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Another busy day

So on to the linkspam!

Nobel winner Solzhenitsyn dies at 89; Remembering Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn; Putin honors late Solzhenitsyn.

Pauline Baynes, Narnia Illustrator, Passes Away at 85.

Morgan Freeman Involved in Car Crash - Serious But Stable; Morgan Freeman suffers fractures in wreck; Morgan Freeman is gonna be okay!

Knox and Vivienne make online debut.


Coldplay finally release "Viva La Vida" music video.

SF Authors Pick Favorite Examples of World-Building.

Is Neil Patrick Harris a Gay Hero?

And speaking of Belinda Carlisle, Pop Quiz: Belinda Carlisle (interview). "In the '80s you used to have drugs sent by FedEx to all your tour stops. Who knew you were so rock 'n' roll?" AN EIGHT-YEAR-OLD IN ME JUST DIED.

Kids! Want to pretend to die just like the people on the Titanic?

Re: Comic-Con: Fan Rant: The Post Comic Con Bitching; Are Studios Finally Learning Fanboys are a Waste of Time? (By the way, Sister Girl and her boyfriend had dinner with us last night, and I said, "Hey, how was Comic-Con? I heard the Watchmen panel was great," and he said, "Yeah, I heard that too" [heh], and added, "And they also had a big panel for the new Stephenie Meyer book." "Yeah? I heard the fans were lined up a mile deep for that." And he said, "Pshhh, they were lined up further than that.")

Images: New Terminator Salvation Photo; New Ben Barnes Photos From "Easy Virtue"; New Pics Show What It's Like To Live In The Doomed 'City Of Ember'; 'Igor' Final Poster Premiere; Paul Rudd And Seann William Scott Are ‘Role Models’ And We’ve Got Your First Look; Posters for 'Despereaux' and 'The Express'; First Official Poster for Oliver Stone's W. Biopic.

Trailers and clips: Ensembled 'Winged Creatures' Trailer is Obvious Oscar Bait; New 'Pride and Glory' Trailer; Hathaway Earns Tough Love in 'Rachel Getting Married' Trailer; New 'Mutant Chronicles' Trailer Teaches Crucial NecroMutant-Killing Skills; 'Choke' Red Band Trailer is Back; New Trailer for Andrew Fleming's 'Hamlet 2.'

trailer_spot: What Just Happened, Infinite Playlist, Rachel Getting Married, Pride and Glory, Princess and Frog.

The Dark Knight Kicks The Mummy's Ass - Headed for $480 Million!; ‘Dark Knight’ won’t sink ‘Titanic’ record; Official: Olsen seeks immunity in Ledger probe; Fan Rant: Ledger's Drug Use Has No Place in Oscar Talk; 18 famed clowns -- funny or creepy?; The Truth About Those Dark Knight Sequel Casting Rumors; Christian Bale's X-rated wish; Dark Knight star nominated for award; Batman's voice: Eastwood meets grizzly bear.

‘Mummy 4’ To Re-Locate To Latin America With New Twist, Says Director. Sigh.

‘Breaking Dawn’ Sells 1.3 Million Copies In One Day; Million-selling opening for vampire series finale means that Little, Brown will print 500,000 more copies, "making the total print run 3.7 million ("Related: Does 'Twilight' Suck the Brains Out of Teens?"); Face It: America Loves Vampires and Dead Animal Corpses; Paper Cuts: Stephenie Meyer, Live in Concert; 12 movie/TV vampires with bite. Also: Stephenie Meyer's 'Breaking Dawn' playlist (which includes... Right Said Fred?). Also-also: RPattz "Edward" helps review Breaking Dawn.

(Son of Also: There is a key detail that I was flailing around too hard to notice the first time around when I was recapping Breaking Dawn. I have since added it to the commentary--search for "ETA:" to find it.)

I boozed a little to audition for Doolittle, admits Keira. Wait, wait, did we already know that Daniel Day-Lewis is playing Higgins?

Is ‘Brideshead Revisited’ The Sleeper Hit Of The Summer?

Rumor: Magneto Spin-Off Shooting Next Year?

Gilliam's 'Don Quixote' Gears Up Once Again ... Hopefully This Time It Sticks.

Disney Sets Up 'Monster Attack Network.'

Exclusive: No 'Pablo' for Bardem?

Robert Downey Jr. Talks Iron Man 2, And Second Action Franchise: Sherlock Holmes; Holmes-wreckers?

Murakami's 'Norwegian Wood' Is Headed for the Big Screen!

Lisa Lerner's 'Just Like Beauty' Preps for the Big Screen.

9/11 Conspiracy Movie to Open on 9/11

Kevin Smith Talks About 'Zack and Miri''s MPAA Struggles (and 'Red State').

Why Did ‘The Love Guru’ Bomb? We Ask The Guru Himself, Deepak Chopra.

Roly Ritt: WB Starts Production on 'Scooby-Doo 3: The Beginning.' Kind of sounds like a horror movie, doesn't it?

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