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The smell of crazy in the morning

It's early; why don't we go ahead and get what happened at the SDCC Twilight panel out of the way, so we can deal with the rest of the Comic-Con awesomeness later? Short version: People are INSANE. And apparently raised by wolves.

Let's recap from yesterday, shall we? ‘Twilight’ Fans Stretch One (1) Mile Deep At Comic-Con, jump Hugh Jackman; Kicked Out of Comic-Con by Twilight Fans? This is Crazy!, in which a pushy Twilighter demands (and gets)'s seats at the Fox panel.

The reason we're here this morning: SDCC 08: Summit Entertainment’s 'Twilight': "One young lady just stepped up to the mic and asked Robert Pattinson, 'How does it feel to be one of the hottest guys in [couldn’t hear over the screams], because I want YOU, baby, woo hoo!' As Pattinson struggled to answer, I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off watching my friend David Chen of /Film sitting beside me holding his head. That question was so awesome."

‘Twilight’ Fans Geek Out ‘OME’-Style At Comic-Con (I can't tell if "6500 Twilighters" is an exaggeration or not. If they were lined up a mile deep... maybe not); 'Twilight' Cast, Crew Reveal Extended Scene, Confirm Robert Pattinson's 'Lullaby' At Comic-Con:
A huge line of fans yielded questions such as: "I want to know what it's like to portray super-hot vampires," "How does it feel to know that the fate of your character has already been decided?" and "I just needed a reason to come up and talk to you, Robert."


"Is it boxers, briefs or nothing?" one particularly sassy fan asked Pattinson as the cast stayed quiet. "Kristen, do you know?"

Another fan asked: "Why did you put so many hot guys in the movie?"

"Because that's how I write them," Stephenie responded.

One of the best moments, however, may have been when a Twilighter screamed: "I love you, Robert!" and he coolly responded, "Good."

AICN: "The panel for TWILIGHT was louder than any rock concert I've ever been to.... Screaming. That's all I really remember. Every time the face of one of the male actors on the panel was flashed up on screen, there was screaming. So much screaming, in fact, that I think it freaked everyone out on stage. It didn't help that during the Q&A (all of the audience questions came from, you guessed it, ladies) a couple girls took the opportunity to let Pattinson know how hot he was. Some people after the panel said Pattinson looked baked, but to me he looked deeply embarrassed by all of the attention and lust being shot his way by the entire audience."

‘Twilight’ creates fan frenzy at Comic-Con ("‘It’s like ‘Harry Potter’ plus romance plus good-looking people,’ says one fan." O snap, Daniel Radcliffe): "Pattinson, 22, said he was overwhelmed by the attention the role has brought him. 'It’s kind of terrifying in a lot of ways,' he said in an interview. 'I still can’t really come to terms with it... As soon as one person started to recognize me, literally now I’m just freaking out the whole time.' "

At vysed's: Tons of links, pics and video (" 'I just want to know how it is to play a super-hot vampire?' asked one young woman, during noise-punctuated question-and-answer session. 'I don’t know if I am playing,' Mr. Pattinson said." Way to fan the flames, there. More audio interviews here).

And my favorite link, a video in which Pattinson seems somewhat shaken: "It's terrifying. It's like the sound you hear at the gates of hell."

While we're here, great moments in inappropriate fan behavior off the top of my head (share your favorite stories in the comments! Wasn't there one about James Marsters and a lollipop?):

>> I'm sorry you prudes are freaked by that nice box of sex toys we gave Michael Rosenbaum;

>> The LOTR Fan from Hell ("I have seen fans sleep outside pro’s hotel rooms, grab them by the crotch, proposition them, kiss them without invitation, go from door to door looking for their rooms, flash them, you name it, but I have never seen a toothless, middle-aged mother who gets fraudulent disability pay that she uses to fly around the country and stalk celebrities while using her young daughter as a lure, inducing her to weep on cue to get the desired response");

>> Gerard Butler fans are a little too forthcoming about the many uses of chocolate sauce;

>> Just this week, David Cook got hit with a double dose of crazy ("I'm looking for my last victim. Have you seen this man? With a picture of David Cook");

>> And then there was the "Twins Against Twincest" incident, where the Weasley twin actors were handed a sign and... well.

What I'm saying is... hire more security, Twilight cast. Or maybe this cat.


You're gonna need him.

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