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So here's what I figure: we're basically having the Potterdammerung all over again, albeit on a much smaller scale--the Sparklelolcalypse, if you will--so let's have a separate Twilight mini-spam today, shall we? That way you can skip it more easily if you don't care.

Re: Breaking Dawn: I am not opposed to reading the book early in private, but I'm not going to link, post or discuss spoilers here. Number one, apparently there are lawyers on the rampage smacking various boards and comms with C&D notices--even for discussion of spoilers. I don't know if they have a leg to stand on in every case, but once lawyers get involved, service providers tend to TOS first and ask questions later. Number two, I don't want to ruin the book's surprises for fans or for Stephenie Meyer, who has said keeping it locked down until release day was important to her. I mean, I think that's a totally futile hope, but as a fellow writer, I'm not going to be the one to thwart her on that score.

Also, I'm scared of 1) her lawyers and 2) her fans.

So I will be doing a chapter commentary like for the last two books, but it will not go up until Saturday afternoon at the earliest. That should give people who actually care about spoilers time to start reading or even finish the book--and obviously it'll be under an LJ-cut, so if you can't get it opening day, you can still walk on by.

The ‘Twilight’ Cast Offers A Comic-Con Message To The Fans. The message is not, somehow, "Omg stop scaring us."

Pattinson and Lefevre Discuss ‘Twilight’ Movie ("So many poor ADs on set had to keep on having make-up tests. There was this one bald guy, his whole head painted blue, had an accident. He just had this blue head and he couldn’t get it off for like 4 days"); Gathegi and Lautner Discuss ‘Twilight’ Movie.

Twilight Bytes: What are YOUR plans this Friday night? Or, Entertainment Weekly decides to bite MTV's Twilight Tuesday style.

If A ‘Twilight’ Star Were Standing Next To You, What Would You Ask Them? "Do you have a safehouse?"

Stephenie Meyer: A 'Twilight' primer; Twilight': A filmmakers' chat.

Dumb Nerd Shit '08: The delicious recap.
Summit made its first Comic Con appearance with a bang: they brought the surprise grassroots phenomenon Twilight. The Twilight panel was filled with screaming superfans who drowned out the dumbstruck talent on the stage.

The problem for Summit is that they didn't win over new believers; I kept hearing huge nerds being condescending about the Twilight fans. The Summit panel actually felt like a Twilight convention had been teleported into the middle of Comic Con. I saw women at the Con in t-shirts that read "I don't read comics, I'm here for Twilight." It seems obvious that Twilight will open, but will it appeal beyond the Hot Topic set? It doesn't seem like it'll get the geek boost (although how surprising is it that this crowd can't get behind a girl-oriented property?).

By the way, Twilight fans are the new objects of ridicule for people who are the rest of society's objects of ridicule.

This is my cue to link to the Geek Hierarchy, I think.

Love at first bite: Interviews with the 'Fanpire.'

Twilight Trading Cards. Oh God, please tell me they're backed with, like, prismatic sparkle foil.

All right, back to Google Reader to organize the spam proper.

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