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Well, my calendar said "The excitement never ends..."

Hello, newcomers! Some of you are here because you were linked to the Breaking Dawn commentary/recap. Some of you are here because you saw the New York Magazine blog post; some of you are here to kill me. Welcome, one and all! Read, friend, have fun, try not to break the furniture! And thank you to Dan Kois (who, I just realized, is Dan Kwa from TWOP, he of the Lost recaps of yore) for the NYMag shoutout, by the way.

(And thanks for all the support, y'all--regulars and lurkers alike. Awww!)

In case you stayed to read more of my journal and you have no idea what it's for, I talk mostly about pop culture like 85%of the internet, specifically movies. I post Movies in Fifteen Minutes every few months at m15m (ZOMG I WROTE A BOOK OF THEM! YOU CAN GET IT AT AMAZON.CO.UK! EVEN THOUGH I'M FROM ALABAMA! I KNOW, IT'S REALLY WEIRD!). I generally do dailyish movies-and-misc linkspams; sometimes I tell stories about my family or my dogs or strange things that happened or weird dreams I had. Sporadically I recap or discuss random things (often books) because I just feel like it, and the Twilight series was one of those things. I also have a silly little PBWiki to organize my LJ content into more browsable categories; it will always be, by its nature, under construction, but feel free to poke around over there. (The "Best Of" section may be the most convenient.)

Also-also, anyone crazy enough to look for bloggers to hire: I will write for food. And also, I can actually string three words together without swearing, I promise. If I'd known the recaps would be this widely linked, I would have worked a little less blue. A little.

And finally: the thing to remember about internet fame is, you're still less famous than that Star Wars kid. So other than the security system I'm installing in my hair at my house, we're pretty much going to carry on as normal here.

Morgan Freeman recovering after surgery.

Found: massive number of endangered gorillas.

James 'Scotty' Doohan's Ashes Still Not in Space; Missing Instead.

James Frey Says He'll Keep "Twisting The Lines Of Fact."

Stephen Colbert Solves Montauk Monster Mystery!

Aging child-star kitteh… falls off the wagon.

Neil Patrick Harris calls Cooper ‘dreamy.’

Judd Apatow is Watching You Post. OH GOD, HIM TOO?

Images: International 'Up' and 'A Christmas Carol' Pics; Cthulhu Keeps Main Character Waiting; 'A Girl Cut in Two' Poster Premiere; New W. Poster and Two Photos; Two Official Stills from 'Saw V.'

Trailers and clips: Must Watch: Intense Clip from D.J. Caruso's 'Eagle Eye'; New 'Wonder Woman' Trailer Lacks Voice(s); Westward Ho with the 'Appaloosa' Trailer (hey, it's Viggo Mortensen!); Exclusive: ‘Forever Strong’ Trailer; Exclusive Trailer: Check Out Paul Rudd And Seann William Scott In ‘Role Models.’

Are you speaking Bat? Is that what Bat sounds like?; Is There a Dark Knight Curse? My mother actually asked me the same thing this morning, so I pointed out that whole thing about Quantum of Solace allegedly having a curse as well. Basically, bad things happen sometimes. Sometimes a lot of bad things happen. I mean, if Gary Oldman didn't want to leave his house for a few months, I wouldn't blame him, but mostly, I think it's just coincidence.

It's Twilight Tuesday (and how!) ‘Breaking Dawn’ Mania Is Everywhere And We’re In The Middle Of It; You Have ‘Breaking Dawn’ Questions, Stephenie Meyer Will Have Your Answer; Twilight Bytes: Inspired by own name, town offers 'Twilight'-themed dishes; Dear Author review: Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer.

How to Derail a Junket: Ask Robert Downey Jr. Who He'd Like To 'Smoke a Blunt With' [Publicist Nightmares]; Robert Downey, Jr E! Online Interview (a different interview).

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Indiana Jones 5’ Won’t Center on Shia LaBeouf, Insists George Lucas.

Helena Bonham Carter Reveals How Her Crazy Will Be Used In Terminator 4.

Tom Cruise brings the ‘Thunder,’ co-stars say.

Rolling Stone's 'Pineapple Express' Review; James Franco is Everywhere - Features in USA Today and New York Times.

Seth Rogen Likens ‘Green Hornet’ To ‘True Lies’ In Tone.

'Justice League' to Start Filming Next Year?

Leo to play Lenin?

Kevin Smith Wins His 'R' Rating for 'Zack and Miri.'

Mark Ruffalo to Direct 'Sympathy for Delicious.'

Verbinski Deal Includes 'BioShock.'

'Wolfenstein' Still In Works.

Jackie Chan Will Star in Thing with Spies, Babysitting, Internet.

Hobbit Homes Halted.

Ed Harcourt To Score Unwelcome Donnie Darko Sequel.

Tucker Max's Movie Script: Embarrassing, Bro; Tucker Max's Movie Script: The Final Lowlights.

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