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You guys, I think it has finally sunk in that tonight, at midnight, the faithful are finally going to get hold of actual copies of Breaking Dawn, and judging from the spoiler reactions I've heard, tomorrow, we will hear their lamentations throughout the land. Seriously, it feels like Christmas Eve right now. But then, I'm a terrible person, and I enjoy fandom insanity of any stripe. So here we are, the last linkspam before I get down to work:

Twilight spam:

Not Ready For E-Time: Meyers Ebook Release Delayed ("First off, are ebook sales so significant that military-grade maneuvers are required to manage the ebook release? Is the world really going to come to an end just because a few people in other time zones get a major release first (and maybe, just maybe, this apparent privilege would stimulate some different thinking on ebooks)? Rhetorical, yes. Heaven forbid that people buy and read books before the appointed time "). Meanwhile, half the internet's read bootleg scans of the first two thirds. Good going there, you guys.

'Breaking Dawn' concert live; ‘Twilight’ Author Stephenie Meyer Responds To Enthusiasm Of The Twilighter Community; ‘Twilight’ Actress Christian Serratos Chooses Team Edward.

Should the Fourth 'Twilight' Book Be Two Films? Somewhere, Philip Pullman is going to laugh his ass off if the first one tanks and they don't make any others.

You too can own Bella's engagement ring or charm bracelet!

A contribution from dduane: Forks, Port Angeles eateries set the table with "Twilight"-inspired food. Short version: Bella Italia now does serve mushroom ravioli, and some random place serves a... pineapple Bella Burger? I've read the books and even I don't know what that's supposed to do with anything.

(Have I ever told you the story about why I can't eat mushrooms? I mean, I can, if they're integrated into the food item--say, in small bits on pizza--but generally I try to avoid them. See, when I was about three years old, my mother always put them in her homemade spaghetti sauce. The bland canned kind of mushrooms, you know, kind of a pale beige color, sliced. And I looked down at my spaghetti one day and thought, You know... that kind of looks like someone cut off an ear. Yes, I was three years old. And I have not been able to eat mushrooms since.)

Linkspam proper:

Police don't know what prompted vicious bus attack, in which a guy BEHEADED THE GUY SITTING NEXT TO HIM. JESUS.

'People' to introduce U.S. audience to Jolie-Pitt twins; Source: Jolie-Pitt baby pics fetch $14 million. For charity, right?

Finally, my illness has a name: Truman Show Delusion.

8 cool attractions of the future.

How a Royal Mistress Became France’s Most Powerful Politician.

5 Times Crayola Fired their Crayons.

Scifi Movies Finally Catching Up to Novels and Going Steampunk.

Freaks available at

Images: Entertainment Weekly: How hot is our First Look at 'Australia'?; Slick New 'Death Race' and 'Eagle Eye' International Posters; Exclusive: 'Doubt' Poster Premiere!; New 'Gatchaman' Concept Art; Two New Looks at Oliver Stone's Bush Biopic 'W.'; New Dragonball Promo Photos Surface.

Trailers and clips: 'The Argentine' (Che) trailer and poster; Exclusive: Clip from 'In Search of a Midnight Kiss'; 'Sukiyaki Western Django' Trailer is Kind of Awesome, Except for All the Tarantino Parts.

Forgettable 'Mummy' sequel crashes on takeoff; Review: Don't unwrap new 'Mummy'; Ebert loves it. Bless.

Additional Info on Elder Wand Owners, Malfoy Family, Aberforth and More due in "Beedle the Bard"; New Pictures from the Broadway production of 'Equus.'

'Transformers 2' Trailer More Than Meets The 'Eagle Eye'; Bay Changing 'Transformers 2' Script for LaBeouf's Mangled Hand?

In The Battle Between Terminator's Bale And Worthington, We All Win. Spoilers? I didn't read all the way through.

Just How Dark Will 'Watchmen' Be? (comic/film comparison of key scene; spoilers); Watchmen Women Bonded; Fan Made: Rorschach Plush!

Tim Burton's 'Alice In Wonderland' to be in 3-D, film in Plymouth.

'Prince of Persia' Release Pushed Back Until 2010.

Nottingham postponed--because Sherwood Forest won't be green in the fall.

SDCC EXCL interview: Bill Nighy Returns to Underworld.

Sony Figures They Might as Well Make a Venom Movie.

De Niro Joining Gibson in 'Edge of Darkness.'

Colin Firth Joins Barnes in 'Dorian Gray.'

Brosnan Talks 'Thomas Crown' Sequel.

Rumor: Pixar is Pursuing 'Monsters, Inc.' Sequel?!

Is Johnny Castle Thinking About 'Dirty Dancing' Again?

Woody Allen Reveals Latest Movie Title: 'Whatever Works.'

‘True Blood’: Our Vampire Neighbors Come Out Of The Coffin and Into Your House.

Nic Cage and John Carpenter Want to Be 'Scared Straight.'

Lord of the Rings-Sized Effects for Indie Horror Film, 'The Home.'

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