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Had to dogsit Pete the puppy today--Sister Girl has to close at Panera tonight, so he would have been alone for ten hours straight, and her boyfriend couldn't watch him because... he's at Comic-Con on business (the comic book buyer, remember?). So... I had fun with Pete, but didn't get a damn thing done today. Sigh. And I spent all yesterday putting out various e-fires (which is just to say, I had a lot of email to take care of) while not really running on all cylinders, so... I'm a little loopy right now.


Why is the TSA taking out nipple rings and pantsing amputees? "She was yelling 'I have power, I have power, I have power.' " Well... I think that's your answer right there.

2nd Century AD bust looks like Elvis.

Wikipedia, Meet Google’s Knol, a "Wikipedia killer": " 'Like Wikipedia, With Moderation.' Articles on various topics are penned by individuals, and in many cases, experts — not collectively by the anonymous masses. Knol authors can choose to benefit from the 'wisdom of the crowds' by letting others edit or supplement their articles. But those changes make it into Knol entries only with the author’s permission." So basically... it solves Wikipedia's biggest (and it is big) problem. Of course, it retains a few of its own--the potential to be less democratic and more biased than Wikipedia.

Why Danielle Steel is 'critic-proof.'

Great Unread Books: Which classic are you ashamed to admit you have never read? "Would the eminent Cambridge classicist admit to The Iliad? Would V S Naipaul's old editor cop to A Bend In The River? Or would the former schoolmate of a fellow guest confess - with apparent relish - to never having read a word his old friend has written?" With video.

The Grey Poupon Avenger.

Dr. Horrible Sequel In the Works?

Disney Swiftly Replaces Ebert And Roeper.

Cinematical, live from Comic-Con.

Images: Two 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' Posters; New One-Sheet for 'Jennifer's Body' (wait... didn't we just post that under the name "True Blood" yesterday?); Two 'Max Payne' Posters; Ohhhh Yeah: The 'Lakeview Terrace' Poster; 12 new 'Duchess' stills; Another Two New Jason Photos from 'Friday the 13th.'

Trailers and clips: Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly Go Unscripted; Rainn Wilson Decapitates Himself And Lives! And We Have The Video To Prove It; Exclusive Starship Troopers Clip: Sing Along With "A Good Day To Die."

trailer_spot: Yes Man, Duchess, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Fly Me to the Moon.

Bale (verbal) altercation may have been over insults to wife. TMZ: Kind of scummy... usually has solid sources. Take it as you will. Meanwhile: 'The Dark Knight' Crushes $200 Million Record; Just Call Harvey Dent The Comeback Kid (spoilers). Also, ILU GARY OLDMAN:
You’ve said you had a hard time on the set avoiding the giggles. What do you think about to stay serious? [...] What do you do? Pinch yourself?

Sometimes. There was one actor I worked with who used to burn his leg with cigarettes.


I can’t name names. Well, let’s just call him Sean Penn.

Exclusive X-Files Video Interviews; X-Files Stars Get Reacquainted; more D/G interviews; More X-Files Reviews. And, from The X-Files was more fun when the government wasn't actually spying on us; I'll act out your most perverted Mulder and Scully fantasy if you spare me from having to see The X-Files movie; Even other X-Philes are disturbed by my vast knowledge of Gillian Anderson's recent work.

Get ready for [EW's] exclusive interview with 'Twilight' author Stephenie Meyer; Twilight Poster @ Comic Con.

Warner Bros. is Banking Hard on 'Watchmen'; Get Your First Look At The ‘Watchmen’ Dr. Manhattan And Owl Ship Statues (and a ton of busts and figures); 'Watchmen' Downloadable Games Coming.

'Quantum of Solace' - Official Blog Report #18.

First Look: 'Eagle Eye.'

Franka Potente Escapes from 'Tibet.'

D.J. Caruso Hopes 'Y: The Last Man' Movie Will Hit Theaters by 2010?; Shia 'The Last Man' In 2010? Wow. The accompanying picture is deeply... something. I don't even know what. Something.

Bryan Singer Producing 'Capeshooters.'

Berg Directing Radical's 'Hercules', Will Weta be Involved?

Fox Signs On for a Live-Action 'Cowboy Bebop.'

Guess What! There's This Now: 'Anaconda 3: The Offspring.' Starring David Hasselhoff, no less.

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