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Linkspam at the midnight hour

So Shelby seems to be fine, although she managed to scare the ever-living hell out of us first. The bloodwork came back (I guess... it was the kind that doesn't take very long? I don't know) and apparently she's totally fine, everything checked out. I'm hoping she doesn't just, you know, fall over again, but given that she recovered after about ten or fifteen minutes and was "prancing around the vet's office," as my mother put it, we're going to try to be a little calmer if it happens again.

Re: Robert Pattinson's hair: I have to show off my new icon here--wildthyme made two for me here, and I put them together as a gif file because I couldn't choose. Also, this just in: THERE WILL BE BLOOD SPARKLING.

Re: Comic-Con: There are updates pouring in, so I'm pretty much going to do a linkspam now--yes, at this hour, because they're piling up like hell. By order of the Redundant Department of Redundancy, I'm going to omit the phrase "Comic-Con" from headlines when possible, so just assume any news link relates to the convention. Because all except, like, two of them do. Also, I'm going to format things a little differently and do everything alphabetically by movie title, so that if there's something in particular you're interested in, you can scan downwards instead of wading through a random list.

AV Club: Feature: San Diego Comic-Con, Day 2: July 25, 2008 ("The day the lines took over").

Cinematical, general: The Hottest of Comic Con Gallery; Entertainment Weekly's 'Visionaries' Panel = Pure Gold.

Entertainment Weekly, general: Star portraits (including actors from The Spirit, The Wolf Man, True Blood, Wolverine, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Twilight, RocknRolla, Watchmen, more being added); San Diego snapshots; Day 2 (Friday) wrap-up; All the Saturday scoop; 'Lost,' 'Sarah Connor,' 'Chuck,' 'Daisies' showrunners meet on EW's Visionaries panel.

io9, general: The Comic-Con Images that Haunt Our Dreams.

300: Frank Miller On ‘300’ Prequel: ‘I Know Nothing.’

Battlestar Galactica: Exclusive: James Callis Reveals Baltar's Leadership Secrets, And David Eick Discusses Caprica.

The Day the Earth Stood Still: New 'Day' Honors Original.

Dollhouse: As Joss Whedon looks on, stars remarkably at ease with each other during 'Dollhouse' panel.

Dr. Horrible: Stars banter at 'Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog' panel; Yes, There Will Be More Horrible.

Ender's Game: This Is What 'Ender's Game' Will Look Like From Now On.

Fringe: 'Fringe' Will Be Dark, and Clues About It Are Already Out There.

Futurama: 'Futurama' (and a peek at 'Bender's Game').

Heroes: 'Heroes' panel packed with Season 3 spoilers.

Incredible Hulk: 'Incredible Hulk' Screenwriter: Edward Norton Did Not Write My Freaking Script!; 'Incredible Hulk' screenwriter Zak Penn discusses strife with Edward Norton.

Land of the Lost: The 'Land of the Lost' Panel.

Lost: 'Lost' producers give out prizes...and some scoop; The Dharma Initiative Uses Scientology Tactics; Dharma Initiative Steals The Show At Lost Panel; 'Lost' To Solve The Four-Toed Statue Mystery in Season Five? Plus New Marvin Candle Movie!; ‘Lost’ creators know how series will end.

Mirrors: Kiefer, Aja, Smart and the 'Mirrors' Breakfast; Be Warned: ‘Mirrors’ Director Alexandre Aja Wants To Unleash His ‘Piranha’ On Drunk Spring Breakers.

My Bloody Valentine: First Look at 'Bloody Valentine' Poster.

Ninja Assassin: First Look at James McTeigue's 'Ninja Assassin'! May or may not be totally sweet; definitely stars a mammal.

Nottingham: Ridley Scott's 'Nottingham' Delayed.

Odd Thomas: Dean Koontz Says 'Odd Thomas' Movie in the Works.

Pineapple Express: High times at the 'Pineapple Express' presentation.

The Prisoner: Seek The Six Viral Marketing Revealed ['The Prisoner'].

Punisher: 'Punisher: War Zone' in Trouble - Director Lexi Alexander Off?

Quarantine: The Red Band 'Quarantine' Trailer.

Red Sonja: Exclusive Interviews: 'Red Sonja' Cast & Crew.m

RocknRolla: Gerard Butler is Comic-Con Crazy; Outkast Make Appearance In ‘Rock N Rolla’…Well, Sort Of.

Sherlock Holmes: Guy Ritchie Plans To Turn Robert Downey Jr.'s Sherlock Holmes Into Action Hero; Guy Ritchie’s Got His Sherlock, But Who Should Play Watson?

The Simpsons: 'The Simpsons'...coming to an end?

The Spirit: Cinematical's report;'s report; EW's report.

Star Trek: Did Fox nix a 'Star Trek' preview at the 'Fringe' panel?; Simon Pegg Reveals His Scotty Voice In ‘Star Trek’! And It Sounds A Wee Bit…Girly.

Terminator: 'Terminator Salvation' Rocks Comic Con!; You've been warned -- 'Terminator Salvation' is 'not for pansies'! (but what about other kinds of flowers, I ask you?); New Terminator 4 Trailer Shows Death, Destruction And A Sad John Connor; ‘Terminator Salvation’ Exclusive: Anton Yelchin And McG Speak; 'Terminator' Director McG Supports Christian Bale; Pics of a T-600 as well as footage description; New 'Terminator Salvation' Poster.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: A bombshell from the panel.

True Blood: Forget The Drink — True Blood Is All About Sex, Sex, Sex.

Twilight: Twilight Interviews & Photos.

Up: Disney pitches 'Bolt' and Pixar teases 'Up'; Pixar's 'Up' Teaser Trailer is Here!

Watchmen: 'Watchmen' posters (EEEEEEEE!); 'Watchmen': Meet the stars!; Dave Gibbons, Chipp Kidd, Mike Essl talk about 'Watching the Watchmen'; Cinematical Watches the 'Watchmen' Panel; Gerard Butler Snags ‘Watchmen’ Role; 'Watchmen' Audio Interviews!; io9 Talks To Zack Snyder, Dave Gibbons And The Stars Of Watchmen (AHHHHH, the accompanying picture!); Watchmen Is About Movies "in much the same way that Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' original graphic novel commented on comic books"; MCR to Cover Dylan for 'Watchmen'; Video and Pics of Watchmen's Nite Owl Ship. No, 'Watchmen' doesn't look like a word anymore to me, either.

Whiteout: Release Date Confirmed.

The Wolf Man: Cinematical's report; Coming Soon's report;'s report; Wolfman's Baker Is Old School; Makeup Master Rick Baker Talks with AICN about 'Wolf Man' Transformation Controversy and More.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno: Kevin Smith Makes a 'Porno.'


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