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Busy day, y'all

Okay, here's the rest of the linkspam. Whew.

‘Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince’ Images Revealed!; more new images (man, have I been looking forward to Dumbledore's pimp suit. Also, see discussion of the new trailer two entries back). ETA: HI RES FROM chocotaku!

Also: Twilight mini-spam back thataway.

Comic-Con ‘08 In Three Minutes! ‘Watchmen,’ ‘Terminator,’ ‘Twilight,’ And More!; It's Judgment Day... Who Won Comic Con?; Comic-Con 2008: 37 star portraits (previous link with more pics); SDCC: Wrath of Con Party Pictures!; Comic-Con 08: Last Photos From the Final Hours of Geek Heaven. Meanwhile, my sister's boyfriend got home safely and he brought her a Poison Ivy Tonner doll (she loffs Poison Ivy muchly).

Images: New 'Spirit' Poster from Some Art School Punks; Exclusive 'Righteous Kill' Photos; Another Badass Poster for Rob Zombie's 'Tyrannosaurus Rex'; 'Tropic Thunder' Gallery Now Has 36 New Pictures; 'The Duchess' image; Yelly Angry Chinese Mobsters Want To Kill Dakota Fanning In 'Push' Pics; Check This Out: First Quad Poster for Guy Ritchie's 'RocknRolla'; Here's the Poster for the 'Old-Fashioney Hockey Murderer' Remake.

Trailers and clips: Awesome Explosions, Weird Cameos, In Wolverine Trailer (text summary, screencaps); Will Oliver Stone's Bush Movie Be Stupid Or Serious?; 'TR2N' Comic Con Trailer in Convenient Postage Stamp Size; New Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV Spots.

'The Dark Knight' Erects Giant Pyramid Of Flammable Currency [Monday Morning Box Office]; 'Dark Knight' is fastest to $300 million mark; 'Dark Knight' Surpasses 'Iron Man' to become Summer's Top Grosser (actually, I think I'm more impressed that Iron Man WAS the top grosser up until this point. Not surprised, but impressed); 'The Dark Knight' enters 'Titanic' territory (I don't think it'll top Titanic, but MAN would there be some schadenfreude on my part if it did. I still haven't quite recovered from that week I had to watch it 43 times in a row for the book); New unseen TDK shots (SPOILERS); Kid dressed as The Joker arrested for supervillainous crime of poster theft.

Related: Terry Gilliam calls Johnny, Jude and Colin "totally heroic" for finishing Heath's film free (their salaries went to his daughter).

George Lucas Promises 'Indiana Jones 5' With More Unified, Progressive Spirit of Audience-Loathing.

Shia's Crash--Blow-by-Blow Account; Shia LaBeouf recovering after hand surgery; Cops: LaBeouf drunk, but crash not his fault. Oh, Beef, no.

Alicia Keys And Jack White Find ‘Another Way To Die’ For ‘Quantum Of Solace’ Soundtrack. NO REALLY THIS TIME.

Spaced's Pegg Talks Trek, Who, And Why America Is #1; Who's Responsible For No Star Trek At Comic-Con, Really?

Exclusive: Matthew Fox Tells io9 How He Played Two Jacks At Once; 'Lost' fans to start finding answers.

'Wolf Man': A Blunt chat.

Johnny Depp Probably Playing Mad Hatter.

'Underworld 3': Why vampires rule. I would just like to say right here that I start frothing whenever someone says that Twilight has "made vampires sexy again." Particularly since the Underworld movies are still pretty recent; it's not like we've had nothing but shambling horrors for the last twenty years. It's a little like that summer when "Sexyback" was ruling the airwaves--what was it, two years ago?--and Prince opened a small-venue concert with the battle cry, "Sexy never left!"

A Human/Vampire Buddy Movie, Family Guy-Style [Last Blood].

Fox Opening Registration for 'X-Men: First Class'?

James Franco Goes to Star in 'Sympathy for Delicious' and 'Howl.'

'I Am Legend' Director Francis Lawrence Talks Prequel.

SDCC: David Goyer on 'The Invisible Man.'

Evans: Fantastic Four Is Done; Evans Pushes In 'Push.'

Exclusive: Nathan Fillion Explains Captain Hammer's Superpowers [Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog].

Jon Heder will play a USC student who 'Woke Up Dead.'

‘Punisher: War Zone’ Helmer Lexi Alexander To Direct Fantasy Adaptation. Of something. We don't know what.

Cinematical Seven: Children's Books That Need To Be Filmed Immediately.

Fanning Is 'Coraline' Fan. And also Coraline's voice, which is convenient.

'Inglorious Bastards' Goes to Universal.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Robocop’ Reboot To Be Rated R, Producer Promises.

Keira Knightley's Breasts Officially Unmarketable; Knightley Stands Firm In Breasts Row to speak.

Justin Long Confirms ‘Chipmunks’ Sequel, But Will The Chipettes Be In It? WHYYYYYYYYYYYY.

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