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I like to think my icon sums up the general Comic-Con experience

Let's start off with the Twilight insanity follow-up, to keep it continuous with the last entry. By the way, there really were 6500 people at the panel, no exaggeration. So: AICN interviews Kristen Stewart and director Catherine Hardwicke; SDCC: Twilight Interviews & Photos; Fans Adore Twilight's New Vamp; Hanging With The ‘Twilight’ Crew Backstage At Comic-Con; Comic-Con: ‘Twilight’ star Robert Pattinson talks about the Entertainment Weekly cover; Fantastic pre-panel interview with RPattz:
MTV: You're about to head downstairs, where you'll appear in front of 6,500 screaming Twilighters. What's your game plan?

Pattinson: Umm ... try not to wet my pants? Try to be the tiniest bit as articulate as I can? Try not to look like I'm crazy? I don't know if I'm even capable of doing any of those things.


MTV: By now, we've all seen these clips of you fighting Cam Gigandet, who is such a bad-ass in "Never Back Down." Did he try all those mixed martial-arts moves against you?

Pattinson: I kicked his ass, because I don't hold back. I fight like a little bitch. I'd bite and pull his pants down and stuff.
As for the accompanying video, I am now convinced that Pattinson's hair is a separate entity devoted to his survival, which is why it keeps sticking back up no matter how many times he combs it down, because it's trying to watch his back for imminent danger.


Also-also, more Great Moments in Inappropriate Fan Behavior: James Marsters regulates; the Tale of the Sewn-Back Jacket; the strip club theory of fangirl groupthink, which rings very true to me.

'Last Lecture' professor dies at 47; 'Last lecture' professor taught others how to live.

Fan injured, 17 ejected in Ohio baseball brawl.

Police: Paparazzi, guards, fight at Jolie chateau.

I’m in yer weddin dress plottin yer divorce from Jerkface.

General SDCC news: Marvel's X-Men Panel Uncovers New Circle of Hell at SDCC ['X Infernus']; SDCC: Tidbits from the Marvel Panel; DC's Nation Is Full Of Batfans Asking Questions; SDCC Panel: Disney's 'Escape to Witch Mountain' and 'Tron 2'; Comic-Con: Mike Mignola, Grant Morrison, Matt Fraction and other comics creators convene at EW's Visionaries panel; Comic-Con Day 2: ‘Warriors,’ ‘Wolverine’ And … Tom Waits?

Images: First look: Taylor Kitsch as Gambit, Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, etc. ('Wolverine'); Pic of the Day: Wolverine thanks his creator (aww, bless); 'Underworld 3': Exclusive first look (OH BILL NIGHY NOT AGAIN); 'Bitch Slap' character posters (scroll down); First Look at Two New 'Red Sonja' Posters.

Trailers and clips: ‘Tron’ Sequel Teaser Revealed, Jeff Bridges Returns For ‘Tr2n’; SDCC: Full Resident Evil: Degeneration Trailer; NBC Has Posted The Entire ComicCon Panel For Its Ian McShane Alternate-Universe Drama 'Kings'; Hugh Jackman reveals his 'Judge Judy' obsession; SDCC: 'Mirrors' Red Band Featurette; 'Saw 5' Teaser Trailer Arrives; AICN describes 'The Wolf Man' footage at SDCC.

Inside the Owlship from the Watchmen; Live from SDCC: 'Watchmen' Invades Comic Con!; Comic-Con: 'Watchmen' panel attracts thousands. Apparently the panel is "insane"; maybe the Watchmenians will be more civilized than the Twilighters.

(Also: "Random Unrelated Update: Joss Whedon is in our hotel lobby right now -- Cinematical's Scott Weinberg [sweinberg] introduces himself by saying, 'Excuse me sir, I don't know if you know this, but you're Joss Whedon.' Whedon replies, 'That's right, I am!' Love it! Scott then asks for a photo with Joss fast, so Joss turns around and says, 'Hey Nate, can you take this for us.' Yup, it's Nathan Fillion. Weinberg just had his geek moment of the day.")

Another Batman EW cover; Aaron Eckhart's 'Dark Knight' Oscar Campaign Jump-started By Loud-Mouthed Sports Columnist; Michael Caine is awesome. Meanwhile, I keep getting spam email from (uh... spoiler-related?) >>"NursingJob," and I keep hearing its subject line, "Wanna make a career change?" in the Joker's voice.<<

Review: 'X-Files'? Zzzzzzzzzzzzz; A.V. Talk: 'The X-Files: I Want To Believe' ("Three reviewers with widely varying X-Files experience and adherence. One unified reaction: Meh").

SDCC 2008: Dark Castle Presents: 'RocknRolla'; Gerard Butler and Korean Pop Star Rain at the panel (full transcript).
Q: Gerard, what’s your favorite memory from being on set?

A: Well, nothing more than getting a shot of B12 from his [Guy Ritchie's] wife Madonna. She was basically like the nurse, she came in and was all "drop your pants!" and she stuck me in the ass.
And then they all scream at Butler to take off his shirt. AMERICA, YOU HAVE BEEN RAISED BY WOLVES.

Avengers Cast “Confirmed,” Iron Man 2 to Intro New Avenger.

Comic-Con: 'True Blood' panel introduces the concept of 'fangbangers.'

SDCC: 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' Press Conference; Comic-Con: 'The Day the Earth Stood Still': Bigger Ships, More Fighting, Total Eco-Awareness.

Comic-Con: Marvel fans say 'No!' to Ben Affleck as Captain America.

Robert Rodriguez On ‘Sin City 2,’ ‘Barbarella,’ And Mystery Project…What Is It?

Comic Con: 'Punisher: War Zone' looks a little lackluster; 'Punisher: War Zone' Red-Band Trailer Goes for Sort of a 'Grindhouse but Retarded' Look. Awww! But I love Ray Stevenson!

Comic-Con 08: Summit Pictures' Exclusive Look at 'Push.'

Can 'Inglorious Bastards' restore Tarantino buzz?

Snake-Eyes To Stay Silent For ‘G.I. Joe’ Movie, Promises Film’s Producer.

Spidey 4 In Early Stages.

Leonardo DiCaprio to Adapt Twilight Zone Material.

Holy Crap, Aronofsky is Directing 'RoboCop.' I wonder if Rachel Weisz will end up in it.

Movie Review: 'Tropic Thunder.'

Review: Brideshead Revisited; Review: Briefer ‘Brideshead’ perfect for tea time; Movies that will loosen your corset.

Puff, Puff, Puff, Give... 'Harold and Kumar 3' Goes Green.

Industrial Light & Merkin To Render Sienna Miller's Ladyparts More Hippie Authentic [Airbushing].

Amy Smart Teases Another Crazy Sex Scene In ‘Crank 2′. Wait, didn't that first one make the list of terrible sex scenes I linked a while back?

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