan outrage at the tackiness of the cover. No, I'm not kidding.)

ETA: New ‘Twilight’ Footage Unveiled! at MTV, because it is the movie that keeps on giving.

Famous polar bear caught in custody battle.

In search of the penis thieves.

Neil Gaiman has also benefited from free e-books.

'True Blood' Has Own Mythology. "Alan Ball, creator of HBO's new vampire drama True Blood, told SCI FI Wire that he didn't know too much about vampire movies or lore, so he created his own mythology." WHAT IS WITH PEOPLE BLITHELY WRITING ABOUT VAMPIRES WITHOUT KNOWING ANYTHING ABOUT THEM? IT TAKES FIVE MINUTES TO READ UP AT WIKIPEDIA, YOU GUYS. The least you can do is read up and then go, "Okay, I want to do it differently. But at least I know that I am doing it differently."

The Disappointment Of David Tennant [Doctor Who].

'Primeval' Is No 'Who' Clone; Fans Stoke 'Primeval.'

'Werewolf Women of the SS' Hits the Comic Book World!

Maggie Gyllenhaal's Racy Ad Campaign Makes Little Brother Jake Uncomfortable ("I'm in Heathrow, and there's a 12-foot picture of you upside down in a negligee").

The woman who decides what movies you get to see.

Images: Six New Badass Max Payne Promo Photos; See the Gort That Could Have Been (but why is he wearing high heels?); First Look At James Cameron's 'Avatar' Alien? ("I have to concur... that it looks far, far too much like a furry").

Trailers and clips: Worth Watching - July 11: 'X-Files: I Want to Believe' TV Spot; At Last, a Trailer for Vikings vs. Aliens Flick 'Outlander'; Sing Along with That Song You Don't Really Know from 'Hamlet 2' ("Sexy Jesus"); Harrowing 'Donkey Punch' Trailer Scares Audiences Into Celibate Future.

Time Magazine Proclaims "Batman is Back"; Who Created The Bat-Pod?; The Joker's Overture - All Good Things Come To An End! Update - Free Screening Tickets; The Dark Knight video interviews.

New X-Files 2 Spoilers May Disturb You [Morning Spoilers]. Oh dear. Note: They're totally relationship spoilers.

'Quantum' Title Song Contenders Now Includes Alicia Keys; Brosnan: I’ve ‘made my peace’ with 007.

Jennifer Lynch Takes on 'Snake Woman,' which will be shot simultaneously in English and Hindi.

Dudes ready to abide at Lebowski Fest '08.

Check Out Ace Ventura's Offspring.

Excuse Me While I Eat Some Brains [Found Footage].

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