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To the Owl-Copter!

SO MUCH LINKSPAM OMG. Nazi-hunter says he's closing in on 'Dr. Death.'

Afraid of laundry? You will be after reading this.

Times Reporter: "I Was A Fat Thug Who Beat Up Women And Sold Bad Coke."

Barbie wins case against Bratz.

Time Travel Agency Posters for Your Favorite Eras.

invisibl olimpiks. "Invisible pommel horse" is still my favorite.

Wondermark #426; In which a Tree gets the Talk.

'Daily Show' Tackles Bizarre Trend of Middle-Aged Women Enjoying Sex [Cougars].

My Pick To Win Project Runway: Whoever Finds The Dark Crystal.

Will the real Dr. Horrible please stand up?

The fifty worst sex scenes of all time. Y'all, there are some bad ones in there. ("A mysterious celebrity mountaineer"? Really?)

Images: Comic-Con '08 Preview: 27 Sneak Peeks (The Spirit, Star Trek, Dollhouse, Terminator, Punisher, Land of the Lost, Ender's Game, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Fringe, Max Payne, The Day the Earth Stood Still, RocknRolla, Drag Me to Hell, Quarantine, Unborn [o hai, Gary Oldman and Beth Beth Beth!], Ninja Assassin); Hi-Res Terminator , Harry Potter and Watchmen Photos; 'Star Trek' ComicCon Posters Work Like the Backs of Collectable Movie Trading Cards; 'The Women' poster; How Rad is the New 'Mummy 3' Poster?; My Top 5 Favorite Things About the 'Beer for My Horses' Poster.

Trailers and clips: The Harry Potter 6 IMAX Tease is Online; MTV Exclusive: ‘Mirrors’ Trailer Premiere; 'Spirit' Trailer Now Live; Trailer for Simon Pegg's 'How to Lose Friends and Alienate People'; McConaughey's 'Surfer, Dude' Gets a Trailer; 'Mandy Lane' Has Trailer, But Still No Firm Release Date.

trailer_spot: Watchmen, Body of Lies, Twilight, Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging.

Fans stay up all 'Knight' for Batman movie ("With a running time of two and a half hours, Medved is declaring 'The Dark Knight's' opening day 'Dark Friday,' predicting attendance at work could be dramatically down"); Check Out The Midnight Madness For The ‘Dark Knight’; 'Dark Knight' Made More Money At Midnight Than 'Meet Dave' Will Make In 400 Years; FHM's Interview with Heath Ledger on Playing The Joker; interview with Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard; Meet Batman's best buds: Nolan and Bale; The Dark Knight's IMAX Cinematography: Redefining Stunning Visuals; Dead Men Tell No Tales, But They Do Market Movies (or, why all the Heath Ledger talk has not been exploitative: "This is a celebration of what he did best - entertain people. Why would any actor not want that to be appreciated? I know he would have. The bottom line is it would be totally rude not to. Respect the man. This is what he did. This is what he wanted to do"); TDK Critic Fires Back at Upset Fans; David Letterman Entranced By Maggie Gyllenhaal's Tale Of A Percocet-Pushing Nurse Feelgood. I have to add, I saw her on last night's Daily Show, and she was, like, really rapturous/turned on about "being saved by Batman." Like, she swooned on about this for like five minutes, which was cute, but I kept wanting to whisper in her ear, You know he's not real, right?

Has SciFi Finally Worked Its Way To Hollywood's Big Kids Table? "So the insiders have discredited the internet community [talking about an Oscar for Ledger] as know-nothing buzz-generators, who don't and won't have any impact on whom Hollywood deems worthy of praise. Then they go as far to say that a vote for a well done piece of acting would just be creepy because of an untimely death. It feels like grasping for straws. I wish they'd just say what they meant, that it's an action movie and we just can't be forced to take that seriously."

You know what I really think the problem is? They don't like being told who they should vote for six months in advance. I mean, we'd all like to think that the Oscars reflect the actual pop-culture zeitgeist, but the truth is, the awards are the choices of a small group of a few hundred people. And those people guard that privilege tightly. They want it to be their choice, and they don't want to be told or urged or guilted into voting for a particular actor, particularly one 1) in one of those sci-fi movies that the unwashed masses go to see, gasp, and 2) who they can't pass over without looking bad, so thanks for putting them in that position, *huff.*

New 'Terminator Salvation' Execution-Style Shot; Did Christian Bale Rob Edward Furlong Of His Big Comeback?

Watchmen! As ETA'd late yesterday ("Well, it's not as bad as the Twilight cover..."): Entertainment Weekly's cover article with new pics. (See "Images" above for hi-res versions.) Also: The Beginner's Guide to the 'Watchmen' Trailer; Trailer to comic comparison (I'll be honest, I really kind of want to print out trailer caps and leave them, bookmark-style, in my edition of the graphic novel. But then, I have that urge with a lot of movie-book pairings); 'Watchmen' trailer isn't music to our ears (although I did think it was really effective in the second, non-singing half. Also: Zack Snyder explains); from discogravy: "Quick, Hooty, my faithful ward! To the Owl-Copter!"

Comic-Con Sold Out; io9's (Semi) Annotated Picks for Comic-Con [Comic-con 2008] ("11:55-1:30 Warner Bros.: Watchmen. Let me put this to you gently and eloquently: FUCK YEAH HOLY CRAP YEAH").

Mummy III's Fraser Missed Weisz. Yes, I miss her too, which is why YOUR MOVIE IS DEAD TO ME.

Jarvis Cocker Scoring 'Fantastic Mr. Fox'? Fine, I'll Buy Another Wes Anderson Soundtrack.

Christian protests may leave 'The Golden Compass' as one of a kind. Do you ever start wailing out loud for about five minutes solid about something you just read and then you kind of... taper off and... realize that you're... alone? And that you've either been talking to yourself, or to the box on your desk? And you're not sure which is worse, really? I mean, I'm just asking.


Producers Plan $90 Million Dollar 'Papillon' Remake. Come on, y'all. Let Daniel Craig finally fulfill his McQueen-reincarnation destiny.

Hyde Park Looking to Remake '10.'

Frog Bites Disney.

Darren Aronofsky Almost Confirmed for RoboCop Reboot.

Another Take on the Wendigo Legend in 'Maneater.' See, here's why I'm lucky: you all have that song stuck in your head now, right? I always get the Nelly Furtado "Maneater," which I love, stuck instead. Here, go save yourselves.

Fergie to join the cast of musical ‘Nine.’

Mike Myers Over The Moon For New Musical Biopic.

Lesbian Vampire Film Wraps. Um, excuse me, it's a Lesbian Vampire Killers film.

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