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Since I missed last night's linkspam

... because I was doing something secret that may or may not turn out awesome. I'll tell you if it comes to fruition.

Oh, whoa: Comedian/actor Bernie Mac dies at 50.

Paul Newman says he will die at home.

Freeman Thanks Fans And Hospital Staff. It's becoming more and more obvious that Morgan Freeman really, really dodged a bullet called "the year 2008" there.

Vampire bats suspected in Venezuela deaths.

Beyoncé's L'Oréal ad: You can't do that in advertising! Somewhere, Michael Jackson is wondering how they bleached her so evenly.

Katy Perry ties Beatles record for No. 1 single. Sigh.

Lucy Liu Models "Olympic Fashion."

Matthew McConaughey to plant placenta in orchard.

Montauk Monster In Secret Mutant Army?; Monster In A Hall Of Mirrors.

Cirque du Soleil Heads to Theaters via The Hot Ticket. Whoa, is that Dr. Manhattan in the picture? I didn't know he did stage shows.

What book-turned-movie are you most looking forward to? I don't think I even need to fill this poll out, y'all.

Images: First 'Dorian Gray' image; 'Appaloosa' and 'The Road' pics (huh... Jeremy Irons as a cowboy. That's... not something you see every day); 26 New Pics from 'RocknRolla'; New 'Max Payne' and 'Day the Earth Stood Still' Photos.

Trailers and clips: New Images and Character Videos from 'Burn After Reading'; The Domestic Trailer for 'Happy-Go-Lucky'; Exclusive Trailer: ‘The Haunting Of Molly Hartley’; 'Mirrors' ' R-Rated Opening Scene; 'Babylon A.D.' Site and TV Spots Online; New 'Friday the 13th' Behind the Scenes Video.

trailer_spot: The Good the Bad and the Weird, Happy-Go-Lucky, Ballet Shoes, Fireflies in the Garden, Madagascar 2.

The Dark Knight: Early Joker Concept Art (I Watch Stuff: "Hey, is that Scott Weiland?"); Will 'Dark Knight' Choke on 'Pineapple'?; Friday Box-Office Insinuates 'Pineapple Express' Can't Dethrone 'Dark Knight'; 6 Records the Dark Knight Won’t Break.

Twilight! More Prissy Edward IM conversations! omg, I love Capslock Frat Emmett so very, very much. There is a point where I actually spit out half a mouthful of tea, choked on the other half and nearly died. And that point would be "DUDE YOUR KID IS MARRYING THE DOG." Also: 'Twilight': Stephenie Meyer lets her inner fangirl loose at the 'Breaking Dawn' concert series; Stephenie Meyer: A candid chat; So You’ve Read ‘Breaking Dawn,’ Now What?

The backlash begins, that's what: EW's review (score: D) review; Out For Blood, 'Twilight' Fans Bite Back at the New Book (EW); Love Bites: The final book in a mega-selling series sucks the romance out of teen vampires (Washington Post, and is fantastic. A must-read); Disappointed Breaking Dawn fans organize protest; Twilight Lexicon's New Breaking Dawn Manifesto (love Breaking Dawn or GTFO, basically); Twilight Lexicon is then hacked (and completely deleted? More at the latest FW entry on the Sparkledammerung); 'Breaking Dawn' Exclusive: 'Twilight' Author Stephenie Meyer Reacts To Harsh Reader Complaints -- 'It Hurts' (MTV). From that last one:
And other readers are giving Meyer grief about the fact that Bella does get a "happily ever after" without having to make any major sacrifices.

"I think she worked for it pretty hard," Meyer countered. "It doesn't always work out that way. Sometimes you make a decision about what you want and you pay for it and you suffer for it and it doesn't work out. Those types of stories always leave me horribly depressed. I'm not going to live in a world for a year at a time where that's going to be the ending. If people wanted a really depressing, tragic ending, I gave them a lot of hints that it wasn't going to be that way. They really shouldn't have been surprised!"
Narrative conflict: ur doin it wrong. I'm just saying.

EW Cover Story: "'Tropic Thunder': Boys Gone Wild!"

The 1st cut of the new Trek film is done, remains sexy while doing so.

Four More Join 'Inglorious Bastards': Pitt, Pegg, Novak, and Kinski.

Has 'Jennifer's Body' Removed the R-Rated Areas On Jennifer's Body?

Holy 'Iron Man' DVD Details!

'Dracula Year Zero' Writers Sign for 'Flash Gordon' Update.

Joan Allen Hopeful For ‘Bourne 4′ But Currently Uncommitted.

A positive review of 'Valkyrie'?

Sam Bayer Heads for 'Fiasco Heights.'

Brick's Rian Johnson Going Sci-Fi Next With 'Looper.'

James Cameron Is Making Gadget-Heavy 'Avatar' With One Eye On Future.

It's a Bird! It's a Boy! It's a Franchise! ('Maximum Ride')

'Mirrors' Press Screening Cancelled.

Horror Bites: 'Molly Hartley,' Restricted 'Dance,' '[REC]' Directors Talk Remake.

'Rocky Horror' Remake Spurs Anti-New Rocky Horror/Anti-Keanu Reeves Petition.

Robbie Coltrane used on wanted poster in New Zealand.

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