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Unfortunately, the eye twitch is back

Actually got a good bit of work done this morning, believe it or not. Also, there was some weirdness right as I was adding the daily click graphics to the end of the entry and a few links went missing, so I think I put all of them back but I'm not sure.

Fan Lib closes. We dance the dance of schadenfreude. (A blast from the past: their marketing brochure. lindentreeisle: "Like any good brochure, it tells you everything about Fanlib that you need to know: 'None of us have any talent for anything (including grammar), our business plan is incomprehensible, and we have no respect for anyone, including ourselves.' " And then they started using invasive bots to move people's work from to FanLib.)

N.M. cavers chart unique 'snowy' river of crystals.

Judge: Girl can't be called Talula Does The Hula.


A Saved By the Bell Tell-All Book? Yes.

Colbert Was Right, Timothy Treadwell Still Wrong [Bears!].

Harvey Keitel finds 'Life on Mars.'

J.J. Abrams gives Comic-Con attendees first peek at 'Fringe.'

Exclusive Interview With Doctor Who's Steven Moffat.

Neil Patrick Harris Sweeps The Clouds Away As The Shoe Fairy On 'Sesame Street.'

Mental Floss: How Movie Theaters Work.

General Comic-Con news: SDCC: Disaster at Comic-Con's Hall H! as curtain scaffolding falls and sends one person to the hospital with a concussion; Comic-Con: Live coverage begins at EW; Exclusive: Comic-Con 2008 Preview Night in Photos! (Bond, Watchmen, Twilight, The Spirit, Transformers, Star Wars... and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans?); Comic-Con 08 Live: 20th Century Fox Panel! (The Day the Earth Stood Still, Wolverine, Max Payne. "Okay, Hugh Jackman just tried to walk into the audience and the Twilight fans SWAMPED him. This is CRAZY!"); Your Thursday 'Comic-Con-is-scary' update! ("Am stuck in standstill traffic on the 405, 53 miles north of San Diego, heading toward Comic-Con, and the driver of the white Rav-4 directly to my left is wearing full Heath Ledger Joker makeup. Thank you, that is all").

Images: New Terminator Salvation still; SDCC Update: 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' Poster; SDCC: Exclusive New 'Punisher: War Zone' Poster; Exact Same Poster Spells Doom For Both TV Show and Movie (an actual side-by-side comparison of 'True Blood' and 'Jennifer's Body' posters); really funny "blood beverage" ads for 'True Blood.'

Trailers and clips: 'Quantum of Solace' Video Featurette #4 Hits The Net; 'The Brothers Bloom' Trailer Hits; Welcome To The Official Online Presence For Kirk Lazarus ('Tropic Thunder').

Bale seeks privacy over ‘deeply personal matter,’ although the story now is that the altercation may have been over 1) money and 2) wife-insulting; Entertainment Weekly: An Oscar for Heath Ledger in 'The Dark Knight'?; PETA vs. Batman. Also: I lol'd. (Spoiler there! Here's a non-spoiler macro for you.)

Confirmed: "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" Teaser Trailer to Debut July 29th via Satellite; New Slughorn, Harry, and Dumbledore promos.

I Fug to Believe; Gillian Anderson, Un-Popping Collars Since She Never Learned It's Not Okay to Touch Strangers; Humming The ‘X-Files’ Theme Song And Getting Spooked By Frank Miller At ‘I Want To Believe’ Premiere; Review: The X-Files: I Want To Believe; ‘X Files’: A better script is out there.

‘Twilight’ Fans Stretch One-Mile Deep At Comic-Con, jump Hugh Jackman. "How did they know they were Twilight fans?" I asked myself, ever willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. Well, apparently most of them were wearing t-shirts saying things like "Twilight Moms" and "I'm Dazzled." Which is Exhibit A in Why You Never Want to Identify Yourself with a Large and Potentially Insane Group of People. Also: Kicked Out of Comic-Con by Twilight Fans? This is Crazy!, in which a pushy Twilighter demands (and gets)'s seats at the Fox panel; ‘Twilight’ Booth Sets Up Shop At San Diego Comic-Con.

My Chemical Romance is recording a track for "Watchmen," and "we snuck into Knight Owl’s [sic] Owl ship just now."

Tim Burton Found His 'Alice in Wonderland.'

EXCLUSIVE: Will Ferrell To Walk With A Limp In Sherlock Movie. Er, Probably Not Actually. Wait, he's playing Watson, right? That would actually not be terribly off canon.

Everything You Knew About Star Trek's Villain May Be Wrong.

Ember Footage Previewed; Traveling To Comic-Con In Style Aboard The ‘City of Ember’ Train.

Angelina Jolie to gain weight for 'Thomas Crown Affair 2'?

Original Star Wars Trilogy To Lunge Down Your Throat: "It's official: George Lucas is working on a 3-D version of the original Star Wars, because apparently you haven't given him enough of your money."

Phillip Noyce Developing 'Captain Blood' Remake.

SDCC: Hasbro's G.I. Joe Panel.

Writers Reveal Theme Of ‘Transformers’ Sequel. The Bad News? No Dinobots.

SDCC: Torchwood Star Up for Captain America?

Rocky Horror Picture Show Remake and Hairspray 2 Coming. Yes, this is intended to serve as the Uwe Boll Slot.

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