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Just as a follow-up to The Longest Entry Ever, I got tired of annotating Fifteen, so I decided to annotate my dream instead, using the Dream Moods dream dictionary. I'll spare you the teal deer, but the reason I'm bringing this up is that I highly, highly recommend this process. If you have a dream vivid enough that you feel it merits writing down, put it in a Word document and start looking up all the words over at the dictionary. Yes, even the ones that don't necessarily seem all that important; it might be in there, you don't know. Then use the footnote function (ctrl + alt + F, I think? I just hit the keys without looking now, I don't even know) or the equivalent in your non-Microsoft word processing program, and paste in anything relevant from the definitions. The key to this is a sense of recognition--if it resonates with you, you'll know, and if it doesn't, or it sounds kind of stupid, that's probably not what your dream was getting at. And if you can think of a unique, personal interpretation, that trumps a canned definition every time, obviously.

Here's why I'm telling you this: every single detail in the dream I had pointed to that final bit that made me so angry. It turns out it wasn't a random series of tangents; there was actually foreshadowing in the thing--my dream was better plotted than actual fiction I've written. It turns out the pinstriped shirt could be said to represent assertiveness, but dream!me then covered that up with a sweater--which could mean family. In fact, most of the symbolism related to assertiveness (the prominence of my legs in the dream, the guy in the hotel-motel room [who could represent a side of myself] leaving before I did, the driveway, the car, climbing the hill, even the stripes on the shirt) and obstacles holding me back, which were typically the weird tangents. In fact--man, this is so fucked up, but I'll tell you anyway--I realized that the dream had coded getting out/having fun/getting a life, whatever, as "committing a crime": the girl (who was probably yet another side of myself) accusing me of "killing her parents," and the movie about the gangsters I was watching instead of leaving the room and getting on with it. That's right: as early as that random chick in the school cafeteria, my dream was doomed to end with my mother shutting me down. And by the time I was done reading up at the dictionary, I realized that there was a completely different level on which (Hot Actor) represented me, and the dream could be read as being about conflict within myself rather than just chasing a hot celebrity. Although that was definitely a part of it.

I'm not saying you have to turn every dream you have into grad-school coursework, but this one stayed with me so vividly, and seemed so blatant in its attempt to relay some kind of message to me, that I felt like it was worth it. Although I'm kind of terrified as to what this one might mean.

Oh, and also, our long Jones family nightmare is over: the fridge has been healed.


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I want to go to gummy bear heaven, too!

I don't play Warhammer, but I would start if I could be a Faerie Candymancer.

Leaving car at home, mysteriously not saving gas; is exawstin getin hooman in carier.

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A Mega Violent Comedy, From The Office's Producer: "I see the words 'Jonathan Pryce,' 'The Office,' and 'extremely violent,' and I start to get strange flutters of excitement."

Paquin Blond, Southern In 'True Blood.'

PBS coy about nude 'King Lear.' Okay, I think that this article is missing the real news here, which is that omg PBS is going to air the McKellen Lear! YAY!

'Hellboy II' on fire at box office; 'Hellboy' Heats Up Weekend, Because Hell is Typically Depicted as Very Hot.

Full Comic Con Schedule.

Images: Sean Penn in his Harvey Milk costume; Two new 'Burn After Reading' posters, and I love the second one.

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A ton of Jokerized 'Dark Knight' posters (scroll down); Tabloid Cable News... Jokerized [Gotham Cable News]; 'Dark Knight': The EW review; OH MY GOD THERE'S A BAD REVIEW EVERYONE FREAK THE FUCK OUT; 'The Dark Knight: HBO First Look' Online; The 'Dark Knight' Cast and Director Remember Heath Ledger; New Concept Art Shows The Batcave Under Bruce's Penthouse; From Christian Bale To Burgess Meredith, We Give You Our All-Star Batman Team…Now Tell Us Yours!; If Batman's Tumbler was an Autobot ...

Brolin, Wright, others in 'W' film crew arrested. Dude! I guess Dubya and Colin Powell went to war, I don't know. Also, this made me laugh: "We can't wait to see what carnage ensues if these guys actually do premiere before election day — in character as Dick Cheney, Richard Dreyfuss alone is good for at least a couple overhead beer-bottle smashes before he breaks out his shotgun."

X-Files Stars Are Old, Moany; Amanda Peet-centric stills; Flashback: Kurt Loder Visits ‘The X-Files’ Set, Circa 1998.

Rumor Alert: Full "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" Trailer Due with "Star Wars: The Clone Wars"?; Brief Update on Closures, Construction for Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park; Actor Jim Tavare Competes to be Last Comic Standing; Mugglenet News Report - Slughorn's House; Gary Oldman's Bond ambition. I'm putting this with the Harry Potter news because he is wearing a very fetching Gryffindor scarf in the accompanying picture.

Looks Like Christopher Lee Might Not Return to Middle-Earth. EXCEPT MAYBE AS SMAUG, SQUEE.

Set Visit Preview: Zack Snyder's 'Watchmen'!

NYT columnist just doesn't get "The Twilights" that the kids are reading these days (with a Damn Kids, Get Off My Lawn remix at MTV).

The moment I decided I have to see 'Tropic Thunder': "A lot of times the fictional pop culture in a movie is not really believable enough to be very funny (FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL is a recent example - funny movie, but the opening Entertainment Tonight segment almost lost me). Stiller (maybe because he used to do that sketch comedy show) knows how to make it all seem legit. If he's doing a trailer for a movie about farting fat people he knows exactly what the narrator says, how he says it, and when 'U Can't Touch This' comes in."

Woody Harrelson Joins Roland Emmerich’s World-Ending ‘2012.’

A Return to the Cuban Missile Crisis at 'Midnight.'

Kate Hudson Joins Rob Marshall's 'Nine.'

'High School Musical 3: Senior Year' Gets a Trailer and New Images.

Next Movie-Turned-Musical: 'Daens.'

With Jack Black Returning, Would You See A ‘School Of Rock’ Sequel? Well, I didn't see the original, so...

Early Review for Paul W.S. Anderson's 'Castlevania' Script. Note: This is not Paul Thomas "There Will Be Blood" Anderson; this is Paul W.S. "Event Horizon" Anderson.

Stone Slammed By Peta Over Spider Amputation... seventeen years ago.

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