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The Sparkledammerung is HERE

Just to get it out of the way before the real linkspam tomorrow. But first: I spent most of the day sleeping. Y'all, I was limp yesterday after finishing the Breaking Dawn recap. (Welcome, new friends! Sit down, stay a while.)

Book Stokes Vampire Fever at Stores’ Parties; ‘Breaking Dawn’ Midnight Madness Hits Bookstores Everywhere, And We Were There; One ‘Twilight’ Fan — And MTV Staffer– Has Night To Remember At Stephenie Meyer Concert Event; 'Breaking Dawn' concert: On scene. (Also, from the "With Fans Like These..." files: "I like that it was written by a mom, not a writer.")

And then, "Breaking Dawn" sells over 250,000 copies in first day, second only to the Harry Potter books (Deathly Hallows sold, uh... 11 million copies its first day).

And then... people read it. And someone came up with "Don't Burn It, Return It":
Just got back from Borders, where they took back my book with no problem. Got into a discussion with the cashier about how I was the 15th(!!!) person to bring my book back today. Seems like many customers felt that SM was not true to her characters and her self created Twilight world, and are calling foul.

I returned mine to borders as well, and there was quite a stack of them in the return pile.
So... wow. And I've seen at least a dozen or two up on already. And it came out yesterday.

(ETA: More anecdotal evidence at iworkatborders.)

So here's what I want to know: if you did get the book, what are you going to do with it now?

Poll #1234752 Breaking Dawn, the aftermath

If you got the book, what are you doing with it now?

I'm going to cherish it forever
Eh, I'm keeping it
I'm giving it away
I'm returning it
I'm selling it
I'm burning it
Something else (leave comment)

Feel free to direct people over here to take the poll, by the way--I'm curious to see what people plan to do.

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