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Guess who finally located a Very Busy Superhero picture? I DID, I DID! I don't think it's a spoiler, so: the icon people requested:

I think it's the Gary Oldman bitchface that makes the animated version.

Over at Diane Duane's (dduane): Chapter Seven of "The Big Meow" is now posted for subscribers.

FBI: Soccer team members help subdue man on flight.

Alabama man turns 112, still spends days drawing.

I AM The Security System.

Simon & Schuster wants ebook royalties to be 15% ("Standard e-industry royalties range from 35%-45%. Simon & Schuster has tried before to gain advantages above and beyond the standard contract and were not totally successful").

Get Your Daily Dose of Scifi Authors at; a blog, a social network, a zine -- totally clueful big publishing website.

Michael Crichton: "Evil, Or Just A Crazy Luddite?"

Ebert and Roeper leaving 'Ebert & Roeper.'

Leno out on May 29, O'Brien in on June 1.

These Actors Need to Fire Their Agents.

Images: Twilight; How to Lose Friends and Alienate People; Righteous Kill; Revolutionary Road; New Pics from 'Watchmen', 'Ninja Assassin', 'Friday the 13th' and More; 'True Blood' poster (heeeee. See also: the viral campaign); New Image: Sam Jackson and Bernie Mac are 'Soul Men'; Final Mummy 3 Poster; Strange New Photos from 'Crank 2: High Voltage.'

Trailers and clips: 5 Clips From 'The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor'; new trailer for 'The Duchess'; Hayao Miyazaki's 'Ponyo on the Cliff' Japanese Trailer; ‘What We Do Is Secret’ Trailer Premiere; Worth Watching - July 20: Greg Kinnear's 'Flash of Genius' Trailer.

trailer_spot: Doctor Horrible Sing-Along, Surfer Dude, How to Lose Friends Alienate People, Mad Detective, Mirrors.

Batman Defeats Vader (YOUR TEARS TASTE LIKE CANDY, BABY VADER); The Dark Knight 's Final Tally? $158.4 Million; 'Dark Knight' Deemed Best Movie Ever by Internet Populace, Money (oh, IMDB voters, you are so predictable); How The Dark Knight Became the Biggest Movie In the History of Ever; 64% Polled Will see Dark Knight Again; David Goyer Says He Knows The Theme For ‘Batman 3’ (he won't say what it is, but... you know... it seems reasonable enough to me that they'd try to come up with >>some kind of redemption arc, or at least get Batman to a place that doesn't depress the living shit out of the audience)<<); Knight Director May Shoot Next Film In IMAX; All he wanted was his phone call: a history of the Joker; Paparazzi Sink To New Low With Maggie Gyllenhaal; The good guy at the heart of 'The Dark Knight' ("Gary Oldman has played dark characters, including Sid Vicious, vampire"). And while we're here, a macro I found a while back (probably on I Can Has Cheezburger), but can't find the exact URL for:

X-Files Movie Proves Some Things Are Better Left Buried, Say Critics; oh dear. (Uh... spoilers.) Let me put it this way: it sounds so bad that I'm actually considering seeing it. Also: X-Files Mythology for Dummies; X-Files Stars Got Frozen; Gillian Anderson Hands Annoying Interviewer His Ass; Fierce Bitch Gillian Anderson talks about turning 40 years old in August; Fan Rant: Simmer Down, X-Philes. Don't worry, we'll they'll have the spirit beaten out of them by the actual movie soon enough.

'Watchmen' for the Illiterate; Matthew Goode Talks 'Brideshead Revisited' and 'Watchmen'; Oooh Lala! Pin-Up of Watchmen's Sally Jupiter.

Producer Kevin Misher on Michael Mann's 'Public Enemies.'

Trek's Quinto Talks Spock.

Frank Miller Seeks the Spirit of ‘The Spirit.’

Paul Thomas Anderson Directs Play With 'SNL' Members.

Don Cheadle's 'Marching Powder' Marches Forward.

Walden Media Gets 'Savvy.'

Djimon Hounsou is 'Thulsa Doom.'

Tobey Maguire Recreating Brown v. Board of Education.

Val Kilmer Says He Created Austin Powers’ Mini-Me.

"Repo! The Genetic Opera" World Premiere.

A Terrible Black Ooze Seeps From The Internet, Called 'Pulse 2.'

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