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I HAVE A GOLDEN BATMAN TICKET, YAY! We're driving out to Trussville for a 9:30 am showing on Saturday, so it will be an adventure. An adventure with a lot of caffeine.

However, I was dying of a horrendous headache most of the afternoon. I stepped up from 150 mg Lamictal to 175 mg on Monday, and immediately got a headache. Like, within half an hour of taking my meds. Today: same thing, only worse. Obviously, I need to step back down for a while. But there's another possibility: when I cut my Zoloft in half at the beginning of this whole process, my mild, daily headaches immediately stopped. Once again, I'm wondering if this is not Zoloft bringing out the worst in potential Lamictal side effects, and that maybe if I dropped the Zoloft down again--from 50 mg to nothing? I'm already cutting pills in half, I'd reduce them to dust if I cut them into quarters--and kept the Lamictal at 175, I'd be fine. I think I'd have to call my doctor before I tried that, though. I've got to do something, though, because I've been wandering around moaning dramatically all afternoon.

The official Rock Band 2 set list!

New Tonner dolls! Lara Croft! Lee Scoresby! Black Canary! Red dress bitchface Scarlett O'Hara!

Neil Gaiman Celebrates ‘Sandman’ Anniversary With New Comic And More.

Nick Hornby Hates E-Books!

Are There Any Perfect Novels?

Playboy's The Girls of... The Olive Garden?

Stuffed animals told pics would be 'artistic.' AHHHHHHH.

ur bag has an angry; IZE SORRY I ENDANJURED U.

A Very Brady Bitchfight.

Are you a pop-culture bully?

Kline Death Scene Ruined By Cellphone Chatter ("Yeah, no, I'm still here... He's lying down. It's going to be over soon. Yeah, it's Jennifer. Yeah, Kevin Kline and Jennifer Garner. Yeah, no, he's dying. I'll be a couple more minutes. I'll be there. I'll be there. Just wait. You can order for me. Yeah. Okay. He's dead. He's dead. Oh, the curtain came down. Okay. I'll be right there." And somehow, this woman was not clubbed to death in the lobby).

Join my Slow Movie movement... eventually.

'Heroes' Webisodes Feature Hugs Of Death.

Images: 'Eagle Eye' poster; 'Duchess' Poster Wins Academy Award for Best Costumes (Puffy Dresses); another 'Duchess' still; USA Today's First Look Max Payne Photo.

Trailers and clips: New Trailer for 'The Spirit'; Get your fill of glowing blue crotch before 'The Dark Knight' (Watchmen).

trailer_spot: Lucky Ones, Ghost Town, High School Music 3, Ping Pong Playa, Man on Wire.

Gallery: 'The Dark Knight' Gotham City Premiere!; Just How Big Could The Dark Knight's Box Office Be? (I have to admit, "200 million weekend" crossed my mind earlier this week as well. Dude, seriously, they are selling out showings from midnight to midnight around the clock); First Negative 'The Dark Knight' Reviews Ding Impenetrable Bat-Armor; ‘The Dark Knight’ Debate: Who Should Be The Villain In ‘Batman 3′? (Catwoman! CATWOMANNNN); Gary Oldman likes being the good guy (aww, I like that he's so cuddly now); Fan Made: Dolls for 'The Dark Knight.' (Aww! The Joker one is really cute... "There are even dolls from other features -- the shop also includes Edward Cullen (Twilight) dolls, plus Yoda, Pride and Prejudice, and other goodies." Oh shi--)

Twilight Tuesday: Yay! Weekly Cleo-Hating Sockpuppet Visitation Time! I made tea for y'all and everything. MTV: OME! Go Behind-The-Scenes With Robert Pattinson! That's "Oh my Edward," for you rookies. Also, Larry Carroll actually calls him RPattz in the article. I'm pretty sure Twilight Tuesday is now a weird little fan-run vortex in the middle of a respectable, professional movie blog. Run, Sparkleson.

(Also, from spectralbovine: 10 magazine covers that shook the world. Including... yeah. It will never not be funny.)

'Tropic Thunder' Charges Forward Two Days; Three new 'Tropic Thunder' websites.

Jason Isaacs Comments on Potter Seven, Due to Begin Filming 'Brotherhood' Here in US; HBP Trailer Watch: Latest Reports of a Teaser Attached to 'The Mummy'? (OMG STOP PUTTING IT IN FRONT OF MOVIES I WOULD RATHER EAT GLASS THAN SEE. THAT MOVIE IS DEAD TO ME WITHOUT RACHEL WEISZ IN IT); Auction Block: Harry Potter Currency!

Wanted 2 Already in the Works.

Danny DeVito Making 'The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle,' "starring Morgan Freeman, Pierce Brosnan and Saoirse Ronan, reports Variety."

Malkovich, Mandate Making 'Broken City.'

Keanu Reeves and Wachowski Siblings Reunite for 'Plastic Man'?

Louis Leterrier Explains How He Took on 'Clash of the Titans'

What's the Deal With: French Thrillers in 2008.

Finally! 'Wicked' to Get a Movie Makeover. Yeah, I was wondering how long this was going to take.

Want To Star In ‘Spider-Man: The Musical’? Here’s Your Chance!

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